Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Qume Industrial Electronics Repairs services.We have the capabilities to repair and service all Qume industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Qume Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

LN14+ Repair, LN15E Repair, LN 17 E Repair, LN 17 PS Repair, G18-3447LADGB/00 Repair, QM1438 Repair, QM1450 Repair, QM1791 Repair, QVT Repair, QVT 52 Repair, QVT-51 Repair, QVT-61 Repair, QVT-62QVT-61 Repair, QVT-101 Repair, QVT-103 Repair, QVT-119 PLUS Repair, QVT-PCT Repair, QVT119 Repair, QVT119 EV Repair, QVT52 QVT62 Repair, QVT 321 Repair, QVT-322 Repair, QVT-323 Repair, SR2 Repair, Qvt 102 Repair, Qvt 102a Repair, Sprint 3 Repair, 11/40 Repair, Qvt 108 Repair, Datatrac, 11/90 Repair, Qvt 202 Repair, Qvt 201 Repair, 12/20 Repair, Qvt 211gx Repair, Qvt 203 Repair, Qvt-70 Repair, Qvt323evgs Repair, Lc 5130-4 Printer Repair, Sprint 11/40 Repair, Sprint 11/55 Repair, Sprint 11/90 Repair, 1155 Repair, QVT70 Repair, QVT31 Repair, QVT-31 Repair, QVT101 Repair, QVT101+ Repair, QVT322 Repair, QVT203+ Repair, QVT82 Repair, QVT-82 Repair, QVT61 Repair, QVT-62 Repair, QVT203 Plus Repair, QVT191 Repair, QVT103 Repair, QVT104 Repair, Qm835 Repair, M104m Repair, QM1570 Repair, QM 821 Repair, QM857 Repair, QM 870 Repair, QM 888 Repair, QM-917-PS Repair, QM 920 LRM Repair, QAM857 Repair, TA180ANN-MC Repair, TLK-181 Repair, TA300ANNES Repair, TLK-300A-B Repair.