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OEM Partnership

OEM Partnership

PCB Rework & Repair for OEMs/Manufacturers:

Advanced Micro Services Pvt. Ltdis actively seeking manufacturers and OEM's  in need of specialized SMD/BGA PC board repair and recycling.

 Recognizing the high cost of board repair coupled with the urgent requirements for      manufacturers  to support their products in the Industrial Electronics Industry. Repairing  and recycling high cost and HI Tech PCB's is the best way for manufacturers to maintain  control of the high cost of board inventory while offering repaired and recycled boards  to the customers at a fraction of the original board cost. This creates aWin-  Win scenario for the Manufacturer, the Dealers and the end users. It also supports the  philosophy of minimizing scrap making recycling a positive statement in support of  improving our environment.

 Most manufacturers have taken up the cause for green procurement and now they  have the option to join in and carry their environmental friendly efforts to a whole new  level. 

 By repairing printed circuit boards, manufacturers can recycle and reuse expensive  components that otherwise would be scrapped. At AMS, your defective PCBs are  repaired to like-New condition and returned to you in a matter of days for use as replacement parts. 

To deliver the fastest, most economical and highest quality service, we use high-technology PCB rework equipments to automatically insure a consistent and reliable repair process regardless of the type of PCB we are asked to repair or rework. 

Manufacturers benefit from:

  • Cost-effective rework and repair of  BGA and QFP components on boards  
  • Fast response
  • Well equipped for component  removal and replacement of BGA, CSP, and SMD assemblies.
  • Inspection for repair verification and quality assurance
  • High-quality, custom processes that meet individual manufacturer specifications
  • Lead-free rework including BGA removal and replacement
  • RoHS compliance
  • Lead solder option
  • Full 3-month workmanship warranty

For more information on SMD/BGA and other PCB board repair and recycling, contact us on +91 9900565861 or send us the mail on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You will be glad you made the call.