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Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Negri Bossi Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Negri Bossi industrial automation products.

Our trained and experienced electronics repair engineers/technicians perform component level repairs on all Negri Bossi Industrial Electronics products :-Negri Bossi Canbio Hydraulic Machine PCB Repairs,Negri Boss Eleos Full Electric Machine PCB Repairs,Negri Boss Eleos LSR Special Machine For Liquid Silicon Rubber Moulding PCB Repairs,Negri Bossi Eos Hydraulic Machine PCB Repairs,Negri Boss Janus Hybrid Machine PCB Repairs etc...
Here are some of the Negri Bossi Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

5055.3.075 Repair, 93-1-012-10 Repair, 93-2-164-10 Repair, 93-2-166-10 Repair, 93-2-167-10 Repair, 93-2-169-10 Repair, 93-2-172-10 Repair, 93-2-174-10 Repair, 93-2-232-10 Repair, 93-2-234-10 Repair, 93-2-235-10 Repair, 93-2-236-10 Repair, 93-2-237-10 Repair, 93-2-238-10 Repair, 93-2-239-10 Repair, 2-240-10 Repair, 93-2-253-10 Repair, 93-2-281-10 Repair, 93-2-306-10 Repair, 93-2-340-10 Repair, 93-2-352-10 Repair, 93-2-359-10 Repair, 93-2-360-10 Repair, 93-2-410-10 Repair, 93-2-411-00 Repair, 93-2-454-10 Repair, 93-2-495-10 Repair, 93-2-549-10 Repair, 93-2-562-10 Repair, 93-2-677-10 Repair, 93-6-018-10 Repair, 93-6-024-10 Repair, Repair, A/D1 Repair, AL0016 Repair, AL0016A Repair, AL0031 Repair, AL100 Repair, AL29/A Repair, CART0439R Repair, CAV 300/A Repair, CLAV TA80 51T.O Repair, CLAV TAST 100B Repair, CLAV TAST 51 Repair, CLAV TAST 51 T.O Repair, CLAV TAST 51/1 Repair, CLAV TAST 51B Repair, CLAV TAST 53B Repair, CLAV TZST 57 Repair, CLAV0005R Repair, CLAVTAST200 Repair, CLAVTAST51T.O Repair, CS0353 CS0367 Repair, CS0390 Repair, CS0596 Repair, DA Repair, DIMI EL Repair, MC0-100/D Repair, MC01/C Repair, MCO-100/1A Repair, MCO-100D Repair, MCO100/1A Repair, MICRO A/D Repair, MICRO A/D1 Repair, MICRO A/D2A Repair, MICRO AD3 Repair, MICRO CDP 100 Repair, MICRO CDP100/A Repair, MICRO CDP105 Repair, MICRO D/A Repair, MICRO D/A1A Repair, MICRO D/A6 Repair, MICRO DA1 Repair, MICRO DA1/A Repair, MICRO IH5 Repair, MICRO IN Repair, MICRO IN/5 Repair, MICRO MPV100 Repair, MICRO MPV201 Repair, MICRO MPV201-1 Repair, MICRO P5/E Repair, MICRO RT1-A Repair, MICRO RT1/A Repair, MICRO RT8 Repair, MICRO RT8-1A Repair, MICRO SEQ 1/A Repair, MICRO ST48A Repair, MICRO UP1 Repair, MICRO UP5 Repair, MICRO UP5A Repair, MICRO US 5CS0400 Repair, MICRO US5 Repair, MICRO V Repair, MICRO V50-1/E Repair, MICRO.V50.1 Repair, MICRO VEL Repair, MICROAD2A Repair, MICRORT1 Repair, MPV.01 Repair, NEGRIBOSSI Repair, SEI N88 Repair, T1-A Repair, UP5A Repair, V50-1/E Repair, VEL 50 Repair, VIDEO-M1 Repair.