Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Proface Digital Industrial Electronics Repairs services.We have the capabilities to repair and service all Proface Digital industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Proface Digital Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:


Pro-Face Pupitre Opérateur HMI / Operator Interface Repair:2880037 Repair, 298003604 Repair, AGP-3750-T1AF Repair, FP-2600-T41-24V Repair, FP-570-TC2124V Repair, AGP-3750-T1AF Repair, FNAD04AH11 Repair, FP2600-T41-24V Repair, FP-775-S42 Repair, FP775-S42 Repair, VP100-PT11 Repair, GPB10-RC11 Repair, GPB50-RC11 Repair, GP43J-EG11 Repair, GP43J-EGE1-220 Repair, GP53J-TC11 Repair, GP53JTC11 Repair, GP53J-SC11 Repair, GP53J-SCE1-220 Repair, AGP3300-L1-D24 Repair, AGP3300-S1-D24 Repair, AGP3300-T1-D24 Repair, GP37W-LG11-24V Repair, GP37W-BG11-24V Repair, GP37W2BG4124 Repair, AGP3500-T1-D24 Repair, GP47J-EG11 Repair, GP57J-SC11 Repair, GP870-PV11 Repair, GP37W3-BG41-24V Repair, GP37W2-BG41-24V Repair, GPH70-SC11-24V Repair, GPH70-SC41-24V Repair, GPH70-LG11-24V Repair, GPH70-LG41-24V Repair, GPH70LG11-24V Repair, GPH70SC11-24V Repair, GPW-CB03 Repair, FGW-SE41-24V Repair, GLC 2000 : GLC2300-LG41-24V Repair, GLC2300-TC41-24V Repair, GLC2300-TC41-24V Repair, GLC2400-TC41-24V Repair, GLC2500-TC41-200V Repair, GLC2600-TC41-200V Repair, GLC2600-TC41-24V Repair.PROFACE GP230 - GP250 - GP270 - GP370 - GP377 - Ecran HMI ScreenRepair:GP230-SC11-24V Repair, GP-230-LG41-24V Repair, GP230LG4124V Repair, GP230-BG11-24V Repair, GP320-LG11 Repair, GP230-HG11-24V Repair, GP230-LG11-24V Repair, GP250-BG11-24V Repair, GP250BGM1 Repair, GP250-BGM1-24V Repair, GP250LG11 Repair, GP250-LG11-24V Repair, GP250-SC11-24V Repair, GP250-SCM1-24V Repair, GP250BGM1 Repair, GP250BGM124V Repair, GP270-LG11-24V Repair, GP270-LG21-24V Repair, GP270LG31-24V Repair, GP270-LG31-24V Repair, GP270-SC11-24V Repair, GP270-SC21-24VP Repair, GP270SC31-24V Repair, GP270LG11-24V Repair, GP270LG21-24VP Repair, GP270-SC31-24V Repair, GP270-LG31-24VP Repair, GP370-SC11-24V Repair, GP370-LG11-24V Repair, GP370-SC21-24VP Repair, GP370-LG21-24VP Repair, GP370-SC31-24VP Repair, GP370-LG31-24VP Repair, GP370-SC41-24VP Repair, GP370-LG41-24VP Repair, GP370-LG11-24V Repair, GP-370-LG21-24VP Repair, GP370SC1124V Repair, GP370-LG11-24V Repair, GP370SC2124VP Repair, GP377 Repair, GP377-LG41-24V Repair, GP377-SC41-24V Repair, GP377-LG11-24V Repair, GP377-SC11-24V Repair, GP377SC4124V Repair, GP377R-LG11-24V Repair, GP-377R-TC11-24V Repair, GP377RTC11-24V Repair, GP377R-TC41-24V Repair.PROFACE GP410 - GP430 - GP450 - GP470 - GP477 - Ecran HMI ScreenRepair:GP410-EG11 Repair, GP410-EG11-24V Repair, GP430-EG11 Repair, GP430-EG11-24V Repair, GP430EG11 Repair, GP430-XY21 Repair, GP450-EG11 Repair, GP450-EG12 Repair, GP450-EGM2-220 Repair, GP-450-EGM2-220 Repair, GP470-EG21-24VP Repair, GP470-EG31-24V Repair, GP470-EG11 Repair, GP477R-EG11 Repair, GP477R-EG11-M Repair, GP477R-EG41-24VP Repair,GP477R-EG41-24VP-M Repair.PROFACE GP510 - GP530 - GP550 - GP570 - GP577 - Ecran HMI ScreenGP509-PG11 Repair, GP510-PG11 Repair, GP510-PG11-24V Repair, GP510-TC11 Repair, GP511-TC11 Repair, GP511-TC21 Repair, GP520-LG11 Repair, GP530-TC11 Repair, GP530-TCV1 Repair, GP530TC11 Repair, GP550-SC11 Repair, GP550-SC12 Repair, GP550-SCM2-220 Repair, GP550-TC11 Repair, GP550-TC12 Repair, GP550-TC12-24V Repair, GP550-TCM2-220 Repair, GP570-LG21-24V Repair, GP570-SC11 Repair, GP570-SC21-24VP Repair, GP570-SC31-24V Repair, GP570-TV11 Repair, GP570-TC11 Repair, GP570-TC21-24VP Repair, GP570-TC31-24V Repair, GP571-TC11 Repair, GP-577-RSC11 Repair, GP577RTC11 Repair, GP577R-SC11 Repair, GP577R-SC41-24V Repair, GP577R-TC11 Repair, GP577R-TC41-24V Repair, GP675-SC11 Repair, GP675-TC11 Repair, GP675-TC41-24VP Repair, GP675TC41-24VP Repair, GP810-PG11 Repair.GP2300 - GP2301 - GP2500 - GP2501 - Ecran HMI Screen Repair:GP2300-LG41-24V Repair, GP2300-LG41-24V-MBP Repair, GP2300-SC41-24V Repair, GP2300-TC41-24V Repair, GP2301-LG41-24V Repair, GP2301-SC41-24V Repair, GP2301 TC41-24V Repair, GP2301H-LG41-24V Repair, GP2301H-SC41-24V Repair, GP-2301S Repair, GP2400-TC41-24V Repair, GP2401-TC41-24V Repair, GP2401H-TC41-24V Repair, GP2500-LG41-24V Repair, GP2500-LG41-24V-MBP Repair, GP2500-SC41-24V Repair, GP2500-TC11 Repair, GP2500-TC41-24V Repair, GP2501-LG41-24V Repair, GP2501-SC11 Repair, GP2501-TC11 Repair, GP2301-SC41-24V Repair, GP-2301-LG4124V Repair, OPERATOR INTERFACE GP2500-SC41-24V Repair, GP2500-LG41-24V Repair, GP2500SC41-24V Repair, GP-2500-LG41-24V Repair, GP-2500-SC41-24V Repair, GP2501-LG41-24V Repair, GP2600-TC11 Repair, GP2600-TC11 Repair, GP2600-TC41-24V Repair, GP2600TC41-24V-M Repair, GP2600-TC41-24V-MBP Repair, GP2601-TC11 Repair.PROFACE QuickPanel Repair:ABI-CTDE-0000/ABR Repair, ABK-3D200-S2P/ABD Repair, ABK-3D200-S2P/SER Repair, ABK-CTDE-0000/ABD Repair, ABK-CTDE-0000/SER Repair, ABK-STDN-0000/ABD Repair, ABK-STDN-0000/ABR Repair, ABK-STDN-0000/SER Repair, QPG-CTDE-0000 Repair, QPI-31200-E2P AGP3500-T1-AF Repair, QPI-3D200-E2P Repair, QPI-3D200-S2P Repair, QPI-CTAE-0000 Repair, QPI-CTDE-0000 Repair, QPJ-2D100-L2P Repair, QPJ-2D100-S2P Repair, QPK-3D200-L2P Repair, QPK-3D200-S2P Repair, QPK-CTDE-0000 Repair, QPK-STDN-0000 Repair, QPL-CTAE-0000 Repair, QPL-CTDE-0000 Repair, QPM-3D200-B2P Repair.
PROFACE ST 400 - QS 400 Series Repair:ST400-AG41-24V Repair, ST401-AG41-12V-XY1 Repair, ST401-AG41-24V Repair, ST402-AG41-24V Repair, ST403-AG41-24V Repair, QS400-AG41-24V-CB03 Repair, QS401-AG41-24V-CB02 Repair, QS401-AG41-24V-CB03 Repair, QS401-AG41-24V-CB03-ST106 Repair, QS401-AG41-24V-CB03-ST52 Repair, QS402-AG41-24V-CB03 Repair, QS403-AG41-24V-CB03-ETH Repair, QS403-AG41-24V-EM3 Repair.PROFACE GLC 150 (LT) Repair:GLC150-BG41-ADC-24V Repair, GLC150-BG41-ADK-24V Repair, GLC150-BG41-ADPC-24V Repair, GLC150-BG41-ADTC-24V Repair, GLC150-BG41-DNM-24V Repair, GLC150 BG41-FLEX-24V Repair, GLC150-BG41-RSFL-24V Repair, GLC150-BG41-XY32KF-24V Repair, GLC150-BG41-XY32SC-24V Repair, GLC150-BG41-XY32SK-24V Repair, GLC150-SC41-ADK-24V Repair, GLC150-SC41-ADPC-24V GLC150-SC41-ADTK-24V Repair, GLC150-SC41-XY32KF-24V Repair, GLC150-SC41-XY32SK-24V Repair.PC Industrial  PROFACE: Industrial Personal Computer: PL/PS SeriesRepair:PL-983E-01 Repair, PL-983T-01 Repair, PL-386T-01 Repair, PL-386TL-01 Repair, PL-386E-01 Repair, PL-386EL-01 Repair, PL-486S2-01 Repair, PL-486S2-01M Repair, PL-486S2-01R Repair, PL-486S2-01W Repair, FIX486-01SET Repair, PS-400G Repair, PS400G-T41-E124V Repair, PS-600G Repair, PS600G-T41-E124V Repair, PS-3700A Repair, PS3700A-T41-ASU-E66 Repair, PS-3701A Repair, PS3701A-T41-DU-E66 Repair, PS-3710A Repair, PS3710A-T41 Repair, PS-3710A Repair, PS3710A-T41-24V Repair, PS3711A-T41 Repair, PS-3711A Repair, PS3711A-T41-24V Repair, PS3700A-T41-ASU-P41 Repair, PS-3650A Repair, PS3650A-T41 Repair, PS3650A-T41-24V Repair, PS-3651A Repair, PS3651A-T41 Repair, PS3651A-T41-24V Repair, PS-2000B Repair, PS2000B-41 Repair, PS2000B-41-6S Repair.PC Series PL-3700 / PL-5700 / PL-6700 Repair:
PL3700-S11 Repair, PL3700-S42 Repair, PL-3700-M01 Repair, PL-5700L1 Repair, PL-5700L1-M01 Repair, PL-5700L1-W01, PL-5700S1 Repair, PL-5700S1-1 Repair, PL-5700S1-M01 Repair, PL-5700T1 Repair, PL-5700T1-M01 Repair, PL-5701L1 Repair, PL-5701L1-W01 Repair, PL-5701S1 Repair, PL-5701S1-1 Repair, PL-5701S1-W01 Repair, PL-5701S1-M01 Repair, PL-5701T1 Repair, PL-5701T1-M01 Repair, PL-6700S Repair, PL6700-S11-HU01 Repair, PL6700-S42-HU01 Repair, PL-6700S Repair, PL6700-S11-HU01F Repair, PL6700-S41-HU01F Repair, PL6700-S42-HU01F Repair, PL6700-S42-HU10F Repair, PL6700-S11-W901 Repair, PL6700-S42-W901 Repair, PL6700-S11-W901F Repair, PL6700-S41-W901F Repair, PL6700-S42-W910F Repair, PL6700-S11-WN01 Repair, PL6700-S11-WN01F Repair, PL6700-T11-HU01 Repair, PL6700-T42-HU01 Repair, PL6700-T11-HU01F Repair, PL6700-T43-HU01F Repair, PL6700-T11-W901 Repair, PL6700-T11-W901F Repair, PL6700-T42-W910F Repair, PL6700-T11-WN01F Repair, PL6700-T42-WN10F Repair, PL6700-T43-WN10F Repair.PC Series PL-5900 / PL-6900 / PL-7900 Repair:PL5900-T12-233 Repair, PL5900-T12-24V-233 Repair, PL5900-T11 Repair, PL5900-T11-W901 Repair, PL5900-T12 Repair, PL5900-T41-24V Repair, PL5900-T42-24V Repair, PL5901-T12-233 Repair, PL5901-T11 Repair, PL5901-T11-W901 Repair, PL-5901T Repair, PL5901-T41-24V Repair, PL5901-T42-24V Repair, PL-5910 Repair, PL5910-T11 Repair, PL-5910T Repair, PL5910-T41-24V Repair, PL5911-T11 Repair, PL5911-T41-24V Repair, PL-6900T Repair, PL6900-T41-HU01 Repair, PL6900-T41 Repair, PL6900-T42 Repair, PL6900-T41-HU10 Repair, PL6900-T41-HU10-233 Repair, PL6900-T41-W901 Repair, PL6900-T41-W910 Repair, PL6900-T41-WN01 Repair, PL6900-T41-WN10 Repair, PL6900-T42-WN10 Repair, PL6901-T41-HU01 Repair, PL-6901T Repair, PL6901-T41 Repair, PL6901-T41-HU10 Repair, PL6901-T41-W901 Repair, PL6901-T41-W910 Repair, PL6901-T41-WN01 Repair, PL6901-T11-WN01 Repair, PL6901-T41-WN10-233 Repair, PL6901-T42-WN10 Repair, PL-7900T Repair, PL7900-T41-HU01 Repair, PL7900-T11 Repair, PL7900-T42 Repair, PL7900-T41-HU10-233 Repair, PL7900-T41-W901 Repair, PL7900-T41-WN01 Repair, PL7901-T41-HU01 Repair, PL7901-T41 Repair, PL7901-T42 Repair, PL7901-T11-HU01 Repair, PL7901-T41-HU10-233 Repair, PL-7901T Repair, PL7901-T41-W901 Repair, PL7901-T41-W910 Repair, PL7901-T41-WN01 Repair, PL7901-T41-WN10 Repair,PC Series PL-B900 / PL-7920 / PL-7930 / PL-6920 / PL-6930 Repair:PL-B900-41-HU10 Repair, PL-B900-41-W910 Repair, PL-B900-41-WN10 Repair, PL-B901-41-HU10 Repair, PL-B901-41-HU10-233 Repair, PL-B901-41-W910 Repair, PL-B901-41-WN10-233 Repair, PL-B910-42 Repair, PL-B910-41-9810 Repair, PL-B911-42 Repair, PL-B911-41-HU10 Repair, PL-B911-41-9810 Repair, PL-B920-41 Repair, PL-B921-41 Repair, PL-7921T Repair, PL7921-T42 Repair, PL6921-T42 Repair, PL7921-T41 Repair, PL-6921T Repair, PL-7920T Repair, PL6920-T42 Repair, PL7920-T41 Repair, PL6920-T41 2007/6/29 2007/9/28 2014/1/10 PL-3600T Repair, PL-6930T Repair, PL6930-T41 Repair, PL6930-T42-CM Repair, PL6930-T42-PM Repair, PL-6931T Repair, PL6931-T41 Repair, PL-6931T Repair, PL6931-T42-CM Repair, PL-6931T Repair, PL6931-T42-PM Repair, PL-7930T Repair, PL7930-T41 Repair, PL-7930T Repair, PL7930-T42-CM Repair, PL-7930T Repair, PL7930-T42-PM Repair, PL-7931T Repair, PL7931-T41 Repair, PL7931-T42-CM Repair, PL7931-T42-CM-M Repair, PL7931-T42-PM Repair.