Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Tecnint Industrial Electronics Repairs services.We have the capabilities to repair and service all Tecnint industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Tecnint Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

TSR31 Repair, TSR40 Repair, TSR 51 Repair, TSR56/16 Repair, TSR-20 Repair, TSR-31 : ETN 16 Relay Repair, TSR-32 ETN 16 Triac Repair, TSR-4 Repair, TSR-50 Repair, TSR-56 Repair, TSR-57 Repair, TSR-35 Repair, TSR-51 Repair, TSR-72 Repair, TSR-56/16 Repair, TSR-11 Repair, TSR-31 Repair, TSR-44 Repair, TSR-47 Repair, TSR-48 Repair, TSR-67 Repair, TSR-73 Repair, ETN-67 Repair, ETN-10 Repair, TVM-531 Repair, VME system : TVM912/A1 Repair, TVM-932 Repair, TVM-231 Repair, TVM-330 Repair, TSN-150/PCI Repair, TSN-150 Repair, TSN-250 ETN Repair, TPLC-135 Repair, TSN-104 Repair, TVM-932 CPU VME Repair, LEONARDO Embedded PC Repair, PLC Repair, Axes Control Repair, TSN-106 TSN-151/PM Repair, TVM-706/PM VME slave Repair, TSN-104/PM Repair, TVM-751 Repair, TVM-752 Repair, TVM-753 Repair, TVM-754 Repair, TVM-750 Repair, TVM-759 Repair, TVM-759-PB1 Repair, TVM-759-PB2 Repair, TVM-759-PB3 Repair, TVM-759-PB4 Repair, TVM-759-PB5 Repair, TVM-759-PB6 Repair, TVM-759-PB7 Repair, MPC-5200 Repair, TVM-660 Repair, TVM-E300/NET Repair, TVM-E300/RS Repair, TVM-8207 - TVM-8307 Repair, TVM-8212 Repair, TVM-662 Repair, TVM-E300/CAN Repair, TVM-706/ETN Repair, TVM-706/PM Repair, TPMC-6COM Repair, FIR-MOBAN Repair, TSN-104-3AX Repair, TSN-104/EXPAN Repair.