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Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Berger Lahr Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Berger Lahr industrial automation products.

Our trained and experienced electronics repair engineers/technicians perform component level repairs on all Berger Lahr Industrial Electronics products such as

Here are some of the Berger Lahr Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

Variateur / Servo Repair : FT2000 Repair, KIM 593.200 Repair, KIK-550 Repair, NI3446 Repair, RDM 566/50 H-LR Repair, RIG3910/4L3SS0C?O Repair, RIG3910/4L3S S0CO Repair, IFEN71/3DVN-DS Repair, SER31117/4L7SS0?CO Repair, Schneider SER 31117/4L7S Repair, SER31117/4L3SS0?TO Repair, Schneider SER 31117/4L3S Repair, SER3913/4L3SS0TO Repair, Schneider SER3913/4L3S Repair, SER3916/4L5SS0TO Repair, Schneider SER3916/4L5S Repair, SER3913/4L7SS0CO Repair, Schneider SER3913/4L7S Repair, SER397/4L7SS0TB Repair, SER397/4L3SS0TO Repair, SER3910/4L3SS0CO Repair, SER3913/4L5SS0TO Repair, Schneider SER3913/4L5S Repair, SER3910/4L7SS0CO Repair, Schneider SER3910/4L7S Repair, SER3913/4 L 3S S0CO Repair, Schneider SER3913/4L3S Repair, SER3913/4 L 5S S0CO Repair, Schneider SER 3913/4L5S Repair, TLC432F Repair, TLC532/F Repair, TLC532F Repair, TLC511F Repair, TLC 534NF Repair, TLC538 Repair, TLC511PSF Repair, TLD 011F Servo Repair, WDP3-338.94-002 Repair, WDP 3-338 94 002 Repair, WDM3-004.1801 SIG POSITEC WDM 3-004.1801 Repair, WDP3-314.98007 Repair, WDP3-018.0801 Repair, WDP 3-018.0801 Repair, WDP3-018.0803 WDP 3-018.0803 Repair, WDP 5-118.051-00 Repair, WDP 5-118.051EC Repair, WDP5-118 Repair, WDP5-318.951-02 WDP5-318 Repair, WDP5-318.95122 Repair, WDP5-318.051-00 Repair, WD5-008.05100 Repair, WD5-008.061-00 Repair, WPM311.03400 Repair, WPM311.03401 OED3 Repair, WP-111 Repair, WS5-5.281-00 Repair, VRDM3913/50LWCE?O Repair, VRDM3913/WCEB Repair, VRDM 3913 50 LWCEO POSITEC Repair, WDO5-008.151-01 Repair, VRDM5913/50LVC Repair, VRDM5913/50LNC Repair, VRDM5913/50LWC Repair.BERGES : Variateur : 360750330 Repair, 360750330' Repair, 379 Repair, 8950 Repair, ACI 1.5/400/400 Repair, ACI 11.0KW Repair, ACI 11/B Repair, ACI 11KW Repair, ACI 11KW 850HZ Repair, ACI 11KW/A01 Repair, ACI 22.0/400/458 Repair, ACI 22.0KW/400 Repair, ACI 22.0KW/400/8 Repair, ACI 22KW/400/458 Repair, ACI 37.0/400/850 Repair, ACI 7.5/B(6.40) Repair, ACI COSINUS Repair, ACI COSINUS 11 Repair, ACI COSINUS 22K Repair, ACI COSINUS 37 Repair, ACI-B 22KW Repair, ACI-B/11.0/400 Repair, ACI-B/11.0/400/S Repair, ACI-B/11.0KW/400 Repair, ACI-B/15.0/400/8 Repair, ACI-B/22.0/400 Repair, ACI-B/22.00/400/ Repair, ACI-B/37.0/400 Repair, ACI-B/5.5/400/SD Repair, ACI-B/5.5/400/ST Repair, ACI-B/5.5/400STD Repair, ACI-B/7 Repair,5/400/85 Repair, ACI/11.0/400/600 Repair, ACI/11.0/400/800 Repair, ACI/30.0/400 Repair, ACI/SKT2/30F Repair, ACI/STK2-30F/2/A Repair, ACI11.0/400/600 Repair, ACI11.0/400/800 Repair, ACI11/BFGH Repair, ACI15/400/400 Repair, ACI22.0/400/400O Repair, ACI22.0/400/458 Repair, BERGES ACM-D2 Repair, ACM-S2 Repair, ACM-D2 11 KW Repair, ACM-D2/0.55KW Repair,ACM-D2/0.75/230 Repair, ACM-D2/1.1 KW Repair, ACM-D2/11.0/400 Repair, ACM-D2/11.0/406 Repair, ACM-D2/11KW Repair, ACM-D2/11KW/400 Repair, ACM-D2/15.0/400 Repair, ACM-D2/2.2/400/1 Repair, ACM-D2/2.2KW Repair, ACM-D2/22.00/400 Repair, ACM-D2/22.0KW Repair, ACM-D2/22/400/65 Repair, ACM-D2/3.0/400/1 Repair, ACM-D2/30.0/400 Repair, ACM-D2/7.5/400/4 Repair, ACM-D2/7.5/400/8 Repair, ACM-D2/7.5/40085 Repair, ACM-D2/7.5/OPT75 Repair, ACM-D2A11.0 Repair, ACM-D2A7.5 Repair, ACM-S2/4.0/400/1 Repair, ACMCOMP/0.75/400 Repair, ACMCOMP/2.2/400/ Repair, ACMCOMP2.2KWT Repair, ACMD Repair, ACMD2 Repair, ACMD2 15KW Repair, ACMD2/11.0/400 Repair, ACMD2/11.0/400' Repair, ACMD2/11.0/400/1 Repair, ACMD2/11.OKW/400 Repair, ACMD2/15.0/400 Repair, ACMD2/15.0/400/4 Repair, ACMD2/2.2/230/85 Repair, ACMD2/2.2/230/ST Repair, ACMD2/2.2/400/40 Repair, ACMD2/22.0/400 Repair, ACMD2/22.0/460OC Repair, ACMD2/3.0 Repair, ACMD2/3.0/400 Repair, ACMD2/30.0/400 Repair, ACMD2/4.0 Repair, ACMD2/4.0P Repair, ACMD2/400/1300 Repair, ACMD2/400/400/13 Repair, ACMD2/400/50 Repair, ACMD2/5.5/400 Repair, ACMD2/5.5/400/13 Repair, ACMD2/7.5/400/13 Repair,ACMD2/3.0/400.13 Repair, ACMD2/30.0/400 Repair,ACMD2/4.0 Repair, ACMD2/4.0P Repair, ACMD2/400/1300 Repair, ACMD2/400/1300' Repair, ACMD2/400/400/13 Repair, ACMD2/400/50 Repair, ACMD2/5.5 Repair, ACMD2/5.5/400 Repair, ACMD2/5.5/400' Repair, ACMD2/5.5/400/13 Repair, ACMD2/7.5/400/13 Repair, ACMD2/7.5/400/40 Repair, ACMD2/7.5/400/85 Repair, ACMD2/7.5BLOC Repair, ACMD2A/2.2/230 Repair, ACMS2/3.0/400 Repair, ACP3300-7B Repair, ACP3302-2B Repair, ACP36/11.0 Repair, ACP3615.0 Repair, ACP6000 Repair,ACP6004 Repair, ACP6004-0C Repair, ACP6007-5C Repair, ACP6007-5SVL Repair, ACP6011-OC Repair, ACP6022-OC Repair, ACP6037.0-OC Repair, BC15-30 Repair, CO-SINUS ACI Repair, CO-SINUS ACI 22' Repair, CO-SINUS ACI 22. Repair, CO-SINUS ACI22 Repair, SINUSACI22.0K Repair, COMPACT 0.75KW Repair, COS ACI 11KW/400 Repair, D-5277 Repair, DMBL 10/20F-M' Repair, EGKDIG-A Repair, EGKDIG-A2 Repair, IO/B/D/A02 Repair, MB CONVEYORS Repair, MB/0.37/230/99 Repair, MB0.37 Repair, RESI75OHMS Repair, STK 2.2-30/C Repair, ACI Repair, ACM-D2/11.0K Repair, UD7000 Repair, UD7004.0 Repair, UD7007-5 Repair, UD7015.0 Repair, US1100M Repair, US1500M Repair, X2C4010-OB Repair, XFC4005-0A Repair.