Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for WYSE Industrial Electronics Repairs services.We have the capabilities to repair and service all WYSE industrial automation products.

Here are some of the WYSE Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:


Terminaux / Moniteurs Repair: 455 Repair, 900983-05 Repair, 902114 Repair, 902113-01L Repair, 902167-01L Repair, 900128-12 Repair, 900128-02 Repair, GC120 Repair, WY-30+ Repair, WY-50 Repair, WY-55 Repair, WY-55ES Repair, WY-60 Repair, WY60/ES Repair, WY-65 Repair, WY-120 Repair, WY-120ES Repair, WY-120N Repair, WY-120OCC Repair, WY150/ES Repair, WY160 Repair, WY 185 Repair, WY185 Repair, WY-235 Repair, WY325/ES Repair, 920276-01 Repair, 920276-01L Repair, 901715-06 Repair, 901715-36L Repair, 901715-22 Repair, 901866-19 Repair, 901715-03 Repair, 901861-06 Repair, 901861-27 Repair, 849003-01 Repair, 849003-02 Repair, 840366-01 Repair, 840338-01 Repair, 840358-30 Repair, 920281-03 Repair, WYSE 800 Repair, WYSE 900 Repair, 901028-01 Repair, 841135-02 Repair, 77041301 Repair, 901716-08 Repair, WY-520-ES Repair, 840358-01 KEYBOARD Repair, 900109-07 Repair, 900268-01 MONITOR Repair, 900772-07 Repair, WY185 Wyse Terminal Repair, 901237-07 Repair, 901537-07 Repair, 901865-01 Repair, 901995-11 Repair, 902024-01 Repair, 990055-01 Repair, DSA-0301-05 Repair, SXO Repair, WT3235LE Repair, WT3360SE Repair, WY150 Repair, WY160 Repair, WY185 Repair, WY220020 Repair, WY3090077201 Repair, WY325 TERMINAL Repair, WY325ES Repair, WY35 DISPLAY Repair, WY50 Repair, WY52090110035 Repair, WY55 Repair, WY60 Repair, WY60G Repair, WY650 Repair, WY730 Repair, WYSE30 Repair, WY355 Repair, WY-99GT Repair, WY-75 Repair, WY-85 Repair, WY-150 Repair, WY-160 Repair, WY-325 Repair, WY-370 Repair, WY-530 Repair, WINTERM 2515SE Repair, LINK 125 Repair, MC2 Repair, MC3 Repair, MC5 Repair, MC6 Repair, MC27 Repair, MC70 Repair, MC80 Repair, MAX 700 Repair, MAX 800 Repair, MAX 900 Repair.