Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Billion Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Billion industrial automation products.

Our trained and experienced electronics repair engineers/technicians perform component level repairs on all Billion Industrial Electronics products such as

Here are some of the Billion Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

017780 S Repair, 600-199-D Repair, 600166E Repair, BILLION Repair, BILLIONEST Repair, CARTEBILLION Repair, CI085A Repair
DRP1S7B Repair, ECR12BILLION Repair, ECRAN12'' Repair, ECRBIL12 Repair, ECRBIL14 Repair, ECRVISU5000 Repair, GESSIO-1B/8826 Repair, M31-340GH/ED3 Repair, MD31-340GH/ED3 Repair, PRESSION Repair, REGLAGE PRESSION Repair, SG2 1601 Repair, SG2 6420R Repair, SG2 BES 0501SG2 Repair, SG2 BLI 1611 Repair, SG2 CC 08001 Repair, SG2 CPU 6400 Repair, SG2 CPU 8001 Repair, SG2 CRT 8081 Repair, SG2 MEM 1600 Repair, SG2 MMR 8081 Repair, SG2 NES 2480 Repair, SG2 PSI 8001 Repair, SG2 RWE 1611 Repair, SG2 SAL 08 Repair, SGE CPU 6410 Repair, WG016301 Repair, WG016986IPAS Repair, WG061046 Repair, WG170002 Repair, SWG170108 Repair, WG170406 Repair, WG178430 Repair, WR016882 Repair, WR016980 Repair, TEMPS 4-1BOCC Repair, TFT 12.1'' SVGA Repair, TRC Repair Repair, UC23 Repair Repair, VISU 5000 Repair Repair, VISU4000 Repair Repair, VISU5000 Repair Repair, WG0.1698.0 Repair Repair, WG01698.5 Repair, WG01698.7 Repair, WG016987 IP/AT Repair, WG061.116 Repair, WG061046 Repair, WG061329 Repair, WG071020-2 Repair, WG071021-A Repair, WG071024' Repair, WG071024-A Repair, WG071024N Repair, WG073009 Repair, WG073009' Repair, WG073036 Repair, WG073039 Repair, WG073064 Repair, WG073070 Repair, WG073070PSERV Repair, WG073075 Repair, WG1600.0 Repair, WG170004 Repair, WG170407PSERV, WG170710 Repair, WG170800PSERVRepair, WG170910 Repair, WG170910 Repair, WG170910PSERV , WG171150 Repair, WG171150PSERV Repair, WG171930EPROM Repair, WG172032 Repair, WG172211 Repair, WG172211PSERV Repair, WG172331 Repair, WG172331PSERV Repair, WG1730-1-OPSERV Repair, WG1730-3-0 Repair, WG1730-3-0PSERV Repair, WG1775-20 Repair, WG178420 Repair, WG178421 Repair, WG178430 Repair, WR 0.1698.0 Repair, WR0.1688.2, WR0.1698.0 Repair, WR0.1704 2C Repair, WR01700 0 C Repair, WR01701.1.C Repair, WR017230 Repair, WR01784 Repair, WR18302 Repair, WS008580 Repair, WS009626 Repair... etc