Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Cegelec Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Cegelec industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Cegelec Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

Automate ALSPA / PLC CEGELEC ALSPA Repair,C100/5218 NPN Repair, C100/5302 Repair, C100/5F00 Repair,W-TCC 4210 Repair, 101A Repair, 101AC Repair, 19004238 Repair, 20738108 Repair, 20X4264A1 Repair, 20X4275B1L Repair, 20X4321B1L Repair, 20X4457B1 Repair, 50-97761A Repair, 7004-0038 Repair, 7004-0184 Repair, 705 Repair, 7120 Repair, 7241 Repair, 72701 Repair, 7920 Repair, 7F00 Repair, 7F10 Repair, 8150-4002 Repair, A301297 Repair, A310646 Repair, ALSPA R0 Repair, BIOPLUS Repair, C50/6215I-B Repair, C80-35 Repair, CE670GB1002G Repair, CPU 586-60A Repair, DHC-100 Repair, F386B Repair, GD-2005-A421 Repair, GD-2005-4001 Repair, GD-2012-A421 Repair, GD-2012-4001 Repair, GD-2012-4006 Repair, GD-2016 Repair, GD-2032-A421 Repair, GD-3008-A481 Repair, GD-3016-A421 Repair, GD-3032-A421 Repair, GD-3052-A421 Repair, GD-3077-A-481A Repair, GD-3145-A-421 Repair, GD2008A421 Repair, ICV-150 Repair, MD-100 Repair, MD-2000-787-102-400 Repair, MD-20A, MD1-ISS-7 Repair, MD20, MDA-1 Repair, MDA-2 Repair, MDA-6, MV-1007 ALSPA Repair, MV-1018 Repair, MV-1024 Repair, MV-1089 Repair, REC-920 Repair, S-105A Repair, S-351A Repair, S-351B Repair, S-351C Repair, S-520A Repair, S-520B Repair, S-525 Repair, SCN-651C Repair, SCN-801-SYCONUM Repair, SCN-802 Repair, SCN-803C Repair, SL-7523X24598SR Repair, VAMC-3030 Repair, VAMC-3030A Repair, VAMEX-4020A Repair, VESTA-7000 Repair, VF-4002B Repair, VF-4006B Repair, VFMA-2010A Repair,  VFTAA-4003 Repair, VFTB-4003A Repair, VFTB-4005 Repair, VFTB-4009 Repair, VFTB-4009A Repair, VFTV-37U3 Repair, VFTV-4002 Repair, VFTV-4006B Repair, VFTV-4016 Repair, VFTV-4022B Repair, VNT-PE4012 Repair, cegelec VNTA Repair, VNTA-4003 Repair, VNTA-4004 Repair, VNTA-4006 Repair, VNTA-4009E Repair, VNTA-E4038 Repair, VNTAE-4003 Repair, VNTC-4075E Repair, VNTCB-4025 Repair, VNTL-4059 Repair, VNTP-4003E Repair, VNTP-4012E Repair, VNTPE-4003 Repair ect...