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Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for  Baumuller AC Drives,Baumuller AC Servo Drive,Baldor Servo Drive,Baumuller  Motors,Baumuller  Spindle Drive,Baumuller Servo Motor 

Our trained and experienced electronics repair engineers/technicians perform component level repairs on all Baumuller Industrial Electronics products.
such as Baumuller AC Drives Repairs,Baumuller AC Servo Drive Repairs,Baumuller Servo  Drive Repairs,Baumuller  Motors Repairs,Baumuller Spindle Drive Repairs,Baumuller Servo Motor Repairs.

Here are some of the ABB Industrial Electronics with part no. which we have carried out:
BKF 12/70/400 Repair, HDM 9E.188.132/0 Repair, BGS3G-35-20-B-002 Repair, BKFL/E811550 Repair, BKFN380F380R Repair, CG132LL05BA1 Repair, DAF131E Repair, DIMFG100L64 Repair, DIMG132L64 Repair, DIMG160SS-305 Repair,
DC Drives BAUMULLER Repair: 
BKD6 : BKD6/2000 : BKD6/6000 : BKD6/7000  Repair,BKD6/050/460-604000000 Repair, BKD6/050/460-604010009 Repair, BKD6/100/460 Repair, BKD6/100/460-204000000 Repair, BKD6/100/460-204020000 Repair, BKD6/100/460-204020006 Repair, BKD6/100/460-604000000 Repair, BKD6/150/460 Repair, BKD6/150/460-204000006 Repair, BKD6/150/460-2040200000 Repair, BKD6/150/460-204020006 Repair, BKD6/150/460-240020012 Repair, BKD6/150/460-604000000 Repair, BKD6/150/600-214 Repair, BKD6/180/460-2030000BKD6/200/400-604000000 Repair, BKD6/200/460 Repair, BKD6/200/460-203000000 Repair, BKD6/200/460-604000000 Repair, BKD6/200/460-604010009 Repair, BKD6/250/460-204020006 Repair, BKD6/500/460BKD6/100-460 Repair, BKD6/200/460-604010009 Repair, BKD6/400/460-604010009 Repair, BKD6/480-460-2000 Repair, BKD6/6000 Repair,BKF12/2000 : BKF12/3000 : BKF12/6000 : BKF12/7000 Repair: BKF12 Repair, BKF12/030/400-2002 Repair, BKF12/030/400-6000 Repair, BKF12/030/400-604000000 Repair, BKF12/070/520/2002 Repair, BKF12/100/400-1034 Repair, BKF12/100/400-1500 Repair, BKF12/100/400-2000 Repair, BKF12/100/400-2002 Repair, BKF12/100/400-2006 Repair, BKF12/100/520-2002 Repair, BKF12/150/400-2002 Repair, BKF12/150/400-2009 Repair, BKF12/200/400-2002 Repair, BKF12/200/400-2006 Repair, BKF12/200/400-61400R022 Repair, BKF12/200/520-604000000 Repair, BKF12/2000 Repair, BKF12/250/400-61400R022 Repair, BKF12/300/400-60400004 Repair, BKF12/50/400-2001 Repair, BKF12/50/400-2002 Repair, BKF12/600/400-6040 Repair, BKF12/600/400-604000004 Repair, BKF12/70/400/2002 Repair, BKF12-100-400 Repair, BKF12-100-400-2006 Repair, BKF12-200-400/2002 Repair, BKF12-200-400 Repair, BKF12-200-400-60400R012 Repair, BKF12-250/400-61400R022 Repair, BKF12-30-400-2002 Repair, BKF12-6000 Repair, EK2 Repair, BE2 Repair, EK2/6/300-201000 Repair, BE2/25/300-20100 Repair.
AC Analogue Drives BAUMULLER Repair:
BUS20 / BUS21 / BUS3 / BUG2 / BUG20 / BUC2 / BUG3 / BUC4 / BUH2 / BUH4 / BKH4 Repair:
BUC2-660 60-34 Repair, BUC2-660/60-34-001-00 Repair, BUC2-90/90-34-001-01 Repair, BUC2-90/90-34-101-01 Repair, BUC2-90/90-62-001-01 Repair, BUC2-90/90-62-001-01 Repair, BUC2-90/90-62-101-01 Repair, BUC4-150-6-100 Repair, BUC4-80-6-100 Repair, BUG20-120-30-B-000 Repair, BUG20-120-31-B-010 Repair, BUG2-60-30-B-003 Repair, BUG2-60-3C-B-003 Repair, BUG2-60/30-B-003 Repair, BUG2-60/30-B-004 Repair, BUG2-60-30-B-003 Repair, BUG2-60-31-B-010 Repair, BUG3-35-30-B-002 Repair, BUG60-30-B-003 Repair, BUG622-28-54-E-000 Repair, BUG623-56-54-E-001 Repair, BUG623-56-54-E-005 Repair, BUH2-60/60-34-001-05 Repair, BUH2-90/90-62-001-00 Repair, BUH2-90/90-62-102-00 Repair, BUH4-150-6-002 Repair, BUH4-80-6-002 Repair, BUS20-160/270-30-004 Repair, BUS20-160/270-30-006 Repair, BUS20-160/270-30-008 Repair, BUS20-160/270-30-009 Repair, BUS20-60/135-30-001 Repair, BUS20-60/90-30-001 Repair, BUS20-60/90-31-021 Repair, BUS20-80/135-30-001 Repair, BUS20-80/135-30-002 Repair, BUS20-80/135-31-021 Repair, BUS21 Repair, BUS21-15/30-30-001 Repair, BUS21-15/30-31-020 Repair, BUS21-15-30-001 Repair, BUS21-15-30-31-020 Repair, BUS21-22/45-30-001 Repair, BUS21-22/45-31-020 Repair, BUS21-30-/60-30-001 Repair, BUS21-30/60-30-001 Repair, BUS21-30/60-30-0012 Repair, BUS21-30-60-30 Repair, BUS21-30-60-31-020 Repair, BUS21-15/30-30 Repair, BUS21-22/45-30 Repair, BUS2-8/135-30-00 Repair, BUS2-80/135-30-0 Repair, BUS3 Repair, BUS3-10/20-30-00 Repair, BUS3-15/30-30-002 Repair, BUS3-15/30-30-004 Repair, BUS3-15/30-31-010 Repair, BUS621-05/7.5-54-0-000 Repair, BUS6-E-LW-0039-X001-0000 Repair, BUS6-E-SM-0022-C010-0000 Repair, BUS6-VC-A0-0001 Repair.
AC Digital Drives BAUMULLER Repair: 
BKH62 Repair, BKH63 Repair, BUC624 Repair, BUC625 Repair, BUB622 Repair, BUG622 Repair, BUG623 Repair, BUK622 Repair, BUL624 Repair, BUL625 Repair, BUR622 Repair, BUM60S Repair, BUM60 Repair, BUM60B Repair, BUM61 Repair, BUM616 Repair, BUM618 Repair, BUM62 Repair, BUM62T Repair, BUM63 Repair, BUM64 Repair, BUS621 Repair, BUS622 Repair, BUS623 Repair, BUS624 Repair, BUS62 Repair, BUS63 Repair, BUS64 Repair, BUK20-62-05-1 Repair, BUK2-62-4.5-001 Repair, BUM21 Repair, BUM21-30/45-30-0 Repair, BUM21-30/45-30-001 Repair, BUM25-30/60-30-001 Repair, BUM60-12-54-B-000 Repair, BUM60S-04/08-54-B-000-VC-A0-00 Repair, BUM60-VC-0A-0001 Repair, BUM60-VC-0A0001 Repair, BUM60-A-SM-0110 Repair, BUM60-VC-0A-0001 Repair, BUM60-VC-0A-0057 Repair, BUM61-30/45-54-B-0-00 Repair, BUM616-12/18-31-R-0100-A009-01 Repair, BUM616-12/18-31-R-1000-B002-SM Repair, BUM61-VC-0A-1035 Repair, BUM62-075/130-54-M-E-000 Repair etc..