Industrial equipment repair | Retrofit service



What does Advanced Micro Services Pvt. Ltd do?
We are a one point solution provider in the field of  Industrial Automation ,CNC & Process Control  & Robotics . We help customer in providing solutions when their Machine breaks down, we provide solutions through Repairs, Replacement OR Retrofit.
We suggest you better solutions in Replacement /Retrofit in cases where items are beyond Economical Repairs. , Limitless Spares Store,

Minimum Handling Charges:
Yes, we do charge for Estimation. Our minimum handling, diagnosis, troubleshooting  & assessment charges for an item is Rs.2,500 +Service Tax  which will be included in our repair quote.
If the  item in discussion is already attempted for repairs then the minimum assessment  charges may vary depending on the damage & condition of the item. MRA ( Material Receipt Acknoledgement ) will only generate if the mimimum handling charges is accepted.

Despatch Address:
Matereial to be  throughly  packed and sent to the below addresss. Any damage during the transit is beyond the scope of AMS(P)L.
Advanced Micro Services Pvt. Ltd.
C-12, 1st Floor, C Block
Brigade MM,7th Block, Jayanagar, K R Road,
BANGALORE -560 082, India

All the repaired  items come with warranty of 3 months from the date of delivery & can be extended to maximum of 6 months with additional cost.

Repair Estimation, Approval & Delivery :
Usaully it takes 2 days to give you the repair estimation and two more days to carry out final repairs.
P.O and commercial clearance is mandatory to carry out repair work.( If spares are not in ready stock we may require maximum of 10 days to arrange for the spares )

We provide you the docket details of dispatch of materials for tracking purpose. Mishandling, transit damage & missing of consignment is beyond scope of AMS (P) Ltd’s. Photo images of packing while dispatching is recorded for reference.

In spite of our best efforts, if we fail to provide successful results, we will reimburse the remaining money after deducting Minimum Handling, troubleshooting & Estimation charges, Site visiting charges, packing & forwarding charges.
Will take back all our components, ICs used in rectifying the item(s) with original components & ICs.

Express Repairs:
For   received items  which need  immediate attention, customers  can avail Express  Repairs  option.
It is charged at 30% more than the normal repair charges.