Manufactures Repaired




Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Red Lion Industrial Electronics Repairs services.We have the capabilities to repair and service all Red Lion industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Red Lion Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

DLCD1001 Repair, PAXC-ALIM Repair, PAXS Repair, HMI rEPAIR: G303 Repair, G306 Repair, G308 Repair, G308C000 Repair, G310 Repair, G315 Repair, G303M000 Repair, G310C00J Repair, G310C000 Repair, G310S000 Repair, Red Lion G310C210 Repair, G308A000 Repair, GL350 Repair, GL-350 Repair, GL350000 Repair, VX500 Repair, VX500T00 Repair, VX500 T00 Repair, VX500TS Repair, VX-550S Repair, G310S000 Repair, G310S000 Repair, LMC20000 Repair, Panel CL01 Repair, G304K Repair, G306K Repair, G308K Repair, TX700T Repair, 20102 Repair, 4601200 Repair, 5163040 Repair, series 600 Repair, 5166350 Repair, ADI4T11A Repair, APLCL401 Repair, APLR0600 Repair, APLRI600 Repair, APLT0600 Repair, APLVD400 Repair, RED LION COUNTER : GEM52061 Repair, GEM1 Repair, GEM10000 Repair, GEM10001 Repair, GEM10060, GEM2000 Repair, LDD00400 Repair, LDD00600 Repair, RED LION LGPM Repair, LGPM0101 Repair, GEM20000 Repair, GEM20100 Repair, GEM33 Repair, GEM33000 Repair, GEM42000 Repair, GEM42131 Repair, IMP20162 Repair, IMD13103 Repair, IMD23163 Repair, IMH40-000 Repair, IMH43006 Repair, IMI04160 Repair, IMP20102 Repair, IMP20162 Repair, IMR02103 Repair, IMS03106 Repair, IMT00002 Repair, IMT00062 Repair, LGB00000 Repair, LGM00001 Repair, LIBC1000 Repair, LIBC1E00 Repair, LIBC1E10 Repair, LIBC2E00 Repair, LIBT1E00 Repair, LTBC-1E-00 Repair, MA1574C Repair, SCD00600 Repair, SCD00601 Repair, SCP00400 Repair, SCT00600 Repair, TCU00002 Repair.