Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Battenfeld Repair Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Battenfeld Repairindustrial automation products.

Here are some of the Allen Bradley Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

056-21 Repair, 2174098 PDPS 102 Repair, 2175029 Repair, 2859052 Repair, 2859133 CP200NT Repair, 2859369 SNT 411/2 Repair, Repair, 311264240 Repair, MDA201 Repair, Repair, Repair, Repair, Repair, MDE 211-24 Repair, Repair, Repair, Repair, 4.22.135 Repair, PDSE Repair, PDSA Repair, PDSA Repair, PDPP Repair, PDPP Repair, PDIZ Repair, PDARR Repair, PDARH Repair, PDAP11 Repair, 4.232.0200 PDSA Repair, 4.232.5000 PDKR Repair, 44778816 Repair, 80182237/1/A20 Repair, 9175043 Repair, B1121 SEE: SCHLEICHER 0.00 Repair, BA230/45 Repair, CPT10/A Repair, CPT10A Repair, CPV10-8 Repair, CTE500-SGM Repair, CTE650 Repair, CTL600 Repair, D.L.M.1 Repair, DNT33/U Repair, ELD 400/1 Repair, GB650 Repair, KEG16-20 Repair, KS-004-1/60 Repair, KS-004-2 Repair, KS-004-21 "A" Repair, KS-004-22 "B" Repair, KS-004-23 "C" Repair, KS-004-24 "D" Repair, KS-004-25 "E" Repair, KS-004-27 "G" Repair, KS-004-29 "F" Repair, KS-035 BATTENFELD CONTROL Repair, KS-051 Repair, KS-053 Repair, KS-056 Repair, KS-067 Repair, KSTE-KB-2K-SM Repair, KSTE-KR-2K-SM Repair, PVA 1 21.1 Repair, PVA 1 A21.1 Repair, PVA 1 A22 Repair, PVA1 A20 Repair, SD 040-0 Repair, TC40 Repair, TFU400-100-F Repair, TFU405-100A Repair, TK10 P/N 2867062 Repair, TR001 Repair, TR014 Repair, TR200-FR-0 Repair, UNILOG 4000 Repair, CTE650 Repair, VID 500.01 Repair ect...