Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Weir Industrial Electronics Repairs services.We have the capabilities to repair and service all Weir industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Weir Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

Alimentation / Power Supply Repair: HSS 100/25 Repair, HSS 100/7 Repair, SMLC110/0200 Repair, SMM100/15PF1 Repair, SMM200 NT-M23 Repair, SMM 200 NT-M23ES Repair, SMM 100 Repair, SMM-300 Repair, SMM300 Repair, SMM 1500 03 03 Repair, HS100/3 Repair, hss 100-1 Repair, HSS 100/34 Repair, HSS-180 Repair, SMLC 50R 1000 Repair, SMLC111 00 00 Repair, smm 100/12 pf Repair, SMM 100S Repair, smm 150-15 Repair, SMM 200 NT Repair, smm 200-pf Repair, SMM 200NT-M23 Repair, SMM 500 00 00 Repair, SMM 300SW Repair, SMM100/15-A24 Repair, SMM15000303A37 Repair, SMM200NT-M23 Repair, SMM200NTM23 Repair, WA305 16 00 02 Repair, WE 204 00 00 02 Repair, WE203000002 Repair, WE204 00 00 02 Repair, WE204000002 Repair, E84C0450C Repair, WEIR HS1003 Repair, HSS1001 Repair, HSS180 Repair, SM55-12-00-06 Repair, SM55-12-03-05 Repair, SMM-120/12PF-0 Repair, SMM200NT Repair, SMM5015 Repair, Weir 151B Repair, HDM5E.110.1511/A Repair, HSS100 Repair, SMLC1100100 Repair, SMM150/15 Repair, SMS300/24 Repair, SMS600/240000 Repair, 116946 Repair, 791896-0324 Repair, 9916250000 Repair, 9919371205 Repair, 9919371212 Repair, 9919371215 Repair, 9919371224 Repair, 9919372405 Repair, 9919372412 Repair, 9919372415 Repair, 9919372424 Repair.