Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for SAIA Industrial Electronics Repairs services.We have the capabilities to repair and service all SAIA industrial automation products.

Here are some of the SAIA Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

Automate SAIA PCA 0 / Serie PCA0 / LANDIS & GYR Repair:PCA0.M12 Repair, PCA0.M14 Repair, PCA0.M12R M4 Repair, PCA0.M14R M4 Repair, PCA0.M12T M4 Repair, PCA0.M14T M4 Repair, PCA0.H20 Repair, PCA2.P05 Repair, PCA0.P01 Repair, PCA1.R95 Repair, PCA2.S05 Repair, PCAO.M12 Repair, PCA1.K80 Repair, PCA0-M22 Repair, PCA0-M24 Repair.Automate SAIA PCA 1 / PCA1 : PCA13 / PCA14 / PCA15 Repair:PCA1.M10 Repair, PCA1.M11 Repair, PCA1.M12 Repair, PCA1.M130 Repair, PCA1.M135 Repair, PCA1.M141 Repair, PCA1.M146 Repair, PCA1.M147 Repair, PCA1.M151 Repair, PCA1.M156 Repair, PCA1.M46 Repair, PCA1.M41.M4 Repair, PCA1.M46.CPU Repair, PCA1.M51 Repair, PCA1.M56 Repair, PCA1.M57 Repair, PCA1.R91 Repair, PCA1.R94 Repair, PCA1.R92 Repair, PCA1.R95 Repair, PCA1.R96 Repair, PCA141 Repair, PCA147 Repair, PCA1.M41 Repair, PCA1.M47 Repair, PCA1.C45 Repair, PCA1.B90 Repair, PCA1.E10, PCA1.E11 Repair, PCA1.E20 Repair, PCA1.E50 Repair, PCA1.A10 Repair, PCA1.A21 Repair, PCA1.A30 Repair, PCA1.A50 Repair, PCA1.B10 Repair, PCA1.B80 Repair, PCA1.E40 Repair, PCA1.W10 Repair, PCA1.W11 Repair, PCA1.W12 Repair, PCA1.W22 Repair, PCA1.W24 Repair, PCA1.W30 Repair, PCA1.W31 Repair, PCA1.W32 Repair, PCA1.W40 Repair, PCA1.F2 Repair, PCA1.F11 Repair, PCA1.F12 Repair, PCA1.F21 Repair, PCA1.F22 Repair, PCA1.H10 Repair, PCAl.H11 Repair, PCA1.H10 Z16 Repair, PCA1.D11 Repair, PCA2.D12 Repair, PCA1.D13 Repair, KOM 111B Repair, KOM 111B Repair, KOM 121B Repair, KOM 121B Repair, PCA130v, PCA131, PCA135 Repair, PCA136 Repair, PCA151 Repair, PCA156 Repair, PCA157 Repair.Automate SAIA PCA 2 / PCA2 Repair:PCA2.M10 Repair, PCA2.M11 Repair, PCA2.M22 Repair, PCA2.M30 Repair, PCA2.M31 Repair, PCA2.M32 Repair, PCA2.K43 Repair, PCA2.D14 Repair, PCA2.P18 Repair, PCA2.S10 Repair, PCA2.P05 Repair, PCASS Repair, PCA2.P16 Repair, PCA2.N20 Repair, PCA2.N21 Repair, PCA2.N30 Repair, PCA2.N31 Repair, PCA2.M21 Repair, PCA2.R16 Repair, PCA2.R23 Repair, PCA2.R26 Repair, PCA2.R27 Repair, PCA2.R28 Repair, PCA2.R29 Repair, PCA2.P10 Repair, PCA2.E10 Repair, PCA2.E11 Repair, PCA2.E20 Repair, PCA2.E30 Repair, PCA2.E60 Repair, PCA2.A10 Repair, PCA2.A21 Repair, PCA2.A31 Repair, PCA2.A40 Repair, PCA2.H10 Repair, PCA2.H11 Repair, PCA2.H12 Repair, PCA2.F20 Repair, PCA2.D12 Repair, PCA2.R20 Repair, PCA2.R25 Repair, PCA2.H10 Repair, PCA2.H11 Repair, PCA2.H12 Repair, PCA2.H13 Repair, PCA2.W10 Repair, PCA2.W12 Repair, PCA2.W14 Repair, PCA2.W15 Repair, PCA2.W16 Repair, PCA2.W20 Repair, PCA2.W21 Repair, PCA2.W22 Repair, PCA2.W25 Repair, PCA2.W26 Repair, PCA2.W27 Repair.Automate SAIA PCD4 / PC D4 : PCD4.M170Repair:Modules Processeur : PCD4.M110 Repair, PCD4.M125 Repair, PCD4.M145 Repair, PCD4.M445 Repair, PCD7.R110 Repair, PCD7.R310 Repair, PCD7.R400 Repair, PCD2.F520 Repair, PCD2.F522 Repair, PCD7.F651 Repair, PCD7.F700 Repair, PCD7.F750 Repair, PCD7.F770 Repair, PCD7.F772 Repair, PCD7.F800 Repair, PCD7.F802 Repair, PCD4.C100 Repair, PCD4.C340 Repair, PCD4.R110 Repair, PCD4.M1 Repair.Modules Communications : PCD7.F110 Repair, PCD7.F120 Repair, PCD7.F130 Repair, PCD7.F150 Repair, PCD4.C220 Repair, PCD4.C260 Repair.Modules Alimentation : PCD4.N200 Repair, PCD4.N210 Repair, PCD4.N20 Repair, PCD4.N21 Repair.Modules Entrées / Sorties : PCD4.E110 Repair, PCD4.E111 Repair, PCD4.E600 Repair, PCD4.E601 Repair, PCD4.A200 Repair, PCD4.A250 Repair, PCD4.A810 Repair, PCD4.A820 Repair, PCD4.A350 Repair, PCD4.A400 Repair, PCD4.A410 Repair, PCD4.B900 Repair, PCD4.A40 Repair.Modules Analogique : PCD4.W100 Repair, PCD7.W101 Repair, PCD7.W102 Repair, PCD7.W103 Repair, PCD7.W104 Repair, PCD7.W105 Repair, PCD7.W110 Repair, PCD7.W111 Repair, PCD7.W120 Repair, PCD7.W200 Repair, PCD7.W201 Repair, PCD7.W202 Repair, PCD7.W203 Repair, PCD7.W204 Repair, PCD7.W205 Repair, PCD7.W206 Repair, PCD4.W300 Repair, PCD7.W302 Repair, PCD7.W304 Repair, PCD7.W305 Repair, PCD4.W400 Repair, PCD4.W500 Repair, PCD4.W600 Repair, PCD4.W800 Repair, PCD4.N21 Repair.Modules Controleur de mouvement : PCD4.H120 Repair, PCD4.H225 Repair, PCD4.H310 Repair, PCD4.H320 Repair, PCD4.H311 Repair, PCD4.H321 Repair, PCD8.H340 Repair, PCD4.H420 Repair, PCD4.H440 Repair, PCD8.H340 Repair,Automate SAIA PCD6 / PC D6 : PCD4.M170 Repair:Module processeur / réseau : PCD6.M300 Repair, PCD7.F1 Repair, PCD7.F110 Repair, PCD7.F120 Repair, PCD7.F130 Repair, PCD7.F150Repair,PCD7.F700 Repair, PCD7.F750 Repair, PCD7.F770 Repair, PCD6.R210 Repair, PCD6.R600 Repair.Modules d’alimentation : PCD6.N110-D4 Repair, PCD6.N210-M4 Repair, PCD6.N110D4 Repair, PCD6.N210M4 Repair.Modules d’entrées / sorties TOR : PCD6.E100 Repair, PCD6.E610 Repair, PCD6.6111 Repair, PCD6.A200 Repair, PCD6.A350 Repair, PCD6.A400 Repair.Modules analogiques : PCD6.W100 Repair, PCD6.W300 Repair, PCD7.W100 Repair, PCD6.W400 Repair.Châssis 19 pouces : PCD6.C100 Repair, PCD6.C110 Repair, PCD6.C200 Repair, PCD6.C400 Repair, PCD6.T300 Repair, PCD6.T400 Repair.Câbles : PCD6.K100 Repair, PCD6.K110 Repair, PCD6.K400 Repair, PCD6.K410 Repair.Compteur SAIA CBG / CBT LANDIS & GYRRepair:CBGO521 Repair, CBGO56 Repair, CBG8521 Repair, CBG 0732 Repair, CBG1511 Repair, CBG155 Repair, CBG 0711 Repair, CBG 075 Repair, CBG0742 Repair, CBG 0772 Repair, CBT8521 Repair.Entrées / Sorties déportées : SAIA Profibus DP remote I/O : PCD Repair:PCD1.T240 Repair, PCD2.M110 Repair, PCD2.M120 Repair, PCD4.M125 Repair, PCD4.445 Repair, PCD4.M145 Repair, PCD4.M445 Repair, PCD1.M110 Repair, PCD1.M120 Repair, PCD1.RIO PCD2.A400 Repair, PCD4.A400 Repair, PCD4.B900 Repair, PCD6.A400 Repair, PCD2.M250 Repair, PCD2.M257 Repair, PCD2.F510 Repair, PCD2.W500 Repair, PCD2.W510 Repair, PCD0.G120 Repair, PCD0.G110 Repair, PCD0.G130 Repair, PCD0.G140 Repair, PCD0.K300 Repair, RIO EC DP Repair, PCD0.T780 Repair, RIO BC DP Repair, PCD0.T770 Repair, RIO 16 I Repair, PCD0.E120 Repair, RIO 16 O Repair, PCD0.A410 Repair, PCD0.B110 Repair, RIO 8 I 8 I/O Repair, PCD0.B120 Repair, RIO 4 I 120 VAC Repair, PCD0.E520 Repair, PCD0.E500 Repair, PCD0.A200 Repair, PCD0.W510 Repair, PCD0.W520 Repair, PCD0.W710 Repair, PCD0.W720 Repair, PCD0.W524 Repair, PCD0.W724 Repair, PCD0.W540 Repair, PCD0.W580 Repair, PCD0.H110 Repair, PCD0.H300 Repair, PCD0.K300 Repair, RIO 16 I DP Repair, PCD0.G120 Repair, RIO 8 I/O DP Repair, PCD0.G110 Repair, RIO 16 O DP Repair, PCD0.G130 Repair, PCD0.G140 Repair.SAIA : Terminaux / HMI / Panel Repair:PCD7.D810 Repair, PCD7.D820 Repair, PCD7D825 Repair, PCD7.D830 Repair, PCD7.D835 Repair, PCD7D850 Repair, PCD7D855 Repair, PCD8D80E Repair, PCD7.R801 Repair, PCD7.R802 Repair, PCD7.R803 Repair, PCD7.R804 Repair, PCD7R810 Repair, PCD7R8I2 Repair, PCD7.D81 Repair, PCD7.D82 Repair, PCD7.D83 Repair, PCD7.D85 Repair, PCD7R801 Repair, PCD7.R802 Repair, PCD7.R803 Repair, PCD7R804 Repair, PCD7.R810 Repair, PCD7.R812 Repair, TEXT TERMiNAL : PCD7.D100 Repair, PCD7.D110 Repair, PCD7.D202 : PCD7.D200 Repair, PCD7.D100 Repair, Terminal industriel, PCD7.K422 Repair, PCD7.K412 Repair, PCD7.D250 Repair, PCD7.F231 Repair, PCD2.M127 Repair, PCD7.D1 Repair, PCD7.D120 Repair, PCD7.F110 Repair, PCD7.F121 Repair, PCD7.F150 Repair, PCD7.F180 Repair, PCD7.L643 Repair, PCD7.D290 Repair, PCD8.P100 Repair, PCD7.F700 Repair.