Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd
 is your one stop solution for Control Techniques Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Control Techniques industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Control Techniques Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

115MSB070300 Repair, 140X14/28 Repair, MIDI MAESTRO CONTROL TECHNIQUES Repair, 140X14/28 Repair, 140X8/16-MAESTRO Repair, MAESTRO DCD Repair, 142DSE300CAAAA Repair, 142SLB301CBPAB Repair, 142UME301CACAA Repair, 200X25/50 Repair, 75UMD300CACAA Repair, 2157 A0011 Repair, 95DSE600C Repair, ASP-7 Repair, ASP10-3135-7102 Repair, BMR4B20-6A Repair, CD 750 Repair, CD220 2.2KW Repair, CD750 Repair, CDII 16A Repair, CDII750 Repair, COMMANDER CD Repair, CD-110 Repair, CD-1500 Repair, CD-3000 Repair, CD75 Repair, CD75-750 Repair, COMMANDER CDII75 Repair, CDDFS-13-V38-T5 Repair, CDDFS-04-V38-T5 Repair, CDE-075 Repair, CDE-110 Repair, CDE-400 Repair, CDE-550 Repair, CDE-750 Repair, CDII-220 Repair, CT-LTD-RD1 Repair, CTIU200B Repair, BRUSHLESS AC SERVO DRIVE : DB200 2.2KW Repair, DB220 Repair, DB220NP Repair, DBE 220 126 Repair, DIGITAX DB140 Repair, DB-140 Repair, DB-140NP Repair, COMMANDER CDS Repair, DB220 DB 220 Repair, DB-220 Repair, DB-220NP Repair, DB-420 Repair, DB-600 Repair, DB-750 Repair, DBE140 Repair, DBE220 Repair, DBE420 Repair, DBE600 Repair, DBE140 Repair, DBE220 Repair, DBE420 Repair, DBE600 Repair, DigitAx DB140 Repair, DB22000 Repair, DigitAx DBE140 Repair, DBE22000 Repair, MX-280-E Repair, MX-440-E Repair, MX-850-E Repair, DBE-420 Repair, MX850-E Repair, MX-1300-E Repair, DBE-600 Repair, MX-1600-E Repair, DBE-750 Repair, MX-2600-E Repair, MX-3200-E Repair, DBE-1500 Repair, MX-4800-E Repair, DBE 140 Repair, DBE 220 Repair, DBE 420 Repair, DBE 600 Repair, DBE 750 Repair, DBE 1100 Repair, UNI 3401 Repair, DBE 1500 Repair, UNI 3401 Repair, DBE 2200 Repair, DBE 1100S Repair, DBE1100S Repair, DBE-750 Repair, DCD60X10-20 Repair, DD400 Repair, DD75 Repair, DF-1100 Repair, DIGIMAX 409-AN CONTROL TECHNIQUES Repair, DIN3380075B Repair, DIN3380400BM Repair, DIN-1220037A Repair, DIN-1220075A Repair, DIN-1220075B Repair, DIN-1220150B Repair, DIN-3380075B Repair, DIN-3380075BM Repair, DIN-3380220B Repair, DIN-3380400B Repair, DINVERTER 768R Repair, DIRECTAX Repair, DIRECTAX-2 Repair, DIRECTAX-3 Repair, DXM-208C Repair, DYNAMAX - DF220 Repair, FOCUS-1 CONTROL TECHNIQUES Repair, FOCUS-2 Repair, FXM-4 Repair, FXM-5 Repair, GPD240311KW Repair, M155GB14 Repair, M210GB14 Repair, M210R-14RL 75KW Repair, M210RGB14 Repair, M25RGB14 Repair, M350R-14RL MENTOR II Repair, MENTOR 6M56 Repair, MENTOR II M4SR-14G8 Repair, M420-14RL Repair, M420GB14 Repair, M45R-14RM Repair, M45RGB14 Repair, M550GB14 Repair, M75GB14 Repair, M75R-14RL Repair, MAXAX100 Repair, MAXMAX300 Repair, MAXAX 100 Repair, MAXAX 200 STDG33 200/3000 280465 Repair, UNI3403 Repair, MAXAX 100/3000 Repair, MAXAX 200 Repair, 7.31.810 MAXAX 100 Repair, MAXAX 300 Repair, MC-216 Repair, P200-05327 Repair, SA-1100-SNP Repair, SA022 Repair, SD300 Repair, SD93 Repair, SE53403000 Repair, SE23400075 Repair, SE23400150 Repair, SKA1200025 Repair, UD-74-EPS Repair, UD90-3130-0273 Repair, UD90-3130-0319 Repair, UNI2402 Repair, UNI3405 Repair, UNI-1403 Repair, UNI-1404 Repair, UNI1404 Repair, UNI1405 Repair, UNI-1405 Repair, UNI-2401 Repair, UNI 2402 Repair, UNI3404 Repair, UNI4403 Repair, UNIDRIVE 1405 Repair, UNI-2403 Repair, UNI-3401 Repair, UNI-3402 Repair, UNI3402 Repair, UNI-3404 Repair, UNI-3405 Repair, UNI-4402 Repair, UNI-4403 Repair, UNI-4404 Repair, UNI-5401 Repair, UNIDRIVE SP1406 Repair, UNIDRIVE SP2401 Repair, V150 Repair, V1850RL105H18 Repair, V3000 Repair, VBE550 Repair, VBE75 Repair, VC-150D Repair, VC-75 Repair, VL-2200 Repair, 7004-0147 ISS 2 Repair, 8550-0000, CDE1500 Repair, CDI 750 Repair, CDII 150 Repair, CDS 150 Repair, CDVII 550 Repair, CDVII550 Repair, CHEETAH SM Repair, DB750 Repair, DCD60X14/28 Repair, DCD60X7/14 Repair, DF150 Repair, DF75 Repair,DB 140 Repair, DIN 12200757 Repair, DIN1220150B Repair, DIN3380150B Repair, DIRETAX3 Repair, F3R2C 6045-8102 Repair, LYNX 30A Repair, M350GB14 Repair, SE 11200075 Repair, DF075 Repair, VB75 Repair...etc