Manufactures Repaired



Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Omron Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Omron industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Omron Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:


C1000 Repair, C20 Repair, C40 Repair, C60 Repair, C200 Repair, C2000 Repair, C500 Repair, CJ1W Repair, CPM Repair, CQM Repair, CS1W Repair.Automates programmables OMRON: CPM1A Repair, CPM1A-20CDR-A Repair, CPM2A Repair, CPM2C Repair, CP1L Repair, CP1H Repair, CQM1H Repair, CJ1M Repair, CJ1G/H Repair, CS1G/H Repair, CS1D Repair, CPM 2A Repair, CPM1-20CDR-A Repair, CPM1-30CDR-A Repair, CPM1A-40CDT1-D Repair, CPM1-EMU01-V1 Repair, CQM1-0C221-1 Repair, CQM1-CPU21-E Repair, CQM1-CPU45-EV1 Repair, CQM1PA203 Repair, CS1W-CN114 Repair.Omron SYSMAC CJ1 : CPU :CJ1H-CPU67H-R Repair, CJ1H-CPU66H-R Repair, CJ1H-CPU65H-R Repair, CJ1H-CPU64H-R Repair, CJ1H-CPU67H Repair, CJ1H-CPU66H Repair, CJ1H-CPU65H Repair, CJ1G-CPU45H Repair, CJ1G-CPU44H Repair, CJ1G-CPU43H Repair, CJ1G-CPU42H Repair, CJ1M-CPU13 Repair, CJ1M-CPU12 Repair, CJ1M-CPU11 Repair, CJ1M-CPU23 Repair, CJ1M-CPU22 Repair, CJ1M-CPU21 Repair, CJ1M-CPU13-ETN Repair, CJ1M-CPU12-ETN Repair, CJ1M-CPU11-ETN Repair, CJ1G-CPU45P Repair, CJ1G-CPU45P-GTC Repair, CJ1G-CPU44H Repair, CJ1G-CPU44P Repair, CJ1G-CPU43H Repair, CJ1G-CPU43P Repair, CJ1G-CPU42H Repair, CJ1G-CPU42P Repair, CJ1W-SPU01-V2 Repair, WS02-SPTC1-V2 Repair, WS02-EDMC1-V2 Repair, WS02-EDMC1-V2L05 Repair, HMC-EF183 Repair, HMC-EF283 Repair, HMC-EF583 Repair.Omron SYSMAC CJ1 : Alimentation / Accessoires :
CJ1W-PA205C Repair, CJ1W-PA205R Repair, CJ1W-PA202 Repair, CJ1W-PD025 Repair, CJ1W-PD022 Repair, CJ1W-IC101 Repair, CJ1W-II101 Repair, CQM1H-PRO01-E Repair, CS1W-CN114 Repair, CQM1-PRO01-E Repair, CS1W-CN224 Repair, CS1W-CN624 Repair, C200H-PRO27-E Repair, HMC-EF183 Repair, HMC-AP001 Repair, CJ1G/H-CPU Repair, CPM2A-BAT01 Repair,CJ1M-CPU Repair, CJ1W-BAT01 Repair, CJ1W-TER01 Repair, CJ1W-CIF11 Repair.Omron SYSMAC CJ1 : Entrées / Sorties :CJ1W-ID201 Repair, CJ1W-ID211 Repair, CJ1W-ID212 Repair, CJ1W-ID231 Repair, CJ1W-ID232 Repair, CJ1W-ID233 Repair, CJ1W-ID261 Repair, CJ1W-ID262 Repair, CJ1W-IA201 Repair, CJ1W-IA111 Repair, CJ1W-OC201 Repair, CJ1W-OC211 Repair, CJ1W-OA201 Repair, CJ1W-OD201 Repair, CJ1W-OD203 Repair, CJ1W-OD211 Repair, CJ1W-OD213 Repair, CJ1W-OD231 Repair, CJ1W-OD233 Repair, CJ1W-OD234 Repair, CJ1W-OD261 Repair, CJ1W-OD263 Repair, CJ1W-OD202 Repair, CJ1W-OD204 Repair, CJ1W-OD212 Repair, CJ1W-OD232 Repair, CJ1W-OD262 Repair, CJ1W-MD231 Repair, CJ1W-MD233 Repair, CJ1W-MD261 Repair, CJ1W-MD263 Repair, CJ1W-MD232 Repair, CJ1W-MD563 Repair, CJ1W-INT01 Repair, CJ1W-IDP01 Repair, CJ1W-B7A14 Repair, CJ1W-B7A04 Repair, CJ1W-B7A22 Repair, CJ1W-PH41U Repair, CJ1W-AD04U Repair, CJ1WPTS15 Repair, CJ1WPTS51 Repair, CJ1W-PTS16 Repair, CJ1W-PTS52 Repair, CJ1W-PDC15 Repair, CJ1W-AD042 Repair, CJ1W-AD081-V1 Repair, CJ1W-AD041-V1 Repair, CJ1W-DA042V Repair, CJ1W-DA08V Repair, CJ1W-DA08C Repair, CJ1W-DA041 Repair, CJ1W-DA021 Repair, CJ1W-MAD42 Repair.Omron SYSMAC CJ1 : Température, Compteur, Positionnement :CJ1W-TC001 Repair, CJ1W-TC002 Repair, CJ1W-TC003 Repair, CJ1W-TC004 Repair, CJ1W-TC101 Repair, CJ1W-TC102 Repair, CJ1W-TC103 Repair, CJ1W-TC104 Repair, CJ1W-CT021 Repair, CJ1W-NC214 Repair, CJ1W-NC414 Repair, CJ1W-NC234 Repair, CJ1W-NC434 Repair, CJ1W-NC113 Repair, CJ1W-NC213 Repair, CJ1W-NC413 Repair, CJ1W-NC133 Repair, CJ1W-NC233 Repair, CJ1W-NC433 Repair, CJ1W-SP001 Repair, CJ1W-SP001 Repair, CJ1W-CN113 Repair, CJ1W-CN133 Repair, XW2B-20J6-1B Repair, XW2B-40J6-4A Repair, CJ1W-NC281 Repair, CJ1W-NC481 Repair, CJ1W-NC881 Repair, CJ1W-NCF81 Repair, CS1W-NC482 Repair, CS1W-NC882 Repair, CJ1W-NC271 Repair, CJ1W-NC471 Repair, CJ1W-NCF71 Repair, CJ1W-NCF71-MA Repair, CJ1W-MCH71 Repair, FNY-NS115 Repair.Omron SYSMAC CJ1 : Communications Units :CJ1W-SCU22 Repair, CJ1W-SCU32 Repair, CJ1W-SCU42 Repair, CJ1W-SCU21-V1 Repair, CJ1W-SCU31-V1 Repair, CJ1W-SCU41-V1 Repair, CJ1W-EIP21 Repair, CJ1W-ETN21 Repair, W4S1-03B Repair, W4S1-05B Repair, W4S1-05C Repair, CJ1W-CLK23 Repair, 3G8F7-CLK23-E Repair, CS1W-RPT01 Repair, CS1W-RPT02 Repair, CS1W-RPT03 Repair, CJ1W-TB101 Repair, CJ1W-FLN22 Repair, CJ1W-DRM21 Repair, CJ1W-CRM21 Repair, CJ1W-SRM21 Repair, RFID : CJ1W-V680C11 Repair, CJ1W-V680C12 Repair, CJ1W-V600C11 Repair, CJ1W-V600C12 Repair.Omron Sysmac CQM1 : Entrées / Sorties:CQM1-ID211 Repair, CQM1-ID111 Repair, CQM1-ID212 Repair, CQM1-ID112 Repair, CQM1-ID213 Repair, CQM1-ID214 Repair, CQM1-IA121 Repair, CQM1-IA221 Repair, CQM1-OC221 Repair, CQM1-OC222 Repair, CQM1-OC224 Repair, CQM1-OD211 Repair, CQM1-OD212 Repair, CQM1-OD213 Repair, CQM1-OD214 Repair, CQM1-OD215 Repair, CQM1-OD216 Repair, CQM1-OA221 Repair, CQM1-OA222 Repair CQM1-SRM21-V1 Repair, CQM1-DRT21 Repair, CQM1-AD041 Repair, CQM1-DA021 Repair, CQM1-IPS01 Repair, CQM1-IPS02 Repair, CQM1-B7A02 Repair, CQM1-B7A12 Repair, CQM1-B7A03 Repair, CQM1-B7A13 Repair, CQM1-B7A21 Repair, CQM1-TC001 Repair, CQM1-TC002 Repair, CQM1-TC101 Repair, CQM1-TC102 Repair, CQM1-TC201 Repair, CQM1-TC202 Repair, CQM1-TC203 Repair, CQM1-TC204 Repair, CQM1-TC301 Repair, CQM1-TC302 Repair, CQM1-TC303 Repair, CQM1-TC304 Repair, CQM1-SF200 Repair,Omron Sysmac CQM1H :CQM1H-CPU51 Repair, CQM1H-CPU61 Repair, CQM1H-PLB21 Repair, CQM1H-ABB21 Repair, CQM1H-CTB41 Repair, CQM1H-AVB41 Repair, CQM1H-MAB42 Repair, CQM1H-SCB41 Repair, PA203 Repair, CLK21 Repair, OC222 Repair, IC001 Repair, CQM1H-PRO01-E Repair, CQM1-PRO01-E Repair, CQM1-PA203 Repair, CQM1-PA206 Repair, CQM1-PA216 Repair, CQM1-PD026 Repair, CQM1H-CPU11 Repair, CQM1H-CPU21 Repair, CQM1H-ABB21 Repair, CQM1H-CLK21 Repair ,CQM1H-ME16K Repair, CQM1H-ME16R Repair, CQM1-ME08K Repair, CQM1-ME08R Repair, CQM1-ME04K Repair, CQM1-ME04R Repair, CQM1-MP08K Repair, CQM1-MP08R Repair, ROM-JD-B Repair, ROM-KD-B Repair, CQM1H-IC101 Repair, CS1W-CN313 L Repair, CS1W-CN713 Repair.C1000H-CPU01-EV1 Repair, C200-OD215 Repair, C2000-MR Repair, C200H-0C222 Repair, C200H-0C225 Repair, C200H-ASCO2 Repair, C200H-BC081-V1 Repair, C200H-CPU01-E Repair, C200H-CPU21V Repair, C200H-CT001-V1 Repair, C200H-ID212 Repair, Omron C200HS-CPU31 C200H-ID216 Repair, C200H-IM212 Repair, C200H-LK201-V1 Repair, C200H-OC226N Repair, C200H-OD218 Repair, C200H-RM201 Repair, C200H-RT201 Repair, C200H-TS001 Repair, C200HE-CPU42-E Repair, C200HS-CPU21-E Repair, C200HS-CPU21-EC Repair, C200HW-CLK21 Repair, C200HW-DRM21V1 Repair, C200HW-PA204 Repair, C28K-CDR-A Repair, C28K-CDR-D Repair, C500-AD007 Repair, C500-NC221-E Repair, C500-NC222-E Repair, CH200H-OD21A Repair, C500-PS221 Repair, CH200H-OD21A Repair, CQM1-OC222 Repair, C120 : 3G2A6-AD001 Repair, 3G2A6-AD002 Repair, 3G2A6-AD003 Repair, 3G2A6-AD004 Repair, 3G2A6-AD005 Repair, 3G2A6-AD006 Repair, 3G2A6-AD007 Repair, C1000H / C2000H : 3G2A5-AD001 Repair, 3G2A5-AD002 Repair, 3G2A5-AD003 Repair, 3G2A5-AD004 Repair, 3G2A5-AD005 Repair, 3G2A5-AD006 Repair, 3G2A5-AD007 Repair, 3G2A5-DA001 Repair, 3G2A5-DA002 Repair, 3G2A5-DA003 Repair, 3G2A5-DA004 Repair, 3G2A5-DA005 Repair, C1000H-CPU01-E2V1 Repair, C1000H-CPU01-V1 Repair, C1000H-CPU01-EV1 Repair, 3G2C3-CPU11-EV1 Repair ,C2000H-CPU01-V1 Repair, C2000H-CPU01-EV1 Repair, C2000H-CPU01-E2V1 C120 : 3G2A6-DA001 Repair, 3G2A6-DA002 Repair, 3G2A6-DA003 Repair, 3G2A6-DA004 Repair, 3G2A6-DA005 Repair, SYSMAC C500 OMRON : C500-CPUK1 Repair, C500-84VSW Repair, C500-AD001 Repair, C500-AD005 Repair, C500-AD006 Repair, C500-AD007 Repair, C500-AD101 Repair, C500-AD501 Repair, C500-AD501-EU Repair, C500-AP003 Repair, C500-ASC-O4 Repair, C500-ASC01 Repair, C500-ASC02 Repair, C500-ASC03 Repair, C500-ASC04 Repair, C500-BC031 Repair, C500-BC051 Repair, C500-BC081 Repair, C500-BC081E Repair, C500-BC082 Repair, C500-BC091 Repair, C500-BC501 Repair, C500-BI051 Repair, C500-BI081 Repair, C500-CPU11 Repair, C500-CPU11-E Repair, C500-CPU11-E2V1 Repair, C500-CPU11-EV1 Repair, C500-CPU11-V1 Repair, C500-CPUA1-V1 Repair, C500-CT001 Repair, C500-CT012 Repair, C500-CT021 Repair, C500-CT041 Repair, C500-DA001 Repair, C500-DA002 Repair, C500-DA101 Repair, C500-DT021 Repair, C500-DT021-V1 Repair, C500-GPC03 Repair, C500-IA121 Repair, C500-IA122 Repair, C500-ID112 Repair, C500-ID210 Repair, C500-ID212 Repair, C500-ID213 Repair, C500-ID215 Repair, C500-ID216 Repair, C500-ID218 Repair, C500-ID218CN Repair, C500-ID219 Repair, C500-IDS01-V2 Repair, C500-IDS02-V1 Repair, C500-II001 Repair, C500-II101 Repair, C500-IM211 Repair, C500-IM211-E Repair, C500-IM212 Repair, C500-IP004 Repair, C500-ISX01 Repair, C500-LK003-E Repair, C500-LK009 Repair, C500-LK009-V1 Repair, C500-LK009-VI Repair, C500-LK010 Repair, C500-LK010-P Repair, C500-LK010E Repair, C500-LK201 Repair, C500-LK201-EV1 Repair, C500-LK201-V1 Repair, C500-LK203 Repair, C500-LK203-V1 Repair, C500-MD211CN Repair, C500-MR831 Repair, C500-NC103-E Repair, C500-NC111-E-V1 Repair, C500-NC111-V1 Repair, C500-NC211 Repair, C500-NC221 Repair, C500-NC221-E Repair, C500-NC222 Repair, C500-NC222-E Repair, C500-OA121 Repair, C500-OA221 Repair, C500-OA222 Repair, C500-OA223 Repair, C500-OA225 - OUTPUT MODULE C500 32 POINT TRIAC Repair , C500-OA226 - OUTPUT MODULE OMRON PLC C500 TRIAC 1A Repair , C500-OC221 - OUTPUT MODULE 16 POINT 2AMP RELAY Repair , C500-OC223 - OUTPUT MODULE C500 16POINT  RELAY ISOLAT Repair , C500-OC224 - OUTPUT MODULE 32POINT RELAY 2AMP Repair , C500-OC224 - OUTPUT MODULE 32POINT RELAY 2AMP Repair , C500-OC224-E - OUTPUT MODULE 32POINT RELAY 2AMP Repair ,C500-OC224-E - OUTPUT MODULE 32POINT RELAY 2AMP Repair ,C500-OD212 - OUTPUT MODULE TRANSISTOR PNP Repair , C500-OD212 - OUTPUT MODULE TRANSISTOR PNP Repair ,C500-OD213 - OUTPUT MODULE 64POINT TRANSISTOR DISCRETE Repair , C500-OD213 - OUTPUT MODULE 64POINT TRANSISTOR DISCRETE Repair ,C500-OD215 - OUTPUT MODULE 16CH 24VDC Repair , C500-OD215 - OUTPUT MODULE 16CH 24VDC Repair , C500-OD217 - C500 16 OUT, 24 VDC Repair , C500-OD218 - OUTPUT MODULE 32 POINT NPN Repair , C500-OD218 - OUTPUT MODULE 32 POINT NPN Repair ,C500-OD219 - C500 16-TRANS OUT NPN 2.1A Repair , C500-OD219 - C500 16-TRANS OUT NPN 2.1A Repair , C500-OD411 - OUTPUT MODULE 16POINT TRANSISTER 48VDC Repair ,C500-OD411 - OUTPUT MODULE 16POINT TRANSISTER 48VDC Repair ,C500-OD411A - OUTPUT MODULE 16 POINT TRANSISTER 48VDC Repair ,C500-OD411A - OUTPUT MODULE 16 POINT TRANSISTER 48VDC Repair , C500-OD412 - OUTPUT MODULE 32POINT TRANSISTOR 48VDC Repair ,C500-OD412 - OUTPUT MODULE 32POINT TRANSISTOR 48VDC Repair ,C500-OD415 - C500-OD415 Repair ,C500-OD415-CN - C500 32 OUT, 12-48VDC Repair ,C500-OD501-CN - OUTPUT MODULE 32POINT TTL CONN Repair , C500-OD501-CN - OUTPUT MODULE 32POINT TTL CONN Repair , C500-PID01 - PID MODULE TRANSITOR OUT Repair ,C500-PID01 - PID MODULE TRANSITOR OUT Repair ,C500-PRO13-E - PROGRAMMER VERTICAL Repair ,C500-PRT01 - C500-PRT01 Repair , C500-PRW05-V1 - P-ROM WRITER Repair ,C500-PRW06 - EPROM WRITER C500 Repair ,C500-PS211 - POWER SUPPLY MODULE 24VDC FOR CPU Repair , C500-PS211-E - POWER SUPPLY MODULE 24VDC FOR CPU Repair , C500-PS212 - POWER SUPPLY MODULE 24VDC FOR EXP Repair , C500-PS212-E - POWER SUPPLY MODULE 24VDC Repair , C500-PS213-E - POWER SUPPLY, 24VDC,9AMP Repair , C500-PS221 - POWER SUPPLY MODULE C500 24VDC FOR CPU Repair ,C500-PS221-E - POWER SUPPLY MODULE Repair , C500 24VDC FOR CPU Repair , C500-PS222 - POWER SUPPLY MODULE Repair ,C500-PS222-E - POWER SUPPLY MODULE Repair ,C500-PS223 - POWER SUPPLY MODULE Repair ,C500-PS223-E - POWER SUPPLY MODULE Repair ,C500-RM001 - REMOTE MASTER MODULE GLASS Repair ,C500-RM001-EV1 - REMOTE MASTER MODULE GLASS Repair ,C500-RM001-PEV1 - INTERFACE MODULE Repair , C500-RM001-PV1 - C500-RM001-PV1 Repair ,C500-RM001-V1 - C500-RM001-V1 Repair ,C500-RM201 - C500 REMOTE MASTER, WIRE Repair ,C500-RT001 - SLAVE MODULE REMOTE GLASS 1WA Repair ,C500-RT001-EV1 - SLAVE MODULE REMOTE GLASS 1WA Repair ,C500-RT001-PEV1 - C500 REMOTE SLAVE, 1-WAY Repair ,C500-RT001-PEV1 - C500 REMOTE SLAVE, 1-WAY Repair ,C500-RT001V1 - I/O INTERFACE Repair , C500-RT001V1 - I/O INTERFACE Repair ,C500-RT002-EV1 - PLC MODULE REMOTE I/O Repair , C500-RT002-EV1 - PLC MODULE REMOTE I/O Repair ,C500-RT002-PEV1 - SLAVE MODULEC500 REMOTE PLASTIC Repair , C500-RT002-PEV1 - SLAVE MODULEC500 REMOTE PLASTIC Repair , C500-RT002-PV1 - REMOTE I/O MODULE Repair ,C500-RT002-PV1 - REMOTE I/O MODULE Repair , C500-RT002-V1 - PLC MODULE REMOTE I/O Repair ,C500-RT201 - REMOTE SLAVE MODULE Repair ,C500 WIRE C500-RT201 - REMOTE SLAVE MODULE C500 WIRE Repair .E/S deportees OMRON: SmartSlice, DRT2, CRT1, SRT2, DRT2-*C*, CRT1B-*P*, SRT2-*C*, WD30 / WT30 ,
Terminaux de dialogue OMRON: DyaloX avec écran intégré, DyaloX avec UC séparée Repair , NSJ12 Repair, NSJ10 Repair, NSJ8 Repair, NSJ5 Repair, NS15 Repair, NS12 Repair, NS10 Repair, NS8 Repair, NS5 Repair, NS5 portable Repair, NT21 Repair, NT3S Repair, NT11 Repair, NT2S Repair, NT20S-ST121B-EV3 Repair, NT21-ST121B-E Repair,Contrôleurs d’axes OMRON: Trajexia PLC MCH72 Repair, MCH Repair, NCF, MC402 Repair, MC Repair, NC Repair, MCW151 XtraDrive Repair, JUSP-NS300 Repair, JUSP-NS500 Repair, JUSP-NS600 Repair, Trajexia, MP2200 Repair, MP2300 Repair, MP2100 Servomoteurs OMRON: XtraDrive, Sigma II Repair, SmartStep Repair, Junma ML-II Repair, Junma Pulse Repair, SGMAH Repair, SGMPH Repair, SGMGH Repair, SGMSH Repair, SGMUH Repair, SGMBH Repair, SmartStep Repair, Junma Repair, SGLGW Repair, SGLFW Repair, SGLTW Repair, LET-LA Repair, LET-LS Repair.Variateurs de fréquence OMRON: G7 Repair, F7 Repair, V1000 Repair, V7 IP65 Repair, J7 Repair, E7 Repair, G7 Repair, V1000 Repair, L7 Repair, F7 Repair, CIMR-F7 Repair, CIMR-F7Z4018 Repair, 3G3EV-AB001 Repair, 3G3EV-AB002 Repair, 3G3EV-AB004 Repair, 3G3EV-AB007 Repair, 3G3EV-AB015 Repair, 3G3EV-AB001-M Repair, 3G3EV-AB002M Repair, 3G3EV-AB002-M Repair, 3G3EV-AB004-M Repair, 3G3EV-AB007-M Repair, 3G3EV-AB015-M Repair, 3G3EV-AB001-R Repair, 3G3EV-AB002-R Repair, 3G3EV-AB004-R Repair, 3G3EV-AB007-R Repair, 3G3XV-AB002 Repair, 3G3XV-AB004 Repair, 3G3EV-AB007-E Repair, 3G3XV-AB007 Repair, 3G3XV-AB015 Repair, 3G3XV-AB022 Repair, 3G3XV-AB037 Repair, 3G3EV-A4002 Repair, 3G3EV-A4004 Repair, 3G3EV-A4007 Repair, 3G3EV-A4015 Repair, 3G3EV-A4 002-M Repair, 3G3EV-A4004-M Repair, 3G3EV-A4007-M Repair, 3G3EV-A4015-M Repair, 3G3XV-A4002 Repair, 3G3XV-A4004 Repair, 3G3XV-A4007 Repair, 3G3XV-A4007-EV2 Repair, 3G3XV-A4015 Repair, 3G3XV-A4022 Repair, 3G3XV-A4037 Repair, 3G3HV-A4004 Repair, 3G3HV-A4007 Repair, 3G3HV-A4015 Repair, 3G3HV-A4022 Repair, 3G3FV-A2007-E Repair, 3G3FV-A4040-CE Repair, 3G3HV-A4037 Repair, 3G3HV-A4040 Repair, 3G3HV-A4055 Repair, 3G3HV-A4075 Repair, 3G3HV-A4110 Repair, 3G3HV-A4150 Repair, 3G3HV-B4185 Repair, 3G3HV-B4220 Repair, 3G3HV-B4300 Repair, 3G3HV-B4370 Repair, 3G3HV-B4450 Repair, 3G3HV-B4550 Repair, 3G3HV-B4750 Repair, 3G3FV-A4004 Repair, 3G3FV-A4004-CUE Repair, 3G3FV-A4007 Repair, 3G3FV-A4015 Repair, 3G3FV-A4022 Repair, 3G3FV-A4037 Repair, 3G3FV-A4040 Repair, 3G3FV-A4055 Repair, 3G3FV-A4075 Repair, 3G3FV-A4110 Repair, 3G3FV-A4150 Repair, 3G3FV-B4185 Repair, 3G3FV-B4220 Repair, 3G3FV-B4300 Repair, 3G3FV-B4370 Repair, 3G3FV-B4450 Repair, 3G3FV-B4550 Repair, 3G3FV-B4750 Repair, 3G2A5-DA002 Repair, 3G2A5-OC221 Repair, 3G2A5-PS221 Repair, 3G2A5-PS222 Repair, 3G2C7-CPU73 Repair, 3G2C7-CPU24E Repair, 3G2C7-CPU43E Repair, 3G2S6-CPU11 Repair, 3G2S6-CPU15 Repair, 3G2S6-CPU16 Repair, 3G2SS6-CPU 15 Repair, 3G3EV-AB002 Repair, 3G3EV-AB007–E Repair, 3G3EV-AB007-M-E Repair, 3G3EV-AB007-CUE Repair, 3G3FV-A4007 CE Repair, 3G3FV-A4007-CUE Repair, 3G3FV-A4015-CE Repair, 3G3FV-A4040-CE Repair, 3G3FV-A4040-CUE Repair, 3G3FV-A4150-CUE Repair, 3G3FV-B4370-CUE Repair, 3G3HU-A4007–CE Repair, 3G3HU-A4110–CE Repair, 3G3HU-A4075 Repair, 3G3HU-A4015-CE Repair, 3G3HU-A4037-CE Repair, 3G3HV-B4220–CE Repair, 3G3HV-B4300–E Repair, 3G3HV A4015 CE Repair, 3G3HV-A4022-CE Repair, 3G3HV-A4037-CE Repair, 3G3HV-A4040-CE Repair, 3G3HV-B4185-CE Repair, 3G3IV-A4055 Repair, 3G3IV-A4075-EV1 Repair, 3G3IV-B4110-EV2 Repair, 3G3IV-B411K-EV2 Repair, 3G3IV-B4185-EV1 Repair, 3G3JV - A2004 Repair, 3G3JV - AB002 Repair, 3G3JV - AB004 Repair, 3G3JV - ABB007 Repair, 3G3JV-AB007 Repair, 3G3JV-AB015 Repair, 3G3RV-A4110-E Repair, 3G3SV-BB015-E Repair, 3G3SV-BB004-E-TF Repair, 3G3XU-A4022 Repair, 3G3XU-A4022–CE Repair, 3G3XV-AB004-EV2 Repair, 3G3XV-A4004-CE Repair, 3GHV-A4150-CE Repair.Cellules photoélectriques OMRON: E3Z Repair, E3Z Laser Repair, E3ZM Repair, E3ZM-C Repair, E3ZM-V Repair, E3ZM-B Repair, E3Z-B Repair, E3Z-[]G Repair, E3Z-[]J Repair, E3Z-[]H, E3F2 Repair, E3FZ/E3FR Repair, E3F2-[]41 Repair, E3F2-[]-S, E3T Repair, EE-SX47/67 Repair, EE-SX77/87 Repair, EE-SX91 Repair, E32 Standard cyclindrical Repair, E3G Repair, E3S-CL Détecteurs inductifs : E2A Repair, TL-W Repair, TL-T Repair, E2S Repair, E2Q5 Repair, E2E Petit diamètre Repair, E2EC Repair, E2S Repair, E2Q5 Repair, E2A3 Repair, Codeurs rotatifs OMRON: E6A2-C Repair, E6B2-C Repair, E6C2-C Repair, E6C3-C Repair, E6F-C Repair, E6H-C Repair, E6C-N Repair, E6C3-A Repair, E6F-A Capteurs de mesure OMRON: ZX-E Repair, ZX-T Repair, ZX-LD Repair, ZS-HL Repair, ZX-GT Repair, ZG2 Capteurs et systèmes de vision OMRON: ZFV Monochrome Repair, ZFV couleur, ZFX-C15 Repair, ZFX-C25 Repair, F160 Capteurs à fibre optique : E32 Repair, E3X-DA-SE-S Repair, E3X-NA Repair, E3X-SD Repair, E3X-DA-S Repair, E3X-DA-AT-S Repair, E3X-NA-F Repair, E3X-DAC-S Repair, E3X-MDA Systèmes d’identification : V640 SEMI Repair, V670 Repair, V680 Repair, V700 Repair, V700 SEMI Autres : CPM2C-8EDC Repair, FND-X12H Repair, R88D-UP08V Repair, CP1W-40EDT1 Repair, C200H-ID501 Repair, R88A-CAWC005S-E Repair, 3G3XV-A4022-E Repair, HMC-EF172 Repair, CPM1A-TS101 Repair, E2FM-X5D1-M1GJ-T Repair, 3G3HV-B4300-CE Repair, SGDH-75DE-OY Repair, 3G3FV-B418K-CE Repair, C200HW-COM06-E Repair, CV500-RM211 Repair, CJ1M-CPU13 Repair, SGMGH-1EDCA6FOY Repair, G72C-ID16 Repair, NT31-ST121B-EV2 Repair, C28K-CAS1-A Repair, 3G3FV/HV-PFI-4012 Repair, CX-ONE-CD-EV3 Repair, 3G3XV-A4007-E Repair, 3G3IV-B4185-EV2 Repair, CPM1A-8ED Repair, CPM2A Repair, R88D-RA15P Repair, F10-S30 Repair, C20-CPU73E Repair, NT600M-DF122 Repair, C200H-CPU44-V1 Repair, 3G2A5-OD412 Repair, CS1G-CPU43H Repair, NS8-TV00B-V2 Repair, C200H-OC224-N Repair, NT30C-ST141B-E Repair, F10-C11 Repair, C28K-CDS1-A Repair, 3G3EV-ABOO2MA-CUE Repair, R88M-U05030VA-BSI Repair, XW2Z-100J-A26 Repair, CJ1W-OD212 Repair, F150-SL50 Repair, SP10-DR-A Repair, H3DE-S2 Repair, C200HW-PA209R Repair, C200H-IA221 Repair, 3G3XV-AB007-CE Repair, CPM2C-20CDT1C-D Repair, NS5-MQ00B-V2 Repair, E5CN-Q2MT-500 Repair, SGDH-15DE-OY Repair, E6C2-CWZ1X Repair, C200H-OD501 Repair, CS1W-ETN01 Repair, R7M-A03030-S1D Repair, CS1G-CPU45H Repair, C28H-EDR-D Repair, 3G3MV-A4055 Repair, CJ1W-SCU41 Repair, C1000-CPU01-EV1 Repair, CJ1W-PA202 Repair, 3G3XV-AB007-EV2 Repair, NT2000M-DT131 Repair, R88D-MT80 Repair, R88D-UA08V Repair, S82H-10024 Repair,C4K-OR2 Repair, SJME-01AMB4C-OY Repair, C200H-IM212 Repair, C200H-OD218 Repair, CP1W-TS101 Repair, OPE-VA Repair, R88D-UEP08V Repair, CPM2C-32EDT1C Repair, CJ1W-PA202 Repair, CS1W-OD212 Repair, SGMAH02AAA61DOY Repair, C200H-ID217 Repair, CQM1-PA216 Repair, C28K-CAR-A Repair, R88M-U1K030V-BS1 Repair, G72C-ID16-1 Repair, R88M-U1K815V-BS1 Repair, G72C-ID16-1 Repair, R88M-U1K815V-BS1 Repair, CPM2A-20CDR-A Repair, CV500-SLK11 Repair, CQM1-B7A02 Repair, R88M-U2K030V-S1 Repair, CIMR-F7Z4045 Repair, R88M-U040030VA-S1 Repair, 3G3HV-B4750-CE Repair, NT600S-ST121B-V1 Repair, 3G3XV-A4015-E Repair, G3PB-545B-3N-VD Repair, NT30-ST131-E Repair, NT30ST131BE Repair, NT30-ST131B-E Repair, C500-CP131 Repair, R88M-UE70030V-S1 Repair, 3G3MV-A2004 Repair, CP1W-40EDR Repair, R7A-CEA015B Repair, JZSP-CHM000-20E Repair, C500-PRW06 Repair, R88D-UA012V Repair, R88D-UT60V Repair, C200H-ID215 Repair, XW2B-50G5 Repair, D4MC-2020 Repair, D4BL-K1 Repair, 3G2C3-CPU11E Repair, CPM1A-TS102 Repair, R88D-HT10 Repair, C200H-TS001 Repair, 3G3EV-AB015-CUE Repair, NT620C-CFL01 Repair, CS1W-PMV01 Repair, C200H-NC111 Repair, C200H-OD217 Repair, 3G3EV-ABOO7MA-CUE Repair, CQM1-G7M21 Repair, C200H-RT201 Repair, C200H-0C222V Repair, CP1W-8ET1 Repair, R88A-CAWH005S-E Repair, CP1W-8ET Repair, C40K-CDS1-A Repair, 3G3MV-A2007 Repair, C200H-BAT09 Repair, F3S-A482 Repair, CJ1W-CTL41E Repair, R88M-H1K130 Repair, JZSP-CHM030-20E Repair, 3G2A3-OC221 Repair, CP1L-M30DR-A Repair, CJ1W-PTS16 Repair, R88A-CRWA005CDE Repair, SJME-01AMB41-OY, R88D-UEP012V Repair, NS5-TQ01B-V2 Repair, R88M-U1K030V-S1 Repair, R88A-CAWG005S-E,3G3JVA4007 Repair, 3J3JV-A4040 Repair, E3MC-MA Repair, E5CS-CPU-K3 Repair, E5CS-R1KJX Repair, E5CS-R1LJX-520 Repair, E5CS-R1PX Repair, E5CS-RJKJXREP Repair, E7U/F Repair, EC5S-R1KJX Repair, F150-C15E-3 Repair, G3PX-220EUN Repair, G6B1174P12DC Repair, G6D1A5VDC Repair, G9D-301 Repair, S8VS-06024 Repair, S8VS-06024N Repair.