Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Yasnac Industrial Electronics Repairs services.We have the capabilities to repair and service all Yasnac industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Yasnac Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:


CNCCNC YASNAC MX3 Repair, YASNAC LX3 Repair, YASNAC CP50 Repair, J50L Repair, JANCDSP50 Repair, MP920 Repair, 2000B Repair, J50M Repair, JANCDSR20B1 Repair, MP930 Repair, 2000G Repair, JANCD-1021 Repair, JANCDSR502 Repair, MP940 Repair, 3000B Repair, JANCD-CP50 Repair, LX-1 Repair, MX-1 Repair, 3000G Repair, JANCD-FC800 Repair, LX-2 Repair, MX1 Repair, BDP8003AAC Repair, JANCD-FC861 Repair, LX-3 Repair, MX2 Repair, CPS-12N Repair, JANCD-MM20 Repair, LX1 Repair, MX3 Repair, CPS-18FB Repair, JANCD-MM21-2 Repair, LX2 Repair, NS300 Repair, CPS12N Repair, JANCD-PC20 Repair, LX3 Repair, NS500 Repair, CPS18FB Repair, JANCD-PC50 Repair, MDT941B-2A Repair, NS600 Repair, HMK-3993-19 Repair, JANCD-SP50 Repair, MDT941B2A Repair, PCNC Repair, HMK399319 Repair, JANCD-SR20B-1 Repair, MotionPack Repair, SG1  Repair, I80 Repair, JANCD-SR50-2 Repair, MotionPack 10 Repair, Sigma Repair, i80L Repair, JANCDCP50 Repair, MotionPack 110 Repair, SMC-2000 Repair, i80M Repair, JANCDFC800 Repair, MotionPack 120 Repair, SMC-3010  Repair, J100M Repair, JANCDFC861 Repair, MotionPack 33 Repair, SMC-4000 Repair, j300 Repair, JANCDMM20 Repair, MotionPack 34 Repair, X1 Repair, J300L Repair, JANCDMM212 Repair, MotionPack FD Repair, X2 Repair, J300M Repair, JANCDPC20 Repair, MP2000 Repair, X3 Repair, j50 Repair, JANCDPC50 Repair, MP2000iec Repair, YS840DI Repair.