Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Bruel & Kjaer Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Bruel & Kjaer industrial automation products.

Our trained and experienced electronics repair engineers/technicians perform component level repairs on all Bruel & Kjaer Industrial Electronics products such as

Here are some of the Bruel & Kjaer Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

Instrumentation PULSE Repair: 3050-A-060 Repair, 3050-A-040 Repair, 3160-A-042 Repair, 3160-A-022 Repair, 3050-B-060 Repair, 3050-B-040 Repair, 3160-B-042 Repair, 3160-B-022 Repair, 3660-D Repair, 3560-C-E01 Repair, 3560-C-E12 Repair, 3560-C-E02 Repair, 3560-C-E13 Repair, 3560-C-E03 Repair, 3560-C-E14 Repair, 3560-C-E04 Repair, 3560-C-E15 Repair, 3560-C-E05 Repair, 3560-D-E01 Repair, 3560-D-E12 Repair, 3560-D-E02 Repair, 3560-D-E13 Repair, 3560-D-E03 Repair, 3560-D-E14 Repair, 3560-D-E04 3560-D Repair, 3560-D-E15 Repair, 3560-D-E05 Repair, 3560-E-E01 Repair, 3560-E-E12 Repair, 3560-E-E02 Repair, 3560-E-E13 Repair, 3560-E-E03 Repair, 3560-E-E14 Repair, 3560-E-E04 Repair, 3560-E-E15 Repair, 3560-E-E05 Repair.PULSE Data Acquisition Repair : 3560-B-110 Repair, 3560-B-010 Repair, 3560-B-120 Repair, 3560-B-020 Repair, 3560-B-130 Repair, 3560-B-030 Repair, 3560-B-140 Repair, 3560-B-040 Repair, 7538-A 3040 Repair, 7537-A 3038 Repair, 7708-N5 Repair, 7708-N16, 2716-C Repair, 3643-A/X Repair, 3645-A/X Repair, 7700-N16 Repair, 7702-N16 Repair, 5997 Repair, 7770-N2 Repair, 8324-G Repair, 7702-N2 Repair, 1059-A Repair, 1059-B Repair, 1059-D Repair, 1059-G Repair.Generator Repair : 3109 Repair, 3110 Repair, Input Module : 3038 Repair, 3038-B Repair, 3040-B Repair, 3039 Repair, 3039-B Repair, 3041-B Repair, 3035 Repair, Controller Module : 7536 Repair, 7537 Repair, 7538 Repair, 7539 Repair, 7540 Repair, 7537-A Repair, 7538-A Repair, 7539-A Repair, 7540-A Repair, 2826 Repair.... etc