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Priority Repair

Rapid Repair and Turn-Around

7 Step Priority Repair ServiceIf your down equipment/machine is mission or production critical, use our 7 step priority repair service to get your equipment back into operation as fast as possible. The following steps describe the priority repair process and how we handle those critical situations where a priority repair is needed by our customers

  1. Priority Reception
    The defective item is received and logged into our priority repair queue. This is how we fast track priority repairs into our job flow.
  2. Quick Estimation
    Once in the priority repair queue, the items are evaluated by a senior tech. A list of bad parts needed to repair the items is prepared. Our inventory is checked for availability and an immediate order for components not in our stocks is placed.
  3. Fast Accurate Quote
    Quotation is prepared and provided to you in Email PDF format, FAX or through SMS But repairs are carried out only after receiving Approval
  4. Expert Rapid Repair
    After approval, the priority repair is assigned to a senior technician and inserted into the first position in line for the actual repair process. Priority repairs are usually on a repair tech bench the same day they are approved by the customer
  5. Immediate placement of Orders for Components 
    Any Components in our inventory are ordered immediately and they are normally delivered to us next day air service. Meanwhile other testing processes will go on.
  6. Thorough Testing
    After the completion of repair, item is load tested and a burn-in of several hours is performed to minimize the risk of a replaced component failure after the item is installed back into equipment.

Next-Day Return Shipping The repaired item(s) are immediately taken to the shipping department and again, put in the first position for preparation of the packaging, and delivered next day by fastest possible transport available to your place. Tracking numbers and links to tracking sites are provided so that you can check on the delivery status of your repaired item. 
We give rush jobs the highest priority at AMS industrial Services because we know that lost production is lost money and pride ourselves in providing the most comprehensive and reliable priority repair service available to our industrial/commercial customers. 
You can be assured that your rush repair needs will be treated with the most urgency needed and will be evaluated, repaired, tested and returned at the earliest. For help in coordinating a priority repair please contact us on any of our support phones. We look forward to working with you on your next emergency rush repair situation.