Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Moog Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Moog industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Moog Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

E128-210-003 Repair, DQ1-010-A001 Repair, F122-202-A001 Repair, F123-158 Repair, F123-202-A001 Repair, F123-206-A001 Repair, F127-101-A001 Repair, F128-201-C003 Repair, F130-101-121A Repair, Alimentation MOOG : B48098-002G Repair, IMI220-898A001 Repair, E123-036-001 Repair, 02127 AD446 PROGRAMMER FRONT PANEL, Pupitre de commande MOOG : L141.101.1121 Repair, L141.203.11311 Repair, L141.203.13311.A1 Repair, L141.203.13311.A Repair, L141.101.1121 Repair, L141-104E-Z Repair, CN5511 Repair, Pupitre opérateur automate MOOG : BLOC 64 PRG Repair, Moog P25 Parison Programmer Repair,régulateur de presse MOOG Repair:D121-014-A001 Repair, D121-010-R001 Repair, D121-010-A004 Repair, D121-101-A001 Repair, D122-009-015 Repair, D122-034 Repair, D122-009-A014 Repair, D122-023-A007 Repair, D122-003-R015 Repair, D122-034-A004A V/P CONTROL BOARD Repair, D122-009-A001 PARISON SERVOAMPLIFIER CARD Repair, D122-009-A009 Repair, D122-009-A010 Repair, PARISON CONTROL MODULE D123-036-A003 Repair, D123-036-A005 Repair, D123-036-A009 Repair, D123-036-A011 Repair, D123-036-A012 Repair, D123-036-A013 Repair, D123-036-A014 Repair, D123-036-A015 Repair, D123-036-A017 Repair, D123-040-A001 Repair, D123-040-A003 Repair, D123-042 Repair, D123-052 Repair, D123-068 Repair, D123-0726 Repair, D123-073 Repair, D123-075 Repair, D123-075-A013 Repair, D123-075-A013A Repair, D123-075-A004 Repair, D123-075-A007A Repair, D123-077C Repair, D123-078 Repair, D123-083 Repair, D123-085 Repair, D123-0836 Repair, D123-088A Repair, D123-089 Repair, D123-040-A001 RAMP/DELTA ENCODER CARD Repair, D123-095 Repair, D123-095A Repair, D123-096 Repair, D123-099 Repair, D123-099C Repair, D123-099B Repair, D123-114A Repair, D123-116A Repair, D123-123 Repair, D123-OSS Repair, D123-039-A012 PARISON CONTROL MODULE Repair, D123-039-A001 Repair, D123-039-A002 Repair, D123-039-A003 Repair, D123-039-A004 Repair, D123-039-A005 Repair, D123-039-A007 Repair, D123-039-A008 Repair, D123-039-A009 Repair, D123-039-A010 Repair, D124-015-A001 Repair, BLOW MOLDING CONTROL CARD Repair, D124F036-A003 Repair, D124-025 CONTROL CARD Repair, D124-025-A001 P25 PROGRAM PANEL Repair, D124-015-A003 Repair, D124-015-A002 BLOW MOLDING RELAY INTERFACE CARD Repair, D124-014-A005 Repair, D124-014-A001 Repair, D124017A001 Repair, D124-017-A001 Repair, D124-017-A002 EXTRUDER CORRECTOR CARD Repair, D125-041-A001 Repair, D128-007-A001 Repair, D128-007-001 Repair, D143-508-A001 Repair, D143-602-A001 Repair, D143-607-A003 Repair, D143-607-A011 Repair, D143-707-A011 Repair, D143-800-A002 Repair, D143-504-A003 GRAPHIC CARD Repair.Servodistributeur MOOGRepair:D630-022A Repair, D633-313A Repair, D633-317A Repair, D633-317B Repair, D633-382A Repair, D633-427A Repair, D6338704 Repair, D634-1001 D634E Repair, D634E-356B Repair, D634E-367-B2 Repair, D644-519 Repair, D651 Repair, D661-2760E Repair, D661-318A Repair, D661-367A Repair, D691-2128D D634E301 Repair, D633Z343A Repair, D633-313A Repair, D633Z317A Repair.
MOOG PARISON CONTROL MODULE Repair:A32302 Repair, A32880-2 Repair, A43201-1-40 Repair, A74844-1 Repair, A74844-001 Repair, A36482-1 PERMASET CARD Repair, A32905-1 AMPLIFIER CARD Repair, A32915-1 Repair, A32924-1 Repair, A58179-001 Repair, A58179001 Repair, A58187-001 Repair, A58187001 Repair, A58227-001 Repair, A58227001 Repair, A58948-001 Repair, A58948001 Repair .Variateur brushless MOOG / SERVO DRIVE :BRM-4S40 Repair, L151-004 Repair, L180-410 Repair, L180-310A-A1 Repair, T158-111N Repair, T158-112L Repair, T161-803B Repair, T158-112R Repair, CZ1000A2 Repair, CZ1000C2 Repair, DS2000 Repair, T150-901B-702-2-A Repair, T150-901B-701-2-A Repair, T150-901B-723 Repair, T157-011K Repair, T158-111C Repair, T158-111P Repair, T164-901A-10-H1-22-2 Repair, T164-901A-10-H1-22-2A Repair, T164-905A-10-C3-2-1A Repair, T164-901A-10-H1-222A Repair, T164-903A-10-H1-22A Repair, T164-905A-10-C3-21A Repair, T200-410F-0AA1230VAC Repair, T200-410F-0AA1 Repair, 121-103 Repair, 121-A132 Repair, 130-A295 Repair, 150-101C Repair, 150-102B Repair, 150-104 Repair, 150-104A Repair, 150-201A-01 Repair, 150-201C-01 Repair, 150-201D-01 Repair, 150-102B Repair, 150-104A Repair, 151M-423A-1 Repair, 151M-423A1 Repair, 151M427A-1 Repair, 151U-433A1 Repair, 152F-433 Repair, 152P-428A Repair, 152D-423 Repair, 152D-423A-1 Repair, 152D-423, 152F-423 Repair, 152J-453 Repair, 152J-453-A1 Repair, 152J-453A Repair, 152J-453 Repair, 152J-453A Repair, 160-008B Repair, 164-003E-00-B2-2 Repair, 164-003D-00-B1-2 Repair, 164-003E-10-C1-21A Repair, 164-005E-00-B2-2 Repair, 164-007E-10-B2-2 Repair, 164-007E-10-C1-2-1A Repair, 164-007F-10-B2-2 Repair, 164-007E-10-B22 Repair, 164-007E-10-C121A Repair.