Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Spectrum Controls Industrial Electronics Repairs services.We have the capabilities to repair and service all Spectrum Controlsindustrial automation products.

Here are some of the Spectrum Controls Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

SYMAX - SY/MAX Repair: 8000 RAO-404 Repair, 8000 RAO-208 Repair, 8000 RDI-116 Repair, 8000 RDI-132 Repair, 8000 RDI-316 Repair, 8000 RII-316 Repair, 8000 RDI-332 Repair, 8000 RDI-432 Repair, 8000 RDO-732 Repair, 8000 RIO-244 Repair, SOI-120P-L000N-P3-X Repair, SVIC-100 Repair, SOI-120 Repair, SOI-200 Repair, SOI-250 Repair, SOI-260LC Repair, SOI-260VF Repair, QUANTUM MODULES : 140 MPM 204 00sc Repair, 140 EHC 208 00sc Repair, 140 AUI 040 00sc Repair, 140 ACI 051 00sc Repair, 140 ACI 052 00sc Repair, 1794 Flex I/O : 1794sc-IF8IU Repair, 1794sc-IRT8I Repair, 1762 MicroLogix 1100/1200/1400 : 1762sc-IF8U Repair, 1762sc-IF4OF4 Repair, 1762sc-OF8 Repair, 1771 PLC-5 : 1771sc-IFE32 Repair, 1771sc-IMI16 Repair, 1771sc-ICI16 Repair, 1771sc-OMI16 Repair, 1769 Compact I/O : 1769sc-IF8U Repair, 1769sc-IR6I Repair, 1769sc-IT6I Repair, 1769sc-IF4IH Repair, 1769sc-OF4IH Repair, MicroLogix 1500 : 1756 ControlLogix : 1756sc-IF8u Repair, 1756sc-CTR8 Repair, SCX-3000 Repair, 1746 SLC 500 : 1746sc-NI8u Repair, 1746sc-CTR4 Repair, 1746sc-CTR8 Repair, 1746sc-INI4i/vi Repair, 1746sc-INO4i/vi Repair, 1746sc-IA8I Repair, 1746sc-IB8I Repair, 1746sc-IC8I Repair, 1746sc-IM8I Repair, 1746sc-OAP8I Repair.