Manufactures Repaired



Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for AMICON Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all AMICON industrial automation products.

Here are some of the AMICON Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

Amicon AC Drive RepairAmicon AC Inverter Repair,Amicon DC Drive Repair,Amicon Drive Repair,Amicon Inverter Repair,Amicon Motor Controller Repair,Amicon  Motor Control Repair,Amicon  Motor Drive Repair,Amicon  Speed Controller Repair,Amicon  Speed Control Repair,Amicon  Variable Frequency Drive Repair,Amicon  Variable Speed Drive Repair,Amicon  VFD Repair,Amicon  Power Supply Repair,Amicon TPM321262B TYPACT 32 DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPM320524AF DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPM320524A DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPM32500520 DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPM32500600 DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPY2154A 1.5HP DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPY2301A 3HP DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPY2304A 5HP DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPY2304A5HP 5HP DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPY2415280 5HP DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPM320522A DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPM222201702 DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TGR PCB Repair,Amicon TPA2121X12A TYPACT CONTROL Repair,Amicon TPM22202403 DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPM22202405 DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon SY-3 TPY SUPPLY BOARD Repair,Amicon TPY2415-320 5HP DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPY3A0562A10H DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPY3A0562BS15H 15HP 460V DC DR Repair,Amicon TPY3A1124B60H DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPY3A164B5HP DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPY3A564AF DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPY3A7124B40 DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPY3A884B DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPY421A HP D.C. DRIVE Repair,Amicon TVO1 FDBK ISOL BOARD Repair,Amicon ZTM12 PULSE TXFTPM32 Repair,Amicon TPY3A0324B20H DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPY3A0324B10H DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPY2421A 10HP DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPY2424A 10HP DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPY30324B10H TYPACT 310HP Repair,Amicon TPY31122A 30HP DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPY32802B DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPY3415480 415V DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPY3500-520 TYPACT 3 DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPY3500600 DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon TPY3A0322B DC DRIVE Repair,Amicon ZTM62 PULSE TXFTPM32 Repair,Amicon AAM8705287 TYPACT AA CARD Repair,Amicon FY102 POWER BOARD Repair,Amicon FY4 PCB Repair,Amicon M161 CONVERTER BOARD Repair,Amicon MR1 TPM21 CTRL BOARD Repair,Amicon M-T-M GATE DR TPM32 Repair,Amicon MTMA GATE DR TPM32 Repair,Amicon MTY CONTROLLER Repair,Amicon MY34 PCB Repair,Amicon OCY PCB Repair,Amicon PIDYC OPTION BOARD Repair,Amicon FY101 PCB Repair,Amicon AGY PCB Repair,Amicon AHE9DN1000-IP INCRMNTL ENCODER Repair,Amicon AMD31460K024 AMPACT DRIVE Repair,Amicon APY100 ENCODER Repair,Amicon AY AUX AMP BOARD Repair,Amicon AYP AUX AMP BOARD Repair,Amicon CFI PCB Repair,Amicon CT2M ADJUSTMENT Repair,Amicon CT2MA ADJUSTMENT Repair,Amicon CT4M1 ADJ TPM32 BOARD Repair,Amicon PIDYD OPTION BOARD Repair,Amicon RY3A REGULATOR BOARD Repair,Amicon RY24 REGULATOR BOARD Repair,Amicon RY241 REGULATOR BOARD Repair,Amicon RY241E REGULATOR BOARD Repair,Amicon RY24AGY PCB ASSY Repair,Amicon RY32 TPY REG BOARD Repair,Amicon RY32+E TPY REG BOARD Repair,Amicon RY32E TPY REG BOARD Repair,Amicon RY34G REGULATOR BOARD Repair,Amicon RY34MY34CFIOCY PCB 4-BD ASSEMBLY Repair,Amicon RY21 REG BOARD 301A Repair,Amicon RVY PCB Repair,Amicon PTY34 PCB Repair,Amicon PY24 POWER BOARD RepairAmicon PY321 TPY CONTROL BOARD Repair,Amicon PY341 CONTROLLER Repair,Amicon R2MA CTRL CARD TPM32 + Repair,Amicon R4M1 CTRL CARD TPM32 + RepairAmicon REM FIELD REG BOARD Repair,Amicon REY24A FIELD REG BOARD Repair,Amicon RFCAMFC1B FC10 FIELD CTRL Repair,Amicon RFCAMFCC FC10 FIELD CTRL Repair,Amicon RFSE SNUBBER BOARD Repair,Amicon Typact AGyA PCB Repair,Amicon Typact ALY Power Supply Repair,Amicon Typact AY Amplifier Board Repair,Amicon Typact FIR1-52 Firing Board Repair,Amicon Typact Fy 10-1 Field Supply Board Repair,Amicon Typact Fy4 Field Rectifier Board Repair,Amicon Typact MTy PCB Repair,Amicon Typact MY34 Board Bridge Logic Repair,Amicon Typact R-TPD3GO Control Board Repair,Amicon Typact RVy PCB Repair,Amicon Typact Ry21 Regulation Board Repair,Amicon Typact Ry24 Control Board Repair,Amicon Typact RY34 Board Regulator Board Repair,Amicon Typact SDS2 Tension Board Repair,Amicon Typact SW1-31 Power Supply Repair,Amicon Typact SY3 Board Power Supply For DC Drive Repair,Amicon Typact TB0 Option Card Repair,Amicon Typact TG-A3 Power Supply Repair,Amicon Typact TG-R 1294-1 Accel/Decel Repair,Amicon Typact TPa2-240 DC Drive Repair,Amicon Typact TPD3-500/520--20K4 DC Drive Repair,Amicon Typact TPD3-500/520-20-4B-K DC Drive Repair,Amicon Typact TPD32-400-420-224-4B-NA DC Drive Repair,Amicon Typact TPEY2-154-ELE DC Drive Repair,Amicon Typact TPy2-151A-2HP DC Drive Repair,Amicon Typact TPy2-154A-2HP DC Drive Repair,Amicon Typact TPy2-240-185 DC Drive Repair,Amicon Typact TPy2-301A DC Drive Repair,Amicon Typact TPy2-304A DC Drive Repair,Amicon Typact TPy2-415/320-15 DC Drive Repair,Amicon Typact TPy2-415/320-30-1B DC Drive Repair,Amicon Typact TPY3-0552AC5 3 Phase Heater Control Repair,Amicon Typact TPy3-415 DC Drive RepairAmicon Typact TPy3-415/440-20-4B DC Drive Repair,Amicon Typact TPy3-415/440-40-4B DC Drive Repair,Amicon Typact TPy3-415/440-70-4B DC Drive Repair,Amicon Typact TPy3-415/440-70-4B DC Drive Repair,Amicon Typact Tpy3-500/520 DC Phase Controller Repair,Amicon Typact TPy3-500/600-280L-2B CON DC Drive Repair,Amicon Typact TPy3A-0324A-10HP DC Drive Repair,Amicon Typact TPy3A-0324A-7.5HP DC Drive Repair,Amicon Typact TPy3A-0324B-20HP DC Drive Repair,Amicon Typact TPy3A-56-2B DC Drive Repair.... etc