Manufactures Repaired



Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for MITSUBISHI Industrial Electronics Repairs services. From Mistubishi Spindle Drive,Mistubishi AC Drive,Mistubishi Servo drive,Mistubishi Servo Amplifier to Mistubishi Motor,Mistubishi CRT, we have the capabilities to repair and service all industrial automation products.

Our trained and experienced electronics repair engineers/technicians perform component level repairs on all MITSUBISHI Industrial Electronics products such as Mistubishi VFD Repairs,Mistubishi Servo Drive Repairs,Mistubishi Servo Amplifier Repairs,Mistubishi Spindle Drive Repairs ,Mistubishi AC Drive Repairs,Mistubishi Servo Drive Repairs Mistubishi CRT Repairs, Repairs,Mitsubishi Controllers Repairs.

Here are some of the MITSUBISHI  Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

A3ACPU Repair, A3ACPUP21 Repair, A3ACPUR21 Repair,A2ACPU-S1 Repair, A2ACPUP21-S1 Repair, A2ACPUR21-S1 Repair,A2ACPU Repair, A2ACPUP21 Repair, A2ACPUR21 Repair, A3NCPU Repair,  A3NCPUP21 Repair,  A3NCPUR21 Repair,  A2NCPU-S1 Repair, A2NCPUP21-S1 Repair, A2NCPUR21-S1 Repair, A2NCPU Repair, A2NCPUP21 Repair,  A2NCPUR21 Repair,  A1NCPU Repair, A1NCPUP21 Repair, A1NCPUR21 Repair,  A0J2HCPU Repair,  A1S-62RD3 Repair,  A1S-63ADA Repair, A1S-63P Repair,  A1S-64AD Repair, A1S64TCTTS1 Repair,  A1S-65B-S1 Repair,  A1S-68AD Repair, A1S-68B-S1 Repair, A1S68DA1 Repair,  A1S-68DAI Repair,  A1S-68DAV Repair,  A1SC01B Repair, A1S-C03B Repair,  A1S-C12B Repair, A1S-C30B Repair, A1SC50B Repair, A1S-CPU Repair,  A1SCPU-51 Repair,  A1SCPUC24-R2 Repair,  A1S-CPU-S1 Repair,  A1S-D61 Repair,  A1SD62 Repair, A1S-D62D Repair, A1S-D62E Repair,  A1SD71-S2 Repair, A1SD75M1 Repair,  A1S-D75P1-S3 Repair,  A1S-D75P2-S3 Repair,  A1S-D75P3S3 Repair, A1S-G60 Repair, A1S-H42 Repair,  A1SH42-S1 Repair,  A1S-HCPU Repair,  A1SI61 Repair,  A1SJ51T64 Repair,  A1S-J61BT11 Repair,  A1S-J71AR21 Repair,  A1S-J71AT21B Repair, A1S-J71C24-R2 Repair,  A1S-J71C24-R4 Repair, A1SJ71E71-B2-S3 Repair, A1S-J71E71-B5 Repair, A1SJ71-E71-B5-S3 Repair, A1SJ71E71N3T Repair,  A1S-J71E-71N-B5T Repair,  A1S-J71PT32-S3 Repair,  A1SJ71SL92 Repair,  A1S-J71UC24-R2 Repair,  A1S-J71UC24-R4 Repair,  A1SJCPU Repair,  A1S-JCPU-S3 Repair,  A1S-JHCPU Repair, A1S-JHCPU-S8 Repair,  A1SMCA-8KP Repair, A1S-X10 Repair, A1SX20 Repair,  A1SX20EU Repair,  A1S-X30 Repair,  A1S-X40 Repair,  A1S-X40-S1 Repair,  A1S-X41 Repair,  A1SX41-S2 Repair, A1S-X42 Repair,  A1SX42-S1 Repair,  A1SX42-S2 Repair, A1SX48Y58 Repair,  A1S-X80 Repair, A1S-X80-S1 Repair, A1S-X81 Repair,  A1S-X81-S2 Repair, A1SX82-S1 Repair,  A1S-Y10 Repair,  A1S-Y10EU Repair,  A1SY14EU Repair, A1S-Y18A Repair, A1S-Y22 Repair, A1S-Y40 Repair, A1S-Y41 Repair,  A1S-Y42 Repair, A1S-Y42P Repair,  A1S-Y50 Repair,  A1S-Y60 Repair, A1S-Y60E Repair,  A1SY60EU Repair, A1S-Y80 Repair, A1S-Y81 Repair, A20CB55UL204K Repair,  A20CC55A100475 Repair,  A20CC55UL422K Repair,  A20CC55UL437 Repair,  A20CC55UL437K Repair,  A22MA04D Repair,  A22MA75C Repair,  A22PW75B Repair,  A24MA22B Repair,  A24MA37B Repair,  A24MC30A Repair,  A24PC55A Repair, A24PC75A Repair,  A24PW55B Repair, A24PW75 Repair,  A273UHCPU Repair,  A275B Repair,  A278LX Repair,  A2A-CPU Repair,  A2ACPU21S1 Repair,  A2ACPUP21 Repair,  A2ACPUP21-S1 Repair,  A2A-CPU-R21-S1 Repair, A2AS2CPU Repair, A2A-SCPU Repair, A2A-SCPU-S1 Repair,  A2AS-CPU-S30 Repair,  A2C-CPU Repair, A2C-CPUR21 Repair, A2-CPU Repair, A2N-CPU Repair,  A2N-CPU-P21 Repair,  A2N-CPU-R-21 Repair,  A2N-CPU-S1 Repair, A2N-CPU-UL Repair,  A2S-CPU Repair,  A2SHCP Repair,  A2S-HCPU Repair,  A2SHCPU-S1 Repair,  A2SNMCA-30KE Repair,  A2U-CPU Repair,  A2US-CPU Repair, A2USCPU-S1 Repair,  A2USH-CPU-S1 Repair,  A30CD-PCF Repair,  A31TU Repair,  A32B-UL Repair, A35B Repair, A35B-UL Repair, A370C12B Repair,  A38B Repair, A38B-UL Repair,  A3ACPU Repair,  A3A-CPU-P21 Repair, A3A-CPU-R21 Repair,  A3-CPU-R21 Repair,  A3HCPU-P21 Repair,  A3HCPUP21R Repair,  A3MCA18 Repair,  A3M-CPU Repair,  A3N-CPU Repair,  A3N-CPU-R21 Repair,  A3NCPU-UL Repair,  A3NMCA-16 Repair,  MAC50/ML HMI Panel : 00920A Repair, 00921A Repair, MTA-250 00921B Repair, MTA250 Repair, 00921A Repair, FG600AL-26-5620 Repair,  FPX02BR2P Repair, FR852004KNA Repair,  FRA140E185K Repair,  FRA140E22K Repair,  FRA140E75K Repair,  FR-A220-2.2K-AW Repair,  FR-A220-5.5K-AW Repair,  FR-A220-7.5K-AW Repair,  FR-A220-7.5K-UL Repair, FRA220E11KUL Repair,  FR-A220-E-1.5K-UL Repair, FR-A220-E-2.2K-UL Repair,  FR-A220-E-3.7K-UL Repair,  FR-A220E-5.5K-UL Repair,  FR-A240-15K Repair,  FR-A240-1.5K-UL Repair,  FR-A240-2.2K-UL Repair, FRA24037KUL Repair, FR-A240-7.5K-UL Repair, FR-A240-E-0.4K-UL Repair,  FR-A240-E-0.75K Repair, FR-A240-E-1.5K-UL Repair,  FR-A240-E-2.2K Repair,  FR-A240E-2.2K-UL Repair, FR-A240E-3.7K-UL Repair,  FRA240E45KU1 Repair,  FR-A240E-7.5K-UL Repair,  FR-A260E-2.2K-UL Repair, FRA5075KEC FRA52002KNA Repair,  FR-A520-04K-NA Repair,  FR-A520-0.75K-NA Repair,  FR-A520-11K-NA Repair,  FR-A520-1.5K-NA Repair, FR-A520-2.2K Repair,  FR-A520-22K-NA Repair,  FR-A520-3.7K Repair,  FR-A520-3.7K-NA Repair,  FR-A520-5.5K-NA Repair,  FRA52055NA Repair, FR-A520-7.5K-NA Repair,  FRA56037KNA Repair,  FRA56075KNA Repair,  FR-A5AP Repair,  FRA5AR Repair,  FR-A5AX Repair, FRA72000110NA Repair,  FRA72000330NA Repair,  FRA72000460NA Repair,  FRA74000170NA Repair, FRA74000310NA Repair,  FR-ABR-0.4K Repair,  FR-ABR-2.2K Repair, FR-ABR-2.2K-UL Repair,  FR-ABR-H0.75K Repair,  FR-ABR-H3.7K Repair,  FR-ABR-H3.7KUL Repair,  FR-ABR-H5.5K Repair, FRAE520075KNA Repair,  FRAPA0202 Repair,  FRBRH55KUL Repair,  FRBUC22K Repair,  FRBUH15K Repair,  FRBUH30K Repair,  FRBUH55KUL A1NCPU Repair, A1S62DA Repair, A1SY41 Repair, A851GOT-SBD Repair, BN624B798G52 Repair, BN634E266G52 Repair, BY171A295H02 Repair, BY171A297H01 Repair, C3240 ELPAG Repair, C935P39 Repair, CM10MD-24HN00SW3 Repair, CM25MD24H Repair, CM300DY-12H Repair, CM30TF12H Repair, CM60TF-12H Repair, CRT12A-TX32B Repair, FA3435 Repair, HC-MF43-UE Repair, FW-F10-0.5K Repair, FX-80MR-DS Repair, FX727B Repair, FXO-30MR-ES/UL Repair, HC-MF43-UE Repair, HF1200AE Repair, HC-KFS73 Repair, HR353 Repair, MATA-250-L Repair, MDS-A-V1-35 Repair, NV-0932YU Repair, PD21 Repair, PD21B Repair, PM150RSA060 Repair, PM15CSJ060 Repair, PM15RSH120 Repair, PM30CSJ060 Repair, PM30RSF060 Repair, PS11034 Repair, QM150DY-H Repair, QM30DX H Repair, QM30DY-H Repair, QM50TB-H Repair, QX086 Repair, SFPW20 Repair, TRA41A Repair, TRA61A Repair, TRS75B Repair.

FREQROL Drive Repair.FR-K-400B Repair, FR-S240-C11K Repair, FR-SE-2-11K-AC Repair, FR-SE-2-7.5K Repair, FR-SX-2-5;5K Repair, FR-SX-2-7.6K Repair, FR-U024-S0.37K Repair,FR-U120S-0.2K-ER Repair, FR-U120S-0.2KER Repair, FR-U120S-NO.4K-E Repair, FR-U120S-NO.75K- Repair, FR-Z024-0.4K-F Repair, FR-U120S-0.2K-ER Repair, FR-U120S-0.2KER Repair, FR-Z240-4.0K-ER Repair, FR-Z320-7.5K-AL Repair, FRA 540 5K Repair, FRA-540-5.5KEC Repair, FRS520S0.4K Repair, FRS520SE02KEC Repair, FRSF226 Repair, FRZ024 0.37KW Repair, FR-Z024-SO.37K Repair,FRZ220-3.7K Repair, Freqrol-A024 Repair, FR-A024-0.2KP Repair, FRA0240.2KP Repair, FR-A024-0.1K Repair, FR-A024-0.1K-UL Repair,FRA024075KCD Repair, FR-A024-0.75K-P Repair, FR-A024-0.75K-UL Repair, FR-A024-1.5K Repair, FR-A024-1.5K-UL Repair, FR-A024-3.7K-UL Repair,FR-A024-S0.75K-EC Repair, FR-A024-S-1.5K-EC Repair, FR-A024-S2.2K-EC Repair, FRA024S22KEC Repair, Freqrol-A044 Repair,, FR-A044-0.4K Repair, FR-A044-0.4K-UL Repair, FR-A044-0.75K-EC Repair, FR-A044-0.75K-UL Repair,FR-A044-1.5K-UL Repair,FR-A044-2.2K-UL Repair, FRA04437K Repair, FR-A044-3.7K-UL Repair , FR-A044-3.7K-EC (FRA0443.7KEC) Repair, FR-A044-0.75K-EC Repair, FR-A044-2.2K-EC Repair, FR-A2044-3.7K-EC Repair, Freqrol-A200 Repair, FR-A220-15K (FRA22015K) Repair, FR-240-C11K Repair, FR-A240E-2.2K (FRA240E22K) Repair, FR-A240E-7.5K-EC (FRA240E7.5KEC) Repair, FR-PU02E (FRPU02E) Repair, FR-A240E-11K-EC Repair, FR-A240E-18.5K Repair, FR-A240E-5.5KEC Repair, FR-A240E11KECOPT Repair, FRZ22037K Repair.
Variateur Freqrol F500 drive MITSUBISHI / Convertisseur MITSUBISHI Freqrol A500 inverter Repair:
FR-A540-0.4K (FRA5400.4K) Repair, FR-A540-0.75K-EC Repair, FR-A540-11K-EC Repair, FR-A540-3.7K-EC Repair, FR-A540-5.5K-EC Repair, FR-E 024-S1.5K Repair, FR-E520S-0.4K-EC Repair, FR-E540-2.2K-EC Repair, FR-E540-3.7K-EC Repair, (FRA540075KEC) Repair, FR-A540-1.5K-EC (FRA54015KEC) Repair, FR-A540-2.2K-EC (FRA5402.2KEC) Repair, FR-A540-22K-EC (FRA54022KEC) Repair, FR-A5NC (FRA5NC) Repair, FR-A5ND (FRA5ND) Repair, FR-A5NPA (FRA5NPA) Repair, FR-E5NF-H7.5K (FRE5NFH75K) Repair, FR-F540-11K-EC (FRF54011KEC) Repair, FR-F540-15K-EC (FRF54015KEC) Repair, FR-F540-18.5K-EC (FRF540185KEC) Repair, FR-F540-22K-EC (FRF54022KEC) Repair, FR-S540E-2.2K-EC (FRS540E22KEC) Repair, FR-A540-0.4K-NA Repair,  FR-A540-0.75K-NA Repair,  FR-A540-11K-NA Repair, FRA54015K Repair,  FR-A540-15K-NA Repair,  FRA54015KP Repair,  FRA540185KNA Repair,  FR-A540-2.2K Repair, FRA54022KEC Repair,  FR-A540-2.2K-NA Repair,  FR-A540-2.2K-UL Repair, FR-A540-30K-NA Repair, FR-A540-3.7K-NA Repair,  FR-A540-5.5K-NA Repair,  FR-A540-7.5K-NA Repair, FRA54075KP Repair,  FR-A540-7.5K-UL Repair,  FRA540E075KNA Repair.
Variateur Freqrol F700 drive MITSUBISHI / Convertisseur MITSUBISHI Freqrol A700 inverter :
FR-A740-00023-EC (FRA74000023EC) Repair , FR-A740-00038-EC (FRA74000038EC) Repair, FR-A740-00052-EC (FRA74000052EC) Repair, FR-A740-00083-EC (FRA74000083EC) Repair, FR-A740-00126-EC (FRA74000126EC) Repair, FR-A740-00170-EC (FRA74000170EC) Repair, FR-A740-00250-EC (FRA74000250EC) Repair, FR-A740-00310-EC (FRA74000310EC) Repair, FR-A740-00380-EC (FRA74000380EC) Repair, FR-A740-00470-EC (FRA74000470EC) Repair, FR-A740-00620-EC (FRA74000620EC) Repair, FR-A7AL (FRA7AL) Repair, FR-A7AP (FRA7AP) Repair, FR-A7AR (FRA7AR) Repair, FR-CA70-EC (FRCA70EC) Repair, FR-CA70-ECT (FRCA70ECT) Repair, FR-CF70-EC (FRCF70EC) Repair, FR-D720S-042-EC (FRD720S042EC) Repair, FR-D720S-070-EC (FRD720S070EC) Repair, FR-D720S-100-EC (FRD720S100EC) Repair, FR-D740-050-EC (FRD740050EC) Repair, FR-D740-080-EC (FRD740080EC) Repair, FR-D740-120-EC (FRD740120EC) Repair, FR-D740-160-EC (FRD740160EC) Repair, FR-DU07 (FRDU07) Repair,FR-F740-00052-EC (FRF74000052EC) Repair, FR-F740-00083-EC (FRF74000083EC) Repair, FR-F740-00126-EC (FRF74000126EC) Repair, FR-F740-00170-EC (FRF74000170EC) Repair, FR-F740-00250-EC (FRF74000250EC) Repair, FR-F740-00310-EC (FRF74000310EC) Repair, FR-F740-00380-EC (FRF74000380EC) Repair, FR-F740-00470-EC (FRF74000470EC) Repair, FR-F740-00620-EC (FRF74000620EC) Repair, fr-F740-11k-CHT (frF74011kCHT) Repair, FR-F746-00250-EC (FRF74600250EC) Repair, FR-PU07 (FRPU07) Repair, FRA044 3.7 KER Repair, FR-A740-0.4K-CHT Repair,  FR-A740-0.75K-CHT Repair, FR-A740-1.5K-CHT Repair,  FR-A740-2.2K-CHT Repair,  FR-A740-3.7K-CHT Repair, FR-A740-5.5K-CHT Repair,  FR-A740-7.5K-CHT Repair,  FR-A740-11K-CHT Repair,  FR-A740-15K-CHT Repair, FR-A740-18.5K-CHT Repair,  FR-A740-22K-CHT Repair, FR-A740-30K-CHT Repair,  FR-A740-37K-CHT Repair,  FR-A740-45K-CHT Repair,  FR-A740-55K-CHT Repair,  FR-A740-75K-CHT Repair, FR-A740-90K-CHT Repair, FR-A740-110K-CHT Repair,  FR-A740-132K-CHT Repair,  FR-A740-160K-CHT Repair,  FR-A740-185K-CHT Repair,  FR-A740-220K-CHT Repair,  FR-A740-250K-CHT Repair,  FR-A740-280K-CHT Repair,  FR-A740-315K-CHT Repair,  FR-A740-355K-CHT Repair,  FR-A740-400K-CHT Repair,  FR-A740-450K-CHT Repair,  FR-A740-500K-CHT Repair,  FR-F740-7.5K-CHT Repair,  FR-F740-11K-CHT Repair,  FR-F740-15K-CHT Repair,  FR-F740-18.5K-CHT Repair,  FR-F740-22K-CHT Repair,  FR-F740-30K-CHT Repair,  FR-F740-37K-CHT Repair,  FR-F740-45K-CHT Repair,  FR-F740-55K-CHT Repair,  FR-F740-S75K-CHT Repair,  FR-F740-S90K-CHT Repair, FR-F740-S110K-CHT Repair,  FR-F740-S132K-CHT Repair, FR-F740-S160K-CHT Repair,  FR-F740-S185K-CHT Repair,  FR-F740-S220K-CHT Repair,  FR-F740-S250K-CHT Repair,  FR-F740-S280K-CHT Repair,  FR-F740-S315K-CHT Repair,  FR-F740-S355K-CHT Repair,  FR-F740-S400K-CHT Repair,  FR-F740-S450K-CHT Repair,  FR-F740-S500K-CHT Repair, FR-F740-S560K-CHT Repair,  FR-F740-S630K-CHT Repair,  FR-A720-0.4K Repair,  FR-A720-0.75K Repair,  FR-A720-1.5K Repair,  FR-A720-2.2K Repair,  FR-A720-3.7K Repair, FR-A720-5.5K Repair,  FR-A720-7.5K Repair,  FR-A720-11K Repair,  FR-A720-15K Repair,  FR-A720-18.5K Repair,  FR-A720-22K Repair, FR-A720-30K Repair, FR-A720-37K Repair,  FR-A720-45K Repair,  FR-A720-55K Repair,  FR-A720-75K Repair,  FR-A720-90K Repair,  FR-F720-0.75K Repair,  FR-F720-1.5K Repair,  FR-F720-2.2K Repair, FR-F720-3.7K Repair,  FR-F720-5.5K Repair,  FR-F720-7.5K Repair,  FR-F720-11K Repair, FR-F720-15K Repair,  FR-F720-18.5K Repair, FR-F720-22K Repair, FR-F720-30K Repair,  FR-F720-37K Repair, FR-F720-45K Repair,  FR-F720-55K Repair,  FR-F720-75K Repair,  FR-F720-90K Repair,  FR-F720-110K Repair,  FR-E740-0.4K-CHT Repair, FR-E740-0.75K-CHT Repair,  FR-E740-1.5K-CHT Repair,  FR-E740-2.2K-CHT Repair, FR-E740-3.7K-CHT Repair,  FR-E740-5.5K-CHT Repair,  FR-E740-7.5K-CHT Repair,  FR-E740-11K-CHT Repair, FR-E740-15K-CHT Repair,  FR-E720S-0.4K-CHT Repair,  FR-E720S-0.75K-CHT Repair, FR-E720S-1.5K-CHT Repair, FR-E720S-2.2K-CHT Repair,  FR-E720-0.4K Repair,  FR-E720-0.75K Repair,  FR-E720-1.5K Repair, FR-E720-2.2K Repair, FR-E720-3.7K Repair,  FR-E720-5.5K Repair,  FR-E720-7.5K Repair,  FR-E720-11K Repair, FR-E720-15K Repair,  FR-D740-0.4K-CHT Repair,  FR-D740-0.75K-CHT Repair, FR-D740-1.5K-CHT Repair,  FR-D740-2.2K-CHT Repair, FR-D740-3.7K-CHT Repair,  FR-D740-5.5K-CHT Repair,  FR-D740-7.5K-CHT Repair,  FR-D720S-0.4K-CHT Repair, FR-D720S-0.75K-CHT Repair,  FR-D720S-1.5K-CHT Repair,  FR-D720S-2.2K-CHT Repair,  FR-D720-0.4K Repair, FR-D720-0.75K Repair, FR-D720-1.5K Repair,  FR-D720-2.2K Repair, FR-D720-3.7K Repair, FR-D720-5.5K Repair,  FR-D720-7.5K Repair.
Variateur Convertisseur Freqrol F746 drive inverter MITSUBISHI Repair:
FR-F746-00310-EC (FRF74600310EC) Repair, FR-F746-00470-EC (FRF74600470EC) Repair, FR-F746-00620-EC (FRF74600620EC) Repair, FR-F746-00770-EC (FRF74600770EC) Repair, FR-F746-00930-EC (FRF74600930EC) Repair, FR-F746-01160-EC (FRF74601160EC) Repair, FR-FSU-02600 (FRFSU02600) Repair, FR-FSU-02600-RE250 (FRFSU02600RE250) Repair, FR-FSU-02600-RE400 (FRFSU02600RE400) Repair, FR-FSU-03610 (FRFSU03610) Repair, FR-FSU-03610-RE400 (FRFSU03610RE400) Repair, FR-FSU-04810-RE630 (FRFSU04810RE630) Repair, FR-FSU-06830-RE800 (FRFSU06830RE800) Repair.
Servo Amplifier MITSUBISHI MR / MRJ2 / MRJ3 Repair:
MR-C10A1-UE (MRC10A1UE) Repair, MR-C10A-UE (MRC10AUE) Repair, MR-C20A1-UE (MRC20A1UE) Repair, MR-C20A-UE (MRC20AUE) Repair, MR-C40A-UE (MRC40AUE) Repair, MR-C-T01 (MRCT01) Repair, MR-H-100A (MRH100A) Repair, MR-J2-10B (MRJ210B) Repair, MR-J2-40A (MRJ240A) Repair, MR-J2-60B (MRJ260B) Repair, MR-J2-70A (MRJ270A) Repair, MR-J2HBUS05M (MRJ2HBUS05M) Repair, MR-J2S-100A (MRJ2S100A) Repair, MR-J2S-100A4 (MRJ2S100A4) Repair, MR-J2S-100B (MRJ2S100B) Repair, MR-J2S-100B4 (MRJ2S100B4) Repair, MR-J2S-100CL (MRJ2S100CL) Repair, MR-J2S-10A (MRJ2S10A) Repair, MR-J2S-10B (MRJ2S10B) Repair, MR-J2S-10CL (MRJ2S10CL) Repair, MR-J2S-10PG-KIT-1M (MRJ2S10PGKIT1M) Repair, MR-J2S-11KA4 (MRJ2S11KA4) Repair, MR-J2S-11KB4 (MRJ2S11KB4) Repair, MR-J2S-15KA4 (MRJ2S15KA4) Repair, MR-J2S-15KB4 (MRJ2S15KB4) Repair, MR-J2S-200A (MRJ2S200A) Repair, MR-J2S-200A4 (MRJ2S200A4) Repair, MR-J2S-200B (MRJ2S200B) Repair, MR-J2S-200B4 (MRJ2S200B4) Repair, MR-J2S-200CL (MRJ2S200CL) Repair, MR-J2S-20A (MRJ2S20A) Repair, MR-J2S-20B (MRJ2S20B) Repair, MR-J2S-20CL (MRJ2S20CL) Repair, MR-J2S-22KA4 (MRJ2S22KA4) Repair, MR-J2S-22KB4 (MRJ2S22KB4) Repair, MR-J2S-30KA4 (MRJ2S30KA4) Repair, MR-J2S-30KB4 (MRJ2S30KB4) Repair, MR-J2S-350A (MRJ2S350A) Repair, MR-J2S-350A4 (MRJ2S350A4) Repair, MR-J2S-350B (MRJ2S350B) Repair, MR-J2S-350B4 (MRJ2S350B4) Repair, MR-H350-BN-H-UE Repair, MR-J2-350C-S100 Repair, MR-J2-40A Repair, MR-J2S-100A Repair, MR-J2S-200B Repair, MR-J2S-20A Repair, MR-J2S-350A Repair, MR-J2S-70A Repair, MR-J2S-70B Repair, MR-J2S-70CL Repair, MR-J2S-350CL (MRJ2S350CL) Repair, MR-J2S-37KA4 (MRJ2S37KA4) Repair, MR-J2S-37KB4 (MRJ2S37KB4) Repair, MR-J2S-40A (MRJ2S40A) Repair, MR-J2S-40CL Repair , MR-J2S-45KA4 (MRJ2S45KA4) Repair, MR-J2S-45KB4 (MRJ2S45KB4) Repair, MR-J2S-500CL (MRJ2S500CL) Repair, MR-J2S-55KA4 (MRJ2S55KA4) Repair, MR-J2S-55KB4 (MRJ2S55KB4) Repair, MR-J2S-700A (MRJ2S700A) Repair, MR-J3-100A (MRJ3100A) Repair, MR-J3-100T (MRJ3100T) Repair, MR-J3-11KA4 (MRJ311KA4) Repair, MR-J3-15KB4 (MRJ315KB4) Repair, MR-J3-200A4 (MRJ3200A4) Repair, MR-J3-22KA4 (MRJ322KA4) Repair, MR-J3-350T (MRJ3350T) Repair, MR-J3-500A (MRJ3500A) Repair, MR-J3-500B4 (MRJ3500B4) Repair, MR-J3-700A (MRJ3700A) Repair, MRJ260A Repair.
A1SY50 Repair, MELSEC A38B Repair, A63P Repair, A68B Repair, MELSEC AX81 Repair, AY40A Repair, AY81 Repair, F-20CM-5ESS Repair, F-20CP-E Repair, FXon-40MR-DS Repair, FXon-8EX-ES Repair, FXon-8EYR-ES Repair, MELSEC SHCPU Repair, AJ71AR21 Repair, AJ72R25 Repair, E808240 Repair, E8083201 Repair, MELSEC GP-20 Repair , GP-20F-E Repair, E808390 Repair, E8083701 Repair, E8083601 Repair, E8082201 Repair, 404130-059 Repair, E8084401 Repair, MITSUBISHI WABCO PC-140 Repair,  PC-140MR Repair, FX2C-128MT Repair, FX2C128MT Repair, A616DAV Repair, A273 Repair, A273CPU Repair, A3HCPU-R21 Repair, AJ71QE71N3-T Repair, Q4ACPU Repair, K3CPU Repair, K3NCPU Repair, A4U-CPU Repair, A4UCPU Repair, Q3ACPU Repair, A3ACPU-P21 Repair, A3NCPU Repair, AJ72QLP25G Repair, MELDAS RF-23E Repair, NF800-SS Repair, NF800SS Repair, A3ACPU-R21 Repair, A3M-CPU-P21 Repair, A3MCPUP21 Repair, GOT1000 Repair, GT1685M-STBA Repair, AD5-1H-S3 Repair, AD51HS3 Repair, K3NCPUP2 Repair, K3NCPU-P2 Repair, BD625A834G51 Repair, Q173CPUN Repair, Mitsubishi Melsec Mini-S3 Master A1SJ71T32-S3 Repair, MITSUBISHI MELSEC Q Repair, Q61P-A2 Repair, Q61PA2 Repair, Q02H-CPU Repair, Q02HCPU Repair, QD75D4 Repair, QJ71C24N-R2 Repair, QJ71C24NR2 Repair, QX42 Repair, QY42P Repair, Q38B Repair, Q02CPU Repair, Q00JCPU-E Repair, Q00CPU Repair, Q01CPU Repair, Q06HCPU Repair, Q172CPU Repair, Q172LX Repair, QJ71DN91 Repair, QJ71LP21-25 Repair, QJ71C24-R2 Repair, Q612B Repair, Q68ADV Repair, Q25HCPU Repair, Q12HCPU Repair, Q00UCPU Repair, Q00UJCPU Repair, Q01CPU Repair, Q01UCPU Repair, Q02CPU Repair, Q02HCPU Repair, Q02UCPU Repair, Q03UDCPU Repair, Q03UDECPU Repair, Q04UDEHCPU Repair, Q04UDHCPU Repair, Q06HCPU Repair, Q06UDEHCPU Repair, Q06UDHCPU Repair, Q10UDEHCPU Repair, Q10UDHCPU Repair.
A171SHCPUN Repair, A172SENC Repair, A172SHCPUN Repair, A173UHCPU Repair, A178B Repair, A178B-S3 Repair, A1S33B-E Repair, A1S35B-E Repair, A1S38B-E Repair, A1S38HBEU Repair, A1S52B-S1 Repair, A1S55B-S1 Repair , A1S58B-S1 Repair, A1S61PN Repair, A1S62DA Repair, A1S62PEU Repair, A1S62PN Repair, A1S62RD3N Repair, A1S62RD4N Repair, A1S63ADA Repair, A1S63P Repair, A1S64AD Repair, A1S64TCRT-S1 Repair, A1S65B-S1 Repair, A1S66ADA Repair, A1S68AD Repair, A1S68B-S1 Repair, A1S68DAI Repair, A1S68DAV Repair, A1S68TD Repair, A1SC01B Repair, A1SC03B Repair, A1SC05NB Repair, A1SC07NB Repair, A1SC12B Repair, A1SC30B Repair, A1SC30NB Repair, A1SC50NB Repair, A1SC60B Repair, A1SCPU Repair, A1SD61 Repair, A1SD62E Repair, A1SD70 Repair, A1SD75P1 Repair, A1SD75-C01H Repair, A1SD75P1-S3 Repair, A1SD75P2-S3 Repair, A1SD75P3-S3 Repair, A1SG60 Repair, A1SHCPU Repair, A1SI61 Repair, A1SJ51T64 Repair, A1SJ61BT11 Repair, A1SJ61QBT11 Repair, A1SJ71AR21 Repair, IEC 62062-2 Repair, A1SJ71AS92 Repair, A1SJ71AT21B Repair, A1SJ71DN91 Repair, A1SJ71E71-B2-S3 Repair, A1SJ71E71N-B2 Repair, A1SJ71E71N-B5 Repair, A1SJ71E71N-T Repair, A1SJ71E71N3-T Repair, MelsecNet Repair, A1SJ71LP21GE Repair, A1SJ71PB92D Repair, EN50170 Repair, A1SJ71PB93D Repair, A1SJ71QBR11 Repair, A1SJ71QC24N Repair, A1SJ71QC24N-R2 Repair, A1SJ71QE71N-B2 Repair, A1SJ71QE71N-B5 Repair, A1SJ71QE71N3-T Repair, A1SJ71QE71NB5T Repair, A1SJ71QLP21 Repair, A1SJ71QLP21GE Repair, A1SJ71QLR21 Repair, A1SJ71UC24-R2 Repair, A1SJ71UC24-R4 Repair, A1SJ71UC24-R4-S2 Repair, A1SNMCA-2KE Repair, A1SNMCA-8KE Repair, A1SP60 Repair, A1ST60 Repair, A1SX10EU Repair, A1SX20EU Repair, A1SX40-S1 Repair, A1SX42 Repair, A1SX48-Y58 Repair, A1SX80 Repair, A1SX80-S1 Repair, A1SX81 Repair, A1SX82-S1 Repair, A1SY10EU Repair, A1SY14EU Repair, A1SY18AEU Repair, A1SY40 Repair, A1SY41 Repair, A1SY41P Repair, A1SY42P Repair, A1SY60 Repair, A1SY80 Repair, A1SY81 Repair, A2ASCPU Repair, A2ASCPU-S1 Repair, A2ASCPU-S30 Repair, A2SHCPU Repair, A2SHCPU-S1 Repair, A2SMCA-30KE Repair, AX82 Repair, AY82 Repair, A1SX81 Repair, A1SY81 Repair, A32-CBL-3M Repair, A616AD Repair, A6BAT Repair, A70BDE-J71QBR13 Repair, A70BDE-J71QLP23 Repair, A70BDE-J71QLP23GE Repair, A70BDE-J71QLR23 Repair, A80BDE-J61BT11 Repair, A80BDE-J61BT13 Repair, AG-2P-30M-A Repair, AG-2P-5M-A Repair, AGS-2P-10M-625A Repair, AGS-2P-20M-625A Repair, AGS-2P-2M-625A Repair, AGS-2P-30M-625A Repair, AGS-2P-5M-625A Repair, AGS-CS-3M-625A Repair, AGS-CS-4M-50A Repair, AGS-CS-4M-625A Repair, AJ65SBT-RPG Repair, AJ65SBT-RPS Repair, AJ65SBT-RPT Repair, AJ71PB92D Repair, AS-2P-02M-B Repair, AS-2P-100M-B Repair, AS-2P-10M-B Repair, AS-2P-20M-B Repair, AS-2P-2M-A Repair, AS-2P-30M-B Repair, AS-2P-50M-A Repair, AS-2P-50M-B Repair, AS-2P-5M-A Repair, CA7003 Repair, COVER A1S Repair, DL6-CP Repair, DP V0700-1L0C-E Repair, A1SY22 Repair, HM50C Repair, TL-5135 Repair, Q1MEM-1MS Repair, Q1MEM-256SE Repair, Q1MEM-2MS Repair, Q2ASCPU Repair, Q2ASCPU-S1 Repair, Q2ASHCPU Repair, Q2ASHCPU-S1 Repair, Q32-ST-CAB-03M Repair, Q32-ST-CAB-06M Repair, Q32-ST-CAB-15M Repair, Q32-ST-CAB-30M Repair, A6CON Repair, Q40CBL-3M Repair, Q40CBL-5M Repair, ST-16-TRANSISTOR-2A Repair, ST-32 Repair, ST-JUMPER Repair, ST16-3 Repair, ST16-SOCKET Repair, ST16-TRIAC-1A Repair, ST32-3 Repair, ST32-DIOD Repair, A2NCPU Repair, A62DA Repair.
Automate Programmable MITSUBISHI MELSEC F / F1 / F2 Repair:
F-40MR-ES Repair, F-20MR-ES Repair, F-20ER-ES Repair, F-40ER-DS Repair, F1-10ER-UL Repair, F1-20ER-UL Repair, F1-40ER-UL Repair, FI-60ER-UL Repair, F110ERUL Repair, F120ERUL Repair, F140ERUL Repair, FI60ERUL Repair, F1-12MR-UL Repair, F112MRUL Repair, F1-12MR-ES Repair, F1-20MR-UL Repair, F120MRUL Repair, F1-30MR-UL Repair, F1-40MR-UL Repair, F140MRUL Repair, F1-60MR-UL Repair, F160MRUL Repair, F130MRUL Repair, F1-20MR-ES Repair, F1-30MR-ES Repair, F1-40MR-ES Repair, F1-60MR-UL Repair, F1-60MR-ES Repair, F2-20MR-ES Repair, F2-20MS-UA1 Repair, F2-40MR-ES Repair, F2-40MR-DS Repair, F2-40MR-UA2 Repair, F2-40MT-ESS Repair, F2-60MR-ES Repair, F2-60MR-UA1 Repair, F2-60MR-UA2 Repair, F2-60MS-UA1 Repair, F2-60MR-DS Repair, F2-60MR-DS Repair, F2-60MT-ESS Repair, F1-10ER-ES Repair, F1-20ER-ES Repair, F1-20ER-ES Repair, F1-40ER-ES Repair, F2-8EYR-E Repair, F1-60ER-ES Repair, F2-20ET-ESS Repair, F2-40ER-ES Repair, F2-40ES-UA1 Repair, F2-40ES-ES Repair, F2-60ER-ES Repair, F2-60ER-DS Repair, F2-60ET-ESS Repair, F2-60ER-UA2 Repair, F2-6AE Repair, F2-40AW Repair, F2-40AC Repair, F2-40AC2 Repair, F-ROM-1 Repair, F-EEPROM-2 Repair, F40MRES Repair, F20MRES Repair, F20ERES Repair, F40ERDS Repair, F112MRES Repair, F120MRES Repair, F130MRES Repair, F140MRES Repair, F160MRUL Repair, F160MRES Repair, F220MRES Repair, F220MSUA1 Repair, F240MRES Repair, F240MRDS Repair, F240MRUA2 Repair, F240MTESS Repair, F260MRES Repair, F260MRUA1 Repair, F260MRUA2 Repair, F260MSUA1 Repair, F260MRDS Repair, F260MRDS Repair, F260MTESS Repair, F110ERES Repair, F120ERES Repair, F120ERES Repair, F140ERES Repair, F28EYRE Repair, F160ERES Repair, F220ETESS Repair, F240ERES Repair, F240ESUA1 Repair, F240ESES Repair, F260ERES Repair, F260ERDS Repair, F260ETESS Repair, F260ERUA2 Repair, F26AE Repair, F240AW Repair, F240AC Repair, F240AC2 Repair, FROM1 Repair, FEEPROM2 Repair, F1-20MR-UL Repair, F1-20MT Repair, F1-20P-E Repair, F-12R-U Repair, F1-30MR-UL Repair, F1-40ER Repair, F1-40MR Repair, F1-40MR-UL Repair, F1-60MR Repair, F1-60MR-UL Repair, F-20MR-U1 Repair, F-20MW Repair, F-20P-CAB Repair, F-20P-E Repair, F2-20ER-UA1 Repair, F2-20ET-U Repair, F2-20GF1 Repair, F2-20GFI Repair, F2-20MR Repair, F2-20MT Repair, F2-20P-E Repair, F2-40BL Repair, F240BLER6C Repair, F2-40ER-UA1 Repair, F2-40MR Repair, F2-40MR-UA1 Repair, F2-40MR-UL Repair, F2-40MS-U Repair, F2-40MSUA1 Repair, F2-40MT Repair, F240MT-U Repair, F2-60ER Repair, F2-60ES-U Repair, F2-60MR Repair, F2-60MR-UA1 Repair, F2-60MR-UL Repair, F2-60MS Repair, F2-60MS-U Repair, F2-60MR Repair, F260MR Repair, F2-40MR Repair, F240MR Repair, F920GOTBBD5KE Repair, F930GOTBBDKE Repair, F940G0T-SWD Repair, F940GOTLWE Repair, F940GOTSBDH Repair,  F940WG0TTWD Repair,  F940WGOTTWDE Repair,  F-EEPROM-1 Repair,  F-EPROM-1 Repair.
MITSUBISHI MELSEC FX1N / FX1S : Automate Programmable Repair:
FX1N-2AD-BD Repair, FX1N-1DA-BD Repair, FX1N-4EX-BD Repair, FX1N-232-BD Repair, FX1N-485-BD Repair, FX1N-8AV-BD Repair, FX1N-CNV-BD Repair, FX2NC-232ADP Repair, FX1N-CNV-BD Repair, FX0N-232ADP Repair, FX1N-CNV-BD Repair, FX2NC-485ADP Repair, FX1N-CNV-BD Repair, FX0N-485ADP Repair, FX1N-2EYT-BD Repair, FX1N-422-BD Repair, FX1N-5DM Repair, FX1N-EEPROM-8L Repair, FX-PCS/WIN-E Repair, FX-PCS/AT-EE Repair, FX-232AWC Repair, FX-232AW Repair, FX-20P-E Repair, FX-10P-E Repair, FX1S-10MR-ES/UL Repair, FX1S-14MR-ES/UL Repair, FX1S-20MR-ES/UL Repair, FX1S-30MR-ES/UL Repair, FX1S-10MR-DS Repair, FX1S-14MR-DS Repair, FX1S-20MR-DS Repair, FX1S-30MR-DS Repair, FX1S-10MT-ESS/UL Repair, FX1S-14MT-ESS/UL Repair, FX1S-20MT-ESS/UL Repair, FX1S-30MT-ESS/UL Repair, FX1S-10MT-DSS Repair, FX1S-14MT-DSS Repair, FX1S-20MT-DSS Repair, FX1S-30MT-DSS Repair, GOT-900 Repair, FX-10DM-E Repair, FX-10DU-E Repair, FX-50DU-TKS-E Repair, FX-40DU-TK-ES Repair, FX-40DU-ES Repair, FX-30DU-E Repair, FX-25DU-E Repair, FX-20DU-E Repair.
MITSUBISHI MELSEC FX0 / FX0N : Automate Programmable Repair :
FX0-14MR-UA1 Repair, FX0-20MR-UA1 Repair, FX0-30MR-UA1 Repair, FX0N-24MR-UA1 Repair, FX0N-40MR-UA1 Repair, FX0N-60MR-UA1 Repair, FX0-14MR-ES Repair, FX0-20MR-ES Repair, FX0-30MR-ES Repair, FX0N-24MR-ES Repair, FX0N-40MR-ES Repair, FX0N-60MR-ES Repair, FX0-14MT-E Repair, FX0-20MT-E Repair, FX0-30MT-E Repair, FX0N-24MT-E Repair, FX0N-40MT-E Repair, FX0N-60MT-E Repair, FX0-14MR-DS Repair, FX0-20MR-DS Repair, FX0-30MR-DS Repair, FX0N-24MR-DS Repair, FX0N-40MR-DS Repair, FX0N-60MR-DS Repair, FX0-14ER-ES Repair, FX0-20ER-ES Repair, FX0-30ER-ES Repair, FX0N-24ER-ES Repair, FX0N-40ER-ES Repair, FX0N-60ER-ES Repair, FX0-14ER-DS Repair, FX0-20ER-DS Repair, FX0-30ER-DS Repair, FX0N-24ER-DS Repair, FX0N-40ER-DS Repair, FX0N-60ER-DS Repair, FX0N-8EX-ES Repair, FX0N-8EX-UA1 Repair, FX0N-8EYR-ES Repair, FX0N-8EYT-ESS Repair, FX0N-16EX-ES Repair, FX0N-16EYR-ES Repair, FX0N-16EYT-ESS/UL, FX0N-3A Repair, FX0N-16NT Repair, FX0N-232ADP Repair, FX0N-485ADP Repair, FX0N-32NT-DP Repair, FX0N-40ET Repair.
Ecran moniteur CNC / Mitsubishi Monitors Repair:
C-5470NS Repair, C5470NS Repair, A1QA8DSP40 Repair, MDT962B-1A Repair, MDT962B1A Repair, C5470 Repair, 8DSP40 Repair, MDT947B Repair, MDT947B-2B Repair, MDT947B-1A Repair, MDT947B1A Repair, TR-120S9C Repair, TR120S9C Repair, CD1472D1M2M Repair, CD1472D1M2-M Repair, CDT14148B Repair, CDT14111B Repair.