Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Socapel Industrial Electronics Repairs services.We have the capabilities to repair and service all Socapel industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Socapel Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:


Variateur / Drive / Servo Amplifier Repair: 006.7004.A Repair, 6 Repair,7008 Repair, 097.0008.E Repair, 349-058 Repair, 349-601-SL Repair, BA3/75-200 Repair, SOCAPEL ST1 : ST1/10-310 Repair, ST1/25-310 Repair, ST1/80-310 Repair, ST1/140-310 Repair, SOCAPEL BA4 : BA4/30-50-310 Repair, BA4/60-80-310 Repair, CNAC/1 AXE Repair, SA1-40 380.604-C Repair, SOCADYN SA-3 Repair, SOCASIN ST1 Repair, Socapel AC Servo Drive Repair, SA2/30-65-180 SERVO AMPLIFIER Repair, 380.604 Repair, SA2/40-65-180 Repair, SA2/50-65-180 Repair, SA3/40-200 Repair, SA3/40-200 Repair, SA3/XX-40-200 Repair, SA3B/40-200 Repair, ST/80-310SA3/40-200 Repair, sa3d/60-200 Repair, sa3a/40-200 Repair, sa3b-40-200 Repair, SA2/50-85-180 Repair, SA1-40 Repair, SA2/40-85-180 Repair, SA3B/40-200 Repair, SA3D/60-200 Repair, 370.607-C  Repair, Socapel BOARD : 024.7715A Repair, 0247715A Repair, 024.7040 Repair, 024.7066 Repair, 024.7080 Repair, 024.7082 Repair, 024.7025 Repair, 024.7026 Repair, 024.7015 Repair, 024.7018 Repair, 024.7019 Repair, 024.7021 Repair, 024.7106 Repair, 024.7045 Repair, 403.601-05 Repair, 403.601-05  Repair,40360105 Repair, 403.601-05 Repair, IIIA Repair, OIO Repair, 024.7047 Repair.