Manufactures Repaired



Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd. is your one stop solution for Cyelec Industrial Electronics Repairs services. From Cybelec Control Board,Cybelec DNC,Cybelec Axis Card, Cybelec CNC card toCybelec Controller Card, we have the capabilities to repair and service all Cybelec industrial automation products.
Our trained and experienced electronics repair engineers/technicians perform component level repairs on all  Cylelec  Industrial Electronics products such as Control Board Repair,Cybelec DNC Repair,Cybelec Axis Card Repair,Cybelec CNC Card Repair,Cybelec Controller Card. Repair ..etc

Here are some of the Cybelec Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:
712-25-160-020-1 Repair, 720-40-160-100-1 Repair, 7500-351-712 Repair, ADC-220-01A Repair, ADC-220 Repair, CAV-101 Repair, CCD-911 Repair, CYBELEC CNC : CNC 7300CC Repair, CNC1002 Repair, CNC1100A Repair, CRS411 Repair, CNC-1000 Repair, CNC-1002-KD Repair, CNC-1002-PU Repair, CNC-1100, 486DX-33-02A, 486SX-33-08B, 486SX-33-08C, 486SX-33-13C, 486SX-33-28C, CPU-586-02A, CPU-586-06A, CPU-586-10B, CPU-586-40A, 586-41A Repair, CPU-586-44A Repair, CPU-586-45A Repair, S-CPU-586 Repair, CPU-586-83C Repair, CPU-586-83D1 Repair, CPU-586-83G4 Repair, CPU-586-83G6 Repair, CPU-586-93H6 Repair, CRS-261, CYB-2020D Repair, CYBELEC DNC : DNC-20-SB Repair, DNC-70 Repair, DNC 74 PSG Repair, DNC 74PS Repair, DNC70 Repair, DNC74 Repair, DNC74PS Repair, DNC90 Repair, DNC72P Repair, DNC-800 Repair, DNC-800B Repair, DNC-800C Repair, DNC900-PS Repair, DNC-ME-10D-LT Repair, MAX102 Repair, MVP-401 Repair, N2X102 Repair, N2X-161 Repair, N2X-201-05D Repair, N2X-211 Repair, N4X-211-B-03A Repair, NCG102 Repair, NCG12FA Repair, NIC-111 NIC-302-01A Repair, NIC-302B-01A Repair, NID-40 Repair, NID-306 Repair, NIN202 Repair, NIO-A-300-01A Repair, NIO-B-300-03A Repair, NMM-102 Repair, NMM-130 CYBELEC NOT-202 Repair, NOT202-16A Repair, NOT202-26A Repair, NSP102 Repair, NPA-101 Repair, NSP-102 Repair, NSY112 Repair, NSY113 Repair, NVM-101 Repair, OM-1220 Repair, OP-9360 Repair, OF-1026 Repair, ST2405/303B Repair, SUP-322-03A Repair, V-AST-241A33 Repair, VDNC900TFT Repair, V-DNC-ME-10D-LT Repair, V-ENC-9XX Repair, 94210418K3 Repair, NAX 102 Repair, NSY 113-27E Repair, T-100C Repair, V-DNC-84/B Repair,NC-84/B Repair.