Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for OSAI Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all OSAI industrial automation products.

Here are some of the OSAI Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

CNC 10S Repair, CNC 7300 Repair, CNC 8200 Repair, OSAI CNC 845H Repair, CNC 86 Repair , CNC 9360 Repair.93000060U Repair, 93000079J Repair, 93000082G Repair, 93000104A Repair, 93000174L Repair ,93000191X Repair, OS8083 Repair, OS8270 Repair, 8601 Repair, 8601-OS8083 Repair, 86002249 Z-OB Repair, 9101-0291 Repair, 9101-0317 Repair, 9327505G Repair, 93000319Y Repair, 93301454 Repair, 97942100H Repair, DM10/20 Repair, DM50/100 Repair, GP10 Repair, OS-8095 Repair, DAM60-12/24-54-B Repair, DAM60-03/06-54-B-001 Repair, DAM60-06/12-54-B-000 Repair, DSV-60-VC-EC-007 Repair, 327278P ELGE DRIVE LM1B DC CONTROLLER Repair , OS-5005 Repair, OS-5006 Repair, OS5006 Repair, OS-511 Repair, OS-5401 Repair, OS5441 Repair, OS-5441 Repair, OS-9000 Repair, OS-9000 8601 Repair , OS-9020 Repair, OS-9000-1 Repair, OS-9000-2 8601 Repair ,OS-5506-1 Repair, OS-5509/1 Repair, OS-5455/1 Repair , OS-5480-2 Repair, OS-5680 Repair, OS5680-1 Repair, OS5385/1 AT90 M240 Repair, OS5750 RITEC Repair , OS5458 Repair , OS9030 8601 Repair, OS5385/2 AT90 M250 Repair , OS5445 Repair , OS5385/3 INGRA 286 Repair, OS-9030-1 8601 Repair , OS-9030-1 Repair, OS 45 POWER SUPPLY Repair, AL-20 5/10 SLOT PSU Repair , IWS PC 220V Repair , ML-300 20 Repair , CONSOLE 8600 Repair , OS5740 Repair, OS45 Repair ,OS-45 PSU Repair , OS-5740 Repair , OS-5005 Repair , OS-5450-1 Repair, OS-5330 Repair , OS-5380 M24 Repair, OS-5390 Repair, OS-5511 Repair, OS5350 Repair, OS5340 Repair , OS-5455 Repair , OS-5005-6 Repair, OS-5310 Repair, OS-5680 Repair, OS-8270P Repair, OSSPLUS30 Repair, OS-5330-1 Repair, OS-5330-2 Repair , OS-5615 Repair, OS-5550 Repair, OS-5560 Repair ,OS-9020P Repair, OSSF4030 Repair, OSSF4030B Repair, OLIVETTI OSAI CNC 9 INCH MONITOR Repair, RIO EC CANopen Repair, OSAI RIO 16I Repair, OSAI RIO 16O Repair, 1236QA Repair, A670001-153-1381 Repair.OSAI OSS DRIVE AC / Variateur OSAI OSS100 Repair, OSS200 Repair, OSS500 Repair.
OSS100 AM15 Repair , OSS100 AM30 Repair , OSS 100 AM30-PML Repair, OSS200 Repair, 286173W Repair, 286174X Repair, 286175Y Repair, 286176Z Repair, 286177S Repair, 286178B Repair, 286179C Repair, OSS 200 Repair, OSS 200-10 Repair, 286174X OSS 200 291029W Repair, OSS 200 DM 5 Repair, OSS 200 DM10 Repair, OSS 200 DM30 Repair, OSS500 Repair, OSS 500 DM20 Repair, OSS 500 DM40 Repair, 286313S Repair, 286313S Repair, OSS 500 PSM125 Repair , OSS 500 DM150 Repair , OSS 500 DM100 Repair, PSM 50 OSS 50A Repair, PSM125 OSS500 Repair, ULTRA 30002098-DSD-030-SE Repair.