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Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Brown Boveri Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Brown Boveri industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Brown Boveri Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

07 AA 80 Repair, GJR5230010R0001 Repair, 07 AS 82 Repair, 07 EA 80 Repair, GJR52302 Repair, 07 KR 228 Repair, GJV3 0724 01 R1 Repair, 07 KR 228 R1 Repair, 07 KT 228 Repair, GJV3 0724 17 R1 Repair, 07 NG 82 Repair, GJR5215100R3 Repair, 07 PG 200 R1 Repair, GJV3 0724 08 R1 Repair, 07 PT 40b Repair, 07 TA 60 Repair, 07 WP 84 R302 Repair, GJR5230300R302 Repair, 07WP84R302 Repair, 07 YS 80 Repair, GJR5212100 Repair, 07 YS 81 Repair, GJR52221800R2 Repair, 07 ZE 88 Repair, GJR5231800R101 Repair, 07 ZW 80 Repair, GJR5215300R2 Repair, 07ZW80 Repair, 07NG41 Repair, 07PS42 Repair, 07PS43 Repair, 07PT40 Repair, 07TI40E Repair, GJR2271600R11 Repair, 07XS40E Repair, 07YS40E Repair, 07ZE40E Repair, GJR268800R2 Repair, 70 AA 02a-E Repair, HESG 446433 R1 Repair, 70 AB 01b-E Repair, HESG 446867 R2 Repair, 70AB01b-E Repair, 70 AS 04b-E Repair, HESG 332140 R1 Repair, 70AS04bE Repair, 70 AS 06a-E Repair, HESG 332112 R1 Repair, 70AS06aE Repair, 70 AS 32a-E Repair, HESG 332121 R1 Repair, 70AS32aE Repair, 70 AS 40b-E Repair, HESG332140R1 Repair, 70AS40bE Repair, 70 AS 45b-E Repair, HESG 332140 R1 Repair, 70AS45bE Repair, 70 AS 46b-E Repair, HESG 332140 R1 Repair, 70AS46bE Repair, 70 AS 47b-E Repair, HESG 332140 R1 Repair, 70AS47bE Repair, 70 AS 67a-E Repair, HESG 332112 R1 Repair, 70AS67aE Repair, 70 BA 01b Repair, HESG 446421 R2 Repair, 70BA01b Repair, 70 BK 02a-E Repair, HESG 332077 R1 Repair, 70BK02aE Repair, 70 BL 02C Repair, HESG 332157 R2 Repair, 70BL02C Repair, 70 BL 30a Repair, HESG 446528 R1 Repair, 70BL30a Repair, 70 BL 31a Repair, HESG 332123 R3 Repair, 70BL31a Repair, 70 BT 01b Repair, HESG 446998 R1 Repair, 70BT01b Repair, 70 BV 01b-E Repair, HESG 446421 R1 Repair, 70BV01bE Repair, 70 EA 01b-E Repair, HESG 447038 R1 Repair, 70EA01bE Repair, 70 EA 02a-E Repair, HESG 446409 R1 Repair, 70EA02aE Repair, 70 EA 03a-E Repair, HESG 446680 R1 Repair, 70EA03aE Repair, 70 EA 04a-E Repair, HESG 446542 R1 Repair, 70EA04aE Repair, 70 EA 04b-E Repair, HESG 447103 R1 Repair, 70EA04bE Repair, 70 EB 01b-E Repair, HESG 447005 R2 Repair, 70EB01bE Repair, 70 EB 02b-E Repair, HESG 446889 R4 Repair, 70EB02bE Repair, 70 EB 03a Repair, HESG 446729 R1 Repair, 70EB03a Repair, 70 ER 01a Repair, HESG 446457 R1 Repair, 70ER01a Repair, 70 FA 01A Repair, HESG 223063 R1 Repair, 70FA01A Repair, 70 FA 01b Repair, HESG 223140 R1 Repair, 70FA01b Repair, 70 FK 01b Repair, HESG 447016 R1 Repair, 70FK01b Repair, 70 FK01a Repair, HESG446048R1 Repair, 70FK01a Repair, 70 FV 01a-E Repair, HESG 332101 R1 Repair, 70FV01aE Repair, 70 PR 02a-E Repair, HEIE 310247 R1 Repair, 70PR02aE Repair, 70 PR 03c-E Repair, HESG 223150 R1 Repair, 70 SK 30b-E Repair, HESG 446775 R1 Repair, 70SK30bE Repair, 70 SK 31b-E Repair, HESG 447060 R1 Repair, 70SK31bE Repair, 70 SK 32a-E Repair, HESG 446706 R1 Repair, 70SK32aE Repair, 70 SK 33b-E Repair, HESG 446917 R2 Repair, 70SK33bE Repair, 70 SK 34b-E Repair, HESG 446760 R2 Repair, 70SK34bE Repair, 70 SK 36b-E Repair, HESG 446959 R1 Repair, 70SK36bE Repair, 70 SK 37b-E Repair, HESG 446764 R2 Repair, 70SK37bE Repair, 70 SL 01a Repair, HESG 332043 R1 Repair, 70SL01a Repair, 70 VV 01a Repair, HESG 447043 R1 Repair, 70VV01a Repair, 70 WA 01a-E Repair, HESG 446707 R1 Repair, 70WA01aE Repair, 70 WB 01a Repair, HESG 446532 R1 Repair, 70WB01a Repair, 70AA01a-E Repair, 70AA01aE Repair, 70AB02B-E Repair, HESG446933R0002 Repair, 70PR 03d-E Repair, HESG223170R1 Repair, 70PR03dE Repair, CT 370a Repair, GJR2 237500 R1 Repair, CT370a Repair, DC 371a Repair, GJR2 237100 R1 Repair, DC371a Repair, DD 371a Repair, HEIE 420334 R1 Repair, DD371a Repair, DT 370a Repair, GJR2 237600 R1 Repair, DT370a Repair, DT 371a Repair, GIR2 242100 R1 Repair, DT371a Repair, GJR2 242100 R1 Repair, DT 371a Repair, GJR2242100R1 Repair, GJR5210000R1 Repair, 07 ET 40 R1 Repair, 07ET40R1 Repair, GJR5251400R3202 Repair, 07DC91 Repair, 07DC92R3202 Repair, HESG 446917 R1 Repair, 70 SK 33b-E Repair, HESG446917R1 Repair, KT 5191a Repair, HEIA 100323 R1 Repair, KT5191a Repair, KT 7386a Repair, HEIE 210050 R1 Repair, KT7386a Repair, KT 8991a Repair, HESG 446869 R1 Repair, KT8991a Repair, LT 370c Repair, GJR2 336500 R1 Repair, LT370c Repair, LT 371a Repair, GJR2 240200 R1 Repair, LT371a Repair, LT 9673a Repair, HESG 446076 R1 Repair, LT9673a Repair, UA 380a-E Repair, HEIE 421392 R1 Repair, UA380aE Repair, UA379A-E Repair, HSEG332084R0001 Repair, UN 0901c-P Repair, HIER 456040 R1 Repair, UN0901cP Repair, UN 0905b-P Repair, HEIR 449705 R1 Repair, UN0905bP VAR.1 Repair, WP 84 Repair, ZE 82 Repair, UN 0906b-P Repair, HIER 448845 R1 Repair, UN0906bP Repair, UN 0908a-P Repair, HEIR 319306 R1 Repair, UN0908aP Repair, UN 0911b-P Repair, HEIR 448648 R1 Repair, UN0911bP Repair, UN 0940a-P Repair, HEIR 444414 R1 Repair, UN0940aP Repair, UN 0941c-P Repair, HIER 449641 R1 Repair, UN0941cP Repair, UN 0950a-P Repair, HEIR 445976 R1 Repair, UN0950aP Repair, UT 372 Repair, GKWN000070 R1 Repair, UT372 Repair, UT 372c Repair, GKWN000070R1 Repair, UT 372c-sR1 Repair, UT372csR1 Repair, XT 375a-E Repair, HEIE 420142 R1 Repair, XT375aE Repair, XT 377 e-E Repair, HESG 446624R1 Repair, XT377eE Repair, XT-376a Repair, HEIE 420158 R1 Repair, XT376a Repair, XT-382b Repair, GKWE 001450 R9 Repair, XT382b Repair, XV 77135 Repair, HESG 223040 R1 Repair, XV77135 Repair, XV 7715b Repair, HESG 446108 R1 Repair, XV7715b Repair, XV 7717b Repair, HESG 446144 R1 Repair, XV7717b Repair, XV 7718b Repair, HESG 446139 R1 Repair, XV7718b Repair, XV7713b Repair, XV7717C Repair, HESG447027R0001 Repair, ZT 372a-E Repair, GJR2 237800 R1 Repair, ZT372aE Repair ... etc