Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Yamaha Industrial Electronics Repairs services.We have the capabilities to repair and service all Yamaha industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Yamaha Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

Robots : 90K93-62213Z0 Repair, 991EF1000ISC Repair, 991EF12000DEX Repair, 991EF2400ISJ Repair, 991EF2600J Repair, 991EF2800IJ Repair, 991EF3000ISEBC Repair, 991EF30ISEBJ Repair, 991EF30ISEJ Repair, 991EF4000DEC Repair, 991YG2800IJ Repair, 991YG4000DC Repair, 991YG5200DH Repair, 991YG5200DJ Repair, 991YG6000DJ Repair, 991YG6600DEH Repair, 991YG6600DH Repair, AW-10D-1-GB Repair, BPSB-350 Repair, DPB Repair, DRCA2 Repair, DRCA4 Repair, DRCX-0505 Repair, ERC Repair, ERCX Repair, G776420 Repair, KB8M4210010 Repair, KB8M4411020 Repair, KB8M5810030 Repair, DRCX 2020 Repair, FLIP-X Repair, ERCD Repair, NSK Gantry Repair, HRS 025ZM204 Repair, HRS 043ZS203 Repair, HRS 013ZS108 Repair, QRC-33-311 Repair, MSC-550 Repair, LRTB-340 Repair, DRCH Repair, KR5M4410003 Repair, KR5M5810A05 Repair, LS2V-350 Repair, LSIIV-350 : ROBOTS FLIP Repair, MPB120 Repair, QRCH Repair, Gantry Robot Repair, P043 Repair, QRCA-3 Repair, MPB-120 Repair, MPB-125 Repair, SR1-X-20 Repair, SR1-X Repair, PCIF Repair, PM4000 Repair, PRCX Repair, QRCX-000 Repair, RCX142 Repair, RCX240 Repair, RCX40 Repair, RGU Repair, RGU1 Repair, RGU-3 Repair, S112V Repair, SRC2 Repair, SRCH15 Repair, SRCH15R Repair, TRCX : C612-250 Repair, TRCX2M Repair, TRCX2s Repair, YAMAHA TPB pocket Repair, SRCX05 Repair, T512-150 Repair, TPB Repair, XI039C1A Repair, YDM6420 Repair, YK600X Repair, YMS4512-150 Repair, YP220BX-3L-DRCX-0505 Repair, YP320X-3L-RCX222-P-P1-B Repair, YK540A Repair, YK250XC Scara robots Repair.