Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Sauter Industrial Electronics Repairs services.We have the capabilities to repair and service all Sauter industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Sauter Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:


Automate GTC / GTB Repair: 2-81-630-001-40 Repair, 3471340173001 Repair, Z-307047D Repair, AVN3H112 Repair, EXPR10F001 Repair, NOVA : EDL5 Repair, 96.200 : EYZ 484 Repair, EYZ 485 Repair, EYS 290 Repair, EYZ 291 Repair, EYZ 292 Repair, YYO 300 Repair, EYS 180 Repair, EY-AM300 Repair, EY-BU292 Repair, EY-BU180 Repair, EY-RC208 Repair, EY-RC209 Repair, EY-RC401 Repair, EY-RC402 Repair, EY-RC403 Repair, EY-RC415 Repair, EY-RC416 Repair, EY-RC502 Repair, EY-RU110 Repair, EY-RU146 Repair, EY-RU210 Repair, EY-RU216 Repair, EY-RU241 Repair, EY-RU246 Repair, EY-RU310 Repair, EY-RU316 Repair, EY-RU341 Repair, EY-RU346 Repair, EY-RU481 Repair, EY-RU482 Repair, EY-RU483 Repair, EY-SU106 Repair, EY-SU306 Repair, EYB 017 Repair, EYB 020 Repair, EYB 021 F7D Repair, EYB 250 Repair, EYB 256 Repair, EYB 270 Repair, EYB 271 Repair, EYE 200 Repair, EYE 201 Repair, EYE 202 Repair, EYE 205 Repair, EYE 206 Repair, EYR 020 Repair, EYZ 261 Repair, EY-OP840 Repair, EY-OP490 Repair, EY-OP250 Repair, EY-OP240 Repair, nova220 Repair, EYK 230n nova230 Repair, EYK 300 Repair, nova106 Repair, EYL 106 Repair, nova106 Repair, nova210 Repair, EYL 215 Repair, nova215 Repair, EYL 220 Repair, EYL 225 Repair, nova225 Repair.