Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Okuma  Industrial Electronics Repairs services. From Okuma Spindle Drive Repair,Okuma Servo Drive Repair,Okuma Servo Motor Repairs,Okuma VFD Repair,Okuma AC Drive Repair,Okuma Board Repair,Okuma  PCB Repairs,Okuma CRT Repair,Okuma AC Servo Drive Repair,Okuma Encoder to Okuma DC Servo Drive Repair, we have the capabilities to repair and service all Okuma industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Okuma Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair: 

OSP 5000L Repair ,Okuma OSP 3000 Repair, Okuma 5000LG Repair, Ops320 Repair, C 9222 3054C Repair, C-8185-1000 Repair, C81851000 Repair, DCPS1 Repair, E0105-800-551 Repair, E0105800551 Repair, E0451-521-046 Repair, E0451-521-051 Repair, ER-FC-2048D Repair, FUB-DR3 Repair, FUB-DRII Repair, FUB-P4M4 Repair, LDU-600 Repair, LB-15 Repair, MIV-08-3-V1 Repair, MIV 22-3-V1 Repair, MPR10-1006-2206-023-046 Repair, MPR10-1006-2206-030-005 Repair, OSP5000L Repair, OSP-5000-L-G Repair, OSP-7000L Repair, OKUMA OSP5000 : E0241-653-033C Repair, E0241653033C Repair, E0241-653-081 Repair, E0241653081 Repair, C-8504-1100-0 Repair, C850411000 Repair, E0241-653-028 Repair, E0241653028 Repair, E0241-653-077 Repair, E0241653077 Repair, E0241-653-077 Repair, E0241653077 Repair, EO241-653-030B Repair,
OKUMA OPUS 5000 Repair:
E4809-032-452-B Repair, E4809-032-452-D Repair, E4809032452B Repair, E4809-045-061-D Repair, E4809-032-498-A Repair, E4809-045-061-C Repair, E4809-045-061-D Repair, E4809-436-002-A Repair, E4809-032-295-H Repair, E4809-032-498-B Repair, E4809-045-084-E Repair, E4809-045-106-E Repair, E4809-045-140-1006 Repair, E4809-770-015-A Repair, E4809-032-496-B Repair, E4809032496B Repair, E4809-032-474-A Repair, E4809032474A Repair, E4809-045-039-C Repair, E4809045039C Repair, E4809-034-003-A Repair, E4809034003A Repair, E4809-045-035-B Repair, E4809045035B Repair, E4809-045-044 Repair, E4809045044 Repair, E4809-032-473-C Repair, E4809032473C Repair, E4809-045-057-C Repair, E4809045057C Repair, E4809-045-040 Repair, E4809045040 Repair, E4809-770-015-B Repair, E4809-770-015-B Repair, E4809-770-015-D Repair, E4809-770-021-A Repair, E4809-770-065-A Repair, E4809-770-065-B Repair,
Variateur / Servo / okuma drive Repair:|
BDU-30A Repair, BDU-50A Repair, BDU-75A Repair, BDU75 Repair, BDU75A Repair, BL-D30A Repair, BL-D50A Repair, BDU-50-A Repair, BDU-75-A Repair, BL-H101E-12 Repair, BL D30 A Repair, BLD30A Repair, BDU30A Repair, BDU30 Repair, BDU50A Repair, BDU50 Repair, DC-S1A Repair, DCS1A Repair, E4809 045 061 B Repair, E4809045061B Repair, E4809 032 498 B Repair, E4809032498B Repair, E4809 045 061 D Repair, E4809045061D Repair, E4809-770-15-D Repair, E480977015D Repair, E4809-770-13-A Repair, E480977013A Repair, E4809-770-15-B Repair, E480977015B Repair, E4809-770-15 Repair, E480977015 Repair.
Ecran / Monitors Repair:
TX1201AL Repair, TX-1201AL Repair, TX1201AJ Repair, TX-1201AJ Repair, TX-1201A1 Repair, TX1201A1 Repair, C12C2455001 Repair, C12C-2455001 Repair, OSP-5000LG Repair, OSP5000LG Repair, TR9DD1B Repair, TR9DD-1B Repair.