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Repair Pricing

"How much will my repair cost?" is one of the most frequently asked questions. It is also one of the most important questions

Why We Test Before We Quote ? is one of the hardest questions to answer without an inspection of the damaged item. The cost to repair an item can have a significant range. This is why AMS does the estimation at reasonable charges. The amount of damage is the largest factor affecting the cost. Other variables considered in pricing include the cost of the replacement components, engineer charges, time and effort put in,  testing required to verify that the item has been repaired correctly, and also whether there have been previous repairs or repair attempts.

No "Flat Fees"

Many other repair services just find the cost of a new one and then quote a repair price of 50% to 70% the cost of new.

Repair Cost versus Replacement Cost

Every now and then, we do get an item that approaches the 50% cost of new to repair, but the majority are not that high so you don't have to pay excessive repair charges. To come up with a rough estimate of what your repair cost range may be, consider 25% to 50% the cost of replacement, however, your repair price from AMS  will be determined after we do a physical examination and then you will get a written/electronic quote to approve.

And you can always call us with questions or to discuss your damaged items, on our support phones.

We look forward to working with you.