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Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Centralp Automatismes Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Centralp Automatismes industrial automation products.

Our trained and experienced electronics repair engineers/technicians perform component level repairs on all Centralp Industrial Electronics products:- Centralp control process rack PCB Repairs,Centralp converters PCB Repairs,Centralp CPU boards PCB Repairs,Centralp PC104 boards PCB Repairs,Centralp Electronic Boards and Industrial PCs PCB Repairs,Centralp A range of embedded CPU boards Repairs,Centralp Field busses PC104 board Repairs,Centralp Embedded rugged panel PC and intelligent displays Unit Repairs,Centralp Multi CPU / process control rack PCB repairs,CentralpDC/DC converters and power supplies Repairs etc...

Here are some of the Centralp Automatismes Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

100064-1/B Repair, 100073 Repair, 100073-0/E Repair, 100130-O/E Repair, 100080-1/N Repair, 100089 Repair, 100091-0B Repair, 100116 Repair, 100525 Repair, 190538-1/AH Repair, 190538-1/BBRepair, 190538-2/CA Repair, 190608-4-AA Repair, 200507-1 Repair, 200508-1 Repair, 210002-1Repair, 620816S Repair, 620983C Repair, 621041S Repair, 621128S Repair, 621132C Repair, 621132S Repair, 621370S Repair, A621136S Repair,620-781 Repair, 620-840 Repair, 620-842 Repair, 620-928C Repair, 621-074 Repair, 621-123 Repair, 621-136 Repair, 621-264 Repair, 621-285 Repair, 621-370S Repair, 621-388S Repair, 621-581 Repair, 621-588 Repair, 621-600 Repair, 621-614Repair, 621-618 Repair, 621-631 Repair, 621-674 Repair, 621-697 Repair, 621-698 Repair, 621-746SRepair, 621-816 Repair, 621871S Repair, A-621-584S Repair, A650112 Repair, AL24-5-8 Repair, ALS 5-15/15-A Repair, ALS-5-15/15-A Repair, ALS-5-15-15 Repair, CN4T Repair, ENS-100504 Repair, ENS-190-022 Repair, K200544-1/AB Repair, KES-040 Repair, KES002 Repair, K200124-1 Repair, K200508-1 Repair, K210066-1 Repair, K210067-1 Repair, UC-8085 Repair, UC-8088 Repair, UC-Z80Repair, UC386SX Repair, WG071022 Repair ... etc