Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Motorola Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Motorola industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Motorola Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

MVME5100 Repair, MVME 1600-100 Repair, MVME 760-001 Repair.Carte VME : MVME 147 : CPU 68020 / 68030 Repair:MVME110-1 Repair, MVME133 Repair, MVME133-1 Repair, MVME133A-20 Repair, MVME133SA Repair, MVME141-1 Repair, MVME141-3 Repair, MVME147 Repair, MVME147-010 Repair, MVME147-010A Repair, MVME147-011 Repair,MVME147-011A Repair, MVME147-012 Repair, MVME147-012A Repair, MVME147-013 Repair, MVME147-013A Repair, MVME147-022 Repair, MVME147-022A Repair, MVME147-024 Repair, MVME147S Repair, MVME147S-1 Repair, MVME147SA-1 Repair, MVME147SB-1 Repair, MVME147SB-2 Repair, MVME147SC-2 Repair, MVME147SRF Repair.Carte VME : MVME 162 : CPU 68040 Repair:MVME162-010A Repair, MVME162-012 Repair, MVME162-012A Repair, MVME162-013 Repair, MVME162-013A Repair, MVME162-020 Repair, MVME162-022 Repair, MVME162-023 Repair, MVME162-023A Repair, MVME162-032 Repair, MVME162-040 Repair, MVME162-211 Repair, MVME162-212 Repair, MVME162-213 Repair, MVME162-215 Repair, MVME162-222 Repair, MVME162-223 Repair, MVME162-253 Repair, MVME162-263 Repair, MVME162-410 Repair, MVME162-412 Repair, MVME162-432 Repair, MVME162-433 Repair, MVME162-510A Repair, MVME162-512A Repair, MVME162-522A Repair, MVME162-523 Repair, MVME162-532A Repair, MVME162P-242LE Repair, MVME162P-242LSE Repair, MVME162P-244LE Repair, MVME162P-252SE Repair, MVME162P-344 Repair, MVME162P-344E Repair, MVME162PA-242LE Repair, MVME162PA-244L Repair, MVME162PA-244LE Repair, MVME162PA-244LSE Repair, MVME162PA-344B Repair, MVME162PA-344E Repair, MVME162-512A Repair.
Carte VME : MVME 167 : CPU 68040 Repair:MVME165 Repair, MVME167 Repair, MVME167-04A Repair, MVME167-031A Repair, MVME167-032B Repair, MVME167-033A Repair, MVME167-033B Repair, MVME167-034A Repair, MVME167-34B Repair, MVME167-034B Repair, MVME167-035B Repair, MVME167-036B Repair, MVME167P-036SE Repair, MVME167P-35SE Repair, MVME167P-34SE Repair, MVME167-04 Repair, MVME167A Repair, MVME167P-24SE Repair, MVME167P-35SE Repair.
Carte VME : MVME 177 : CPU 68060 Repair:MVME172-253 Repair, MVME172-263 Repair, MVME177-002 Repair, MVME177-003 Repair, MVME177-004 Repair, MVME177-005 Repair, MVME177-006 Repair, MVME177-012 Repair, MVME177-013 Repair, MVME177-014 Repair, MVME177-015 Repair, MVME177-016 Repair, MVME177P-54SE Repair, MVME177P-55SE Repair, MVME177P-56SE Repair, MVME177P-64SE Repair, MVME177P-65SE Repair, MVME177P-66SE Repair, MVME177P-67SE Repair.