Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Ropex Industrial Electronics Repairs services.We have the capabilities to repair and service all Ropex industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Ropex Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

Régulateur de température pour résistances chauffantes RESISTRON Repair:100786 Repair, 100787 Repair, CIRUS UPT-606 Repair, UPT-640 Repair, lPT-640 Repair, MAF4557 Repair, MAF 4557 Repair, Resistron temperature Controleur : RES-004 Repair, RES-201 Repair, RES-201-3/230V-50/60Hz Repair, RES-201-5/230V-50/60Hz Repair, RES-203 Repair, RES-203-3/230V-50/60Hz Repair, RES-203-5/230V-50/60Hz Repair, ROPEX RES-207 Repair, RES-207-0-3/230V-50/60Hz Repair, RES-207-0-5/230V-50/60Hz Repair, RES-207-1-3/230V-50/60Hz Repair, RES-207-1-5/230V-50/60Hz Repair.RESISTRON RES-210 Repair, RES-210-0-3/230V-50/60Hz Repair, RES-210-0-5/230V-50/60Hz Repair, RES-210-1-3/230V-50/60Hz Repair, RES-210-1-5/230V-50/60Hz Repair.RESISTRON RES-211 Repair, RES-211-0-3/230V-50/60Hz Repair, RES-211-0-5/230V-50/60Hz Repair, RES-211-1-3/230V-50/60Hz Repair, RES-211-1-5/230V-50/60Hz Repair.RES-220 Repair, RES-221 Repair, RES-222 Repair, RES-225 Repair, RES-230 Repair, RES-241 Repair, RES-242 Repair, RES-250 Repair, RES-401 Repair, RES-402 Repair, RES-403 Repair, RES-403/400VAC Repair, RES-406 Repair, RES-407-0-3 Repair, RES-407 Repair, RES-408 Repair, RES-409 Repair, RES-415 Repair, RES-420 Repair, RES-420-L/230VAC Repair, RES-420-L/400VAC Repair, RES-420-V/230VAC Repair, RES-420-V/400VAC Repair, RES-430 Repair, RES-440 Repair, RES-620 Repair, RES-621 Repair, RES-625 Repair, RES-625-S Repair, RES-630 Repair, RES-636 Repair, RES-445 Repair, 740703 Repair, RES-48B Repair, VM-10-0 Repair.