Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Mazak Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Mazak industrial automation products.

Here are some of the MazakIndustrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

Mitsubishi, Mazatrol CNC Repair:05-SVBD-1 Repair, 1550129601 Repair, 1-829037A Repair, 1-829038A Repair, 1-829039A Repair, C-5470NS Repair, LFNG14060000 Repair, MPS-510 Repair, MPS-520 Repair, MR-S11-300-E01 Repair, MSVB-SP-15NC Repair, MV30-2.6KW Repair, MV30-11 Repair, MV4-200W Repair, MV4-200W Repair, SB-PRI-0 A1QA 8DSP40 (AIQDSP40) Repair, MAZATROL M-32 Repair, T-32 Repair, M-2 Repair, T- Repair2, MC712B Repair, MC724B Repair , 03-81579-02 Repair , 03-81581-02 Repair , MC411D Repair , MC419B Repair, MITSUBISHI MC116 Repair, MC323C , Ecran / Monitor : 26S14019, Repair 26S14019C 26S14019L Repair, 26S14019C/1 Repair, 26S14019R Repair, 26S14019XC Repair, 26S14019XC/1 Repair, 26S14O19 Repair,26S14015 Repair, 20C12C15 Repair, 20C12A15 Repair, 20C12A15F Repair, 20C12C15F Repair, 20C12C32HX Repair, 20C12A32HX Repair, 21S12C32HX Repair, 20C09C15 Repair, 20C09A15 Repair, 20C09A15F Repair, 20C09C15F Repair, 20C09C32HX Repair, 20C09A32HX Repair, 21S09C32HX Repair, QT28 Repair, armoire T-PLUS Repair, MC455A  Repair, MC617C  Repair, Ecran MAZAK M Plus M+ MDT1283B Repair, M-2 M-32 T-2 T-32  Repair, MPS-510 I-829037A Repair, MPS-520 I-829038 Repair, MPS-530 I-829039 Repair, FX-06E Mazak Mazatrol T-2 M-2 Repair, FX-701C Repair, TRS-75B Repair, TRS-50B Repair, T32 YZ416B-3  Repair, J-829037A  Repair, MAZAK Mazatrol M2 Repair, Mazatrol M-32  Repair, vtc20b Repair, MAZATROL T1 Repair, VQC15/40 Repair, VQC 20/50 Repair, VQC 20-40 Repair, A4x Repair, AJV 25-405 Repair, V-550 Repair, H 400 6apc Repair, H 400-N Repair, V-550 Repair, H 500/40 Repair, Integrex 50-Y Repair, QT 8N Repair, QT 28 N Repair, V 515/40 Repair, V 515/40 2 apc Repair, FH 1080 Repair, MAZAK CAM2 CNC CONTROL : UF01A / MELDAS YM2 Repair, V15N  Repair, PD14 Repair, FX17 Repair, FX06 Repair, FX31 Repair, FX27 Repair, FX84-1 Repair, FX15 Repair, FX25 Repair, FX53(1) Repair, FX63 Repair, FX73 Repair, FX52 Repair, FX84 Repair, FX32 Repair, FX56 Repair, CRT Repair, MPG Repair, KEYPADS Repair, MDS-B-SP-260 Repair, PD14A Repair, TP-0B004 Repair.