Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Reer Industrial Electronics Repairs services.We have the capabilities to repair and service all Reer industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Reer Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

Barriere immatérielle Repair: 8090045 Repair, 8011022 Repair, 8011023 Repair, 8016652 Repair, 8013155 Repair, 8013154v, 8014342v, JR2Bv, JE2B ASE 1403v, ASE 618 Repair, ASE 918 Repair, ASR 1218 Repair, ASE 1218 Repair, ASR 1403 Repair, ASR 618 Repair, MLE3B Repair, MLSE Repair, MLSR Repair, MLR3B Repair, MTE 3B Repair, MTR 3B Repair, ASE-1218 Repair, ASE-1403 Repair, ASR 718 Repair, ASR 1218 Repair, ASR1403 Repair, ASR 703 Repair, AUS3 Repair, AUS3M2 Repair, AUS3-1201702 Repair, SICURPRO Repair, SICURPRO3 Repair, A54E1603 Repair, ADSR0A Repair, ADSR1 Repair, ADSRO Repair, AS403 Repair, ASE-618 Repair, ASR-618 Repair, C85D Repair, VX1359 Repair, VXE1359 Repair, VXR1359 Repair, REER MOD.US 3M2 PN:8011132 SN:98220052 Repair, ARGOLUX : AS AU-S3 Repair, AS AU S3M2 Repair, AGROLUX AS AUS-TWIN 8011896 Repair, AS 618 C.120486 Repair, C.1200200 Repair, C.1201708 Repair, C.1340503 Repair, C.1340505 Repair, JANUS ML ML2B 1360020 Repair, M MT 3B 1360031 Repair, JANUS MI MI4B 1360662 Repair, MR24CD C.1360930 Repair, ADMIRAL AD 603 C.1330203 Repair, AD 903 C.1330205 Repair, AD SR0A C.1330903 Repair, AD SR1 C.1330900 Repair, AS 1603 Repair.