Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Moretto Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Moretto industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Moretto Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

6062243 Repair, 1DM 30-1 Repair, 452549 Repair, 452572 Repair, 452673 Repair, 452695 Repair, 452697 Repair, 453285 Repair, 453296 Repair, 453433 Repair, 453436 Repair, 453438 Repair, 453439 Repair, 453443 Repair, 453444 Repair, 453445 Repair, 453446 Repair, 453447 Repair, 453458 Repair, 453460 Repair, 453495 Repair, 453787 Repair, 453788 Repair, 453790 Repair, 453793 Repair, 453794 Repair, 453795 Repair, 453831 Repair, 453856 Repair, 453895 Repair, 454193 Repair, 75378 Repair, 753788 Repair, 965770 Repair, APEXALIM Repair, CH11T Repair, CHARGEUR Repair, CHARGEURAM Repair, CM10 Repair, CM10.12H Repair, CM10/12 Repair, CM10/12M Repair, CM10/12WPUI Repair, CM10/30-12 Repair, CM10/30-12PUI Repair, CM11TEALIM Repair, CM11TEPUI Repair, COLLA Repair, DG MASTER Repair, DOSEUR Repair, DOSING UNIT Repair, HSDP204A Repair, HSL8/M134590 Repair, ID30 Repair, IDM 30 Repair, IDM10 Repair, IDM30-1 Repair, LM 32010P Repair, M09303 Repair, MASTER Repair, MASTER 100 Repair, MASTER 200 Repair, MASTER VH Repair, MO91GP Repair, MOOVT3 Repair, NFW Repair, OPTIDM30-1 Repair, RO31280 Repair, SPELSY SP001 Repair, STK-TDH02 Repair, TDH02 GDRRMO Repair, TRANSFO453446 Repair, V22 Repair, VR2 Repair, VT Repair.