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BHEL CNC Items Repair service

BHEL CNC Items Repair service in Bangalore
Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for BHEL Industrial Electronics Repairs services. From BHEL Servo Drives, BHEL AC Drives, BHEL VFDs, BHEL Teach Pendant, BHEL DC Drives including all BHEL ACH, ACS and DCS series drives to BHEL Power Supplies, we have the capabilities to Repair and Services of all BHEL industrial automation products.

Our trained and experienced Electronics Repair engineers/Technicians perform component level Repairs on all BHEL Industrial Electronics products. 
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Here are some of the BHEL Industrial Electronics with part no. which we have carried out Repair service:
•    TCD12192 POWER SUPPLY    
•    POWER SUPPLY UNITROL CE691-33-400 220VDC TO 48VDC             CONVERTER
•    Voltage Setting Card of AVR UN-0800A
•    D0060-22
•    Analog Input Card type IOP 302 (MAX DCS)
•    2SM-4SS-205
•    AVR Micro Relay Card CE691-22-110
•    Bapcon Firing Card Type V004-AIFC-01
•    Regulator Module CD-691-15-520
•    Control Card PCA  many more