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Repair is Eco Friendly

We are very proud in doing our bit in saving our Mother Earth


The issue of electronic waste (e-waste) is a major issue throughout the world. With rapid advancements in technology, electrical and electronic equipment typically become obsolete quickly.Advanced Micro Services Pvt. Ltd  is proud that we  doing our little part with  Electronic PCB Repairs  and Services.

Substances like lead, mercury, cadmium, beryllium, halogenated chemicals and many organic polymers are used to manufacture electronic devices. These substances are used in the components of the device to provide required characteristic features. However, most of these materials are hazardous. The dumping of e-waste without recycling causes serious environmental and health problems. Therefore, these materials have to undergo proper electronic waste recycling.

What you don’t Know Hurts Everyone

It is the unknown that fuels irresponsible behavior. Did you know that the typical glass in a CRT has about 3 kgs  of lead in it? Plastic cases come coated with fire-resistant chemicals called poly-brominated flame retardants, among the harshest chemicals you will find. By throwing these items away, you risk contaminated landfills that can affect water systems now and into the future.

We all need to Collectively using our Products Longer

we  not only save money but you can sometimes double or triple their lifespan. Think about it: if everyone acted more responsibly, the current electronic waste sustainability problem would be cut in half of its current rate, at least, regardless of what manufacturers and those managing our waste do.
Humanity has the responsibility to open our eyes and keep products working as long as possible. If you have a devise that has gone bad or is outdated, sell or donate it to someone he can use it. Repair the things that you can and it will gain a much deeper meaning. When there is no use left, then it is time to recycle.