Manufactures Repaired



Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Sick Industrial Electronics Repairs services.We have the capabilities to repair and service all Sick industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Sick Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

10.00.444 Repair, 2015790 Repair, 2017506 Repair, AWS-2 011 531 AWS-2011 531 Repair, 7001714 Repair, AWS Repair, BWS2011531 Repair, C20E-150303A12 Repair, CVL410-1010 Repair, FGSE-51 Repair, FGSE450-21 Repair, FGSE600-21 Repair, FGSS-51 Repair, FGSS450-21 Repair, FGSS600-21 Repair, KN1-1 Repair,1-001-214 Repair, 1017 045 Repair, 2015801 Repair, 2015802 Repair, 2016708 Repair, 4028376 Repair, 4029030 Repair, AGSS600-11011 Repair, DME2000-000 Repair, ISD280-1111 Repair, OMD41-A3 Repair, WSU 25-100 Repair, WEU25-700 Repair, WEU25-710 Repair, WEU26-110 Repair, WEU26-120 Repair, WEU26-210 Repair, WEU26-710 Repair, WEU26-720 Repair, WEU26-730 Repair, WEU26-731 Repair, WEU26-732 Repair, WEU26/2-130  Repair, WL27-R630 Repair, WLL10-9103 Repair, WSU26-131 Repair, WSU26/2-130 Repair, WT32-R230 Repair, WT36-R710 WT36-R210 Repair, LCUX1-400 Repair, MV4-0111 Repair, 1003358 Repair, 2001219 Repair, 2004389 Repair, 2004750 Repair, 5115-1 Repair, 7500A LASER CIMAX Repair, AGSE-900-1111 Repair, AGSE900-1211 Repair, AGSS-900-1111 Repair, CLV430A6010 Repair, CLV440-6010 BARCODE SCANNER Repair, CS3-P3632 Repair, DME200-000 Repair, FGSE-1500-211 Repair, FGSE-1500-211 Repair, FGSE1200-211 Repair, FGSE1500-21 Repair, FGSE1800-21 Repair, FGSE750-211 Repair, FGSS1500-21 Repair, FGSS1500-211 Repair, FGSS750-211 Repair, HC100 Repair, KT5G-2N1112 Repair, LP15-1 Repair, LUT1-4 Repair, LUT1-420 Repair, LUT1-500 Repair, LUT1-530 Repair, LUT1-540 Repair, LUT3-850 Repair, LVU-200 Repair, LVU-206-2001 Repair, LVU-306-2001 Repair, LVU-706-2221 Repair, LVU206-2002 MC-1A Repair, MP08-2 Repair, MSLE02-25011 Repair, MT10-162 Repair, MV1-02 Repair, MV5-0111 Repair, MV5-0211 Repair, MV6-0111 Repair, MV7-02 Repair, MV7-051 Repair, MVE1-150 Repair, MVE1-250 Repair, NT6-0002 Repair, NT6-00022 Repair, NT6-00212 Repair, NT6-0101 Repair, NT6-02 Repair, NT6-0202 Repair, NT6-03012 Repair, NT6-03014 Repair, NT6-03018 Repair, NT6-03022 Repair, NT6-03212 Repair, NT6-1192 Repair, NT6-1192 Repair, NT6-14920S17 Repair, NT6-14920S28 Repair, NT6-P112 Repair, NT604022 Repair, NT8-01 Repair, NT8-01412 Repair, NT8-01512 Repair, NT8-02 Repair, NT8-02412 Repair, NT8-02422 Repair, NT8-02510 Repair, NT8-02512 Repair, NT8-02514 Repair, NT8-03 Repair, NT8-03512 Repair, NT8-04 Repair, NT8-04612 Repair, NT8-04712 Repair, NT8-17412 Repair, NTI6-B18503 Repair, NTI6-B18S03 Repair, NTL6-B11 Repair, NTL6-B18 Repair, PLS100-111 Repair, PLS101-112 Repair, PLS101-312 Repair.