Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Yokogawa Industrial Electronics Repairs services.From Yokogwa Process card,Yokogawa PCB to Yokogawa Centum CRTs,we have the capabilities to repair and service all Yokogawa industrial automation products.
Our trained and experienced electronics repair engineers/technicians perform component level repairs on all Yokowagawa Industrial Electronics products such as Yokogwa Process card repairs,Yokogawa PCB to Yokogawa Centum CRTs etc... 

Here are some of the Yokogawa Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

DM1030B Repair, DYNASERV SR1100A02-2SN Repair, SR1030B Repair, UR1000 Repair, YF110 701250 Repair, 32DA31038M Repair, A1164UY Repair, AAB841-S00 Repair, AAP135-S00 Repair, AAT141-S00 Repair, AAV141-S00 Repair, ADV161-P00 Repair, ADV561-P00 Repair, AFG30D Repair, AIP532 Repair, AIP502 Repair, ALR111-S00 Repair, ANB10D Repair, AS S9362BE OPK-CTL3 Repair, BARD-400*A Repair, CA0*A Repair, CNB-22C Repair, CP333D Repair, CP345-S1 Repair, CP81B*C Repair, CP92*A Repair, CPL-6 Repair, CR5-PA*A Repair, CR5-PD*A Repair, DP88*D Repair, DP97*B Repair, DU85*B Repair, DW200-11-1M Repair, EA0*A Repair, EA1*A Repair, EA9*A Repair, EC0*A Repair, EP1*A Repair, ER5*B Repair, EX1*A Repair, F3AD04-0N Repair, F3AD08-1R Repair, F3BA20-0N Repair, F3BP20-0N Repair, F3BU06-0N Repair, F3CR04-0N Repair, F3CT04-0N Repair, F3CX04-0N Repair, F3DA02-0N Repair, F3DA04-1N Repair, F3DA08-5N Repair, F3LC11-1F Repair, F3LC11-1N Repair, F3LE01-5T Repair, F3LE11-0T Repair, F3LP01-0N Repair, F3LR01-0N Repair, F3NC02-0N Repair, F3NC11-0N Repair, F3NC12-0N Repair, F3PU20-0N Repair, F3PU30-0N Repair, F3PU30-0S Repair, F3RS41-0N Repair, F3RZ81-0N Repair, F3SP08-5P Repair, F3SP21-0N Repair, F3SP25-2N Repair, F3SP28-3N Repair, F3SP28-3S Repair, F3SP30-0N Repair, F3SP35-5N Repair, F3SP38-6N Repair, F3SP38-6S Repair, F3SPVB-6S Repair, F3WD64-3F Repair, F3XC08-0N Repair, F3XD08-6F Repair, F3XD16-3F Repair, F3XD16-3N Repair, F3XD32-3N Repair, F3XD32-5N Repair, F3XD64 Repair, F3XD64-3F Repair, F3XD64-3N Repair, F3XH04-3N Repair, F3XP01-0H Repair, F3YC08-0C Repair, F3YC08-0N Repair, F3YC16-0N Repair, F3YD08-6A Repair, F3YD14-5A Repair, F3YD14-5B Repair, F3YD32-1A Repair, F3YD32-1T Repair, F3YD64-1A Repair, FC81*A Repair, HD82*A Repair, IP91*A Repair, KB93*A Repair, LC82*B Repair, M20HA 8 MAC2*B Repair, MDK1*B Repair, MHC Repair, MHM Repair, MP38-1N Repair, MP46-1NT Repair, MRO-114 Repair, MUD Repair, MV4*D Repair, NP53*C Repair, NP54*C Repair, PM1*C Repair, MXLII Repair, PM40-1N Repair, PM40-1NT Repair, PMJ*C Repair, PS31*A Repair, PS35*A Repair, PS63*A Repair, PS63-ADP Repair, PS71*A Repair, PS71-ADP Repair, PS84*B Repair, PW401 Repair, PW481-10 Repair, PX1*A MXLII Repair, RB401-S4 Repair, RM81*A Repair, RS22-0N*A Repair, RS81*B Repair, SB301 Repair, SB401-10 Repair, ST4*D MXLII Repair, ST5*A Repair, ST6*A Repair, ST7*A Repair, SV22-2N Repair, SV25-2N Repair, SWB-23 Repair, TD-200UEY-F Repair, UCFA-1 Repair, UCFM Repair, UD1A-200N Repair, UT550 Repair, VAJ1-S3 Repair, VJA1-017-A6N0 Repair, VJA1-S2 Repair, VJC1-S1 Repair, VM1*D Repair, VM2*D Repair, VM4*D MXLII Repair, XD32-6N Repair, XD32-6NT Repair, XD64-6N Repair, YD32-1AT Repair, YD32-5A Repair, YD64-1A Repair, YIR104-111*A Repair, YPR520 Repair, CHC-545-2 Repair, S9729UK Repair, PC10011 Repair, SR1015B82 Repair.