Manufactures Repaired



Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Zycron Industrial Electronics Repairs services.We have the capabilities to repair and service all Zycron industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Zycron Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:


1422-Z001A Repair, 521-1A Repair, 660040 Repair, 66005J Repair, 660092 Repair, 660193 Repair, 660194/42/92/40 Repair, 660241 Repair, 660291 Repair, 660391 Repair, 660094 Repair, 660242 Repair, 660341 Repair, 660441 Repair, 660442 Repair, 660491 Repair, 660541 Repair, 660492 Repair, 660591 Repair, 660641 Repair, 66094 Repair, 661698 Repair, 661791 Repair, 661891 Repair, 662192 Repair, 662292 Repair, 662295-10 Repair, 662590 Repair, 664290 Repair, HD-7-217 Repair, HD-7218 Repair, HD2-217 Repair, PH1011 Repair, SPUD-300 Repair, SPUD-500 Repair, Z5-304 Repair, Z548056 Repair, Z90-1504 Repair, Z90-3004 Repair, ZAC-075 Repair, ZAC-100 Repair, ZAC-200 Repair, ZAC-300 Repair, ZAC-1004 Repair, ZAC-304 Repair, ZAC-500 Repair, ZAC-504 Repair, 10-1033 Repair, 320 Repair, 1422-Z001 Repair, 1423-Z006A Repair.