Manufactures Repaired



Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Lenze Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Lenze industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Lenze Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

Variateur / Convertisseur de fréquence / Servo variateur Repair : 33.472-E Repair, 33.4904 E.1C.22 Repair, 33.534-E Repair, 33.807E Repair, 33.817-E Repair, 33.8203-E Repair, 33.8204-E Repair, 33.8213-E Repair, 33.8215-E Repair, 33.8215F Repair, 33.8313-E Repair, 33.8604E Repair, 33.8607-E Repair, 33.8610-E Repair, 33.8612-E Repair, 33534E Repair, 338610E Repair, 33.9326VE.7A.63 Repair, A72E1 Repair, AC7913 Repair, AZSE 140/10/24 Repair, AZSE140/10/24N Repair, ECD4906-E Repair, EMB9341-E Repair, EMB9342-E Repair, EMB9342E Repair, EMB9343-E Repair, EMB9351-E Repair, EMZ 8201 VB Repair, EMZ8201BB/SCOF Repair, EMZ9371BC Repair, EMZ 9371BC Repair, EPD203 Repair, EUF 8216-E Repair.Lenze DC Drive Repair :461 Repair, 471E SO Repair, 471E+03 Repair, 472 F SO Repair, 472-E.1F Repair, 472E Repair, 472E/S0 Repair, 4 Repair,72E+03 Repair, 473-E Repair, 473 Repair, 473E Repair, 481 Repair, 481_E.1D Repair, 481E-S0 Repair, 481E.1 Repair, 482 Repair, 482E-S0 Repair, 482E+03 Repair, 482/E1 Repair, 4900 Repair, 4901VP.1B Repair, 4904 Repair, 4904_E.1C.22 Repair, 492 E 3D Repair, 492 E-3E Repair, 492 E-SO Repair, 493E.3 Repair, 493E3D Repair, 5032 Repair, 530 Repair, 531 Repair, 532 Repair, 532_E.1B Repair, 533 Repair, 534 Repair, 534 E-1 Repair, 533-E.1B Repair, 632E Repair, 632E 1.5KW Repair, 633E+05 Repair, 634E4 3.6KW Repair, 763 E 1 Repair, 9115B Repair, EVD472-E Repair, EVD473-E Repair, EVD481E Repair, EVD482-E Repair, EVD 472-E Repair, EVD471 E1 Repair, EVD471-E Repair, EVD471ESO Repair, EVD472 Repair, EVD472E Repair,VD472ESO Repair, EVD473E Repair, EVD482-E Repair, EVD4904-E Repair, EVD4907-E Repair, EVD532-E Repair, EVD533-E Repair, EVD534--E Repair, EVD534-E Repair, EVD4902-E Repair, EVD4906-E Repair, EVD513-E-V501 Repair.Lenze 8300 / Lenze 8600 Repair : Inverter :8102 E.4E.12 Repair, 8103.E.4G.12 Repair, 8103-E.5C.21 Repair, 8104 E4.G12 Repair, 8105-E.6A.2 Repair, 8105 E.6A.22 Repair, 8106 E.4G.12 Repair, 8306 E.1N23 Repair, 8307 E.1I.23 Repair, 8308 E.1K.23 Repair, 8309_E Repair, 8605 E.1B.11 Repair,8606 E.2E.20 Repair, 8607 E.OB.11 Repair, 8607E.4A.60 Repair, 8608-E.E1.11 Repair, 8608ES0 Repair, 8611E-4A-60 Repair, 8611E.4A.60R Repair, 8612.E.1D.11 Repair, EVF8601-E-V009 Repair, EVF8603-E Repair, EVF8604-E Repair, EVF8605-E-V004 Repair, EVF8608-E Repair, EVF8609-E Repair, EVF8605-E Repair, EVF8610-E Repair.Lenze 8100 / Lenze 8200 : Inverter Repair :EVF8104-A Repair, EVF8201-E Repair, EVF8201-EOPT1 Repair, EVF8201-EOPT2 Repair, EVF8202-E Repair, EVF8203-E Repair, EVF8204-E Repair, EVF 8211-E Repair, EVF8211-E Repair, EVF8211-R-V020 Repair, EVF8212-E Repair, EVF8212-E-V020 Repair, EVF8213-E Repair, EVF 8213-E Repair, EVF8214-E Repair, EVF8215-E Repair, EVF8215ES Repair, EVF 8215-E Repair, EVF 8216-E Repair, EVF8216-E Repair, EVF8217-E Repair, EVF8218-E Repair, EVF8220-E Repair, EVF8221-E Repair, EVF 8221-E-V020 Repair, EVF8221-E-V020 Repair, EVF8222-E Repair, EVF-8222-E Repair, EVF8222E Repair, EVF8223-E-V020 Repair, EVF8224-E Repair, EVF8225-E-V020 Repair, EVF8245-E Repair, EVF 8244-E Repair, EVF8244-E Repair.LENZE Variateur 8200 VECTORRepair:E82DV113K Repair, E82EB251-X2B Repair, E82EV113-4B200 Repair, E82EV113-4C Repair, E82EV113-4C200 Repair, E82EV152-2B Repair, E82EV152-4B200 Repair, E82EV152-4C200 Repair, E82EV152-2C Repair, E82EV152K-4C000 Repair, E82EV152K4C000 Repair, E82EV152-4B Repair, E82EV152-4C Repair, E82EV222-4B Repair, E82EV222K4B Repair, E82EV222-4C200 Repair, E82EV222-4B200 Repair, E82EV2222-4B Repair, E82EV251-K2C Repair, E82EV251-2B Repair, E82EV251-2B001 Repair, E82EV302-4C200 Repair, E82EV302K-4B000-XXPG14 Repair, E82EV302-4B Repair, E82EV302K-4B000-XXVA14 Repair, E82EV302K-4B000-XXVE22 Repair, E82EV302-4C Repair, E82EV303-4B201 Repair, E82EV303-4B241 Repair, E82EV371-2B Repair, E82EV371-2C Repair, E82EV371K-2C Repair, E82EV402-4C200 Repair, E82EV402-4B Repair, E82EV402K-4B Repair, E82EV453-4B201 Repair, E82EV551-4C200 Repair, E82EV551K-2C Repair, E82EV551K-4C Repair, E82EV551-2B Repair, E82EV551-2B200 Repair, E82EV551-2C Repair, E82EV551-2C200 Repair, E82EV551-4B Repair, E82EV552K-4C Repair, E82EV552-4B Repair, E82EV552-4C Repair, E82EV552-4C200 Repair, E82EV751-2B Repair, E82EV751-2B200 Repair, E82EV751-2C Repair, E82EV751-2C200 Repair, E82EV751-4B Repair, E82EV751-4B040 Repair, E82EV751-4C Repair, E82EV752 Repair, E82EV751-4C Repair, E82EV751-4C200 Repair, E82EV752-4B Repair, E82EV752-4C Repair, E82EV752-4C200 Repair, E82EV752-4C240 Repair, E82MV222-4B001 Repair, E82MV402-4B001 Repair, E82MV522-4B001 Repair, E82MV551-4B001 Repair, E82ZAFSC Repair, E82ZAFSC010 Repair, E82ZAFSC100-S Repair, E82ZBC Repair, E82ZAFC Repair, E82EV752K4C200 Repair, E82EV751K2C200 Repair, E82EV152K2C200 Repair, E82EV222K2C200 Repair, E82EV302K2C200 Repair, E82EV402K2C200 Repair, E82EV552K2C200 Repair, E82EV752K2C200 Repair, E82EV551K4C200 Repair, E82EV751K4C200 Repair, E82EV152K4C200 Repair, E82EV222K4C200 Repair, E82EV302K4C200 Repair, E82EV551K2C200 Repair, E82EV552K4C200 Repair.LENZE Variateur 9300 VECTOR Drives Repair :EVF9332-EV Repair, E82EV112K4C200 Repair, EVF9321-EV Repair, EVF9322-EV Repair, EVF9323-EV Repair, EVF9324-EV Repair, EVF9325-EV Repair, EVF9326-EV Repair, EVF9327-EV Repair, EVF9328-EV Repair, EVF9329-EV Repair, EVF9330-EV Repair, EVF9331-EV Repair, E82EV402K4C200 Repair.LENZE Servo Variateur 9200 Servo Drives Repair: Alimentation 9210 Repair, Axe 9220 Repair,9212-E : 33.9212-E Repair, 9215-E : 33.9215-E Repair, 9217-E : 33.9217-E Repair, 9222-E : 33.9222-E Repair, 9223-E : 33.9223-E Repair, 9224-E : 33.9224-E Repair, 9225-E : 33.9225-E Repair, 9226-E : 33.9226-E Repair, 9227-E : 33.9227-E Repair, 9228-E : 33.9228-E Repair, module 2211PP Repair.
LENZE Servo Variateur 9300 / 9400 Servo Drives Repair:EVS9321-ES Repair, EVS-9322-ES Repair, EVS-9323-ES Repair, EVS9323-ES Repair, EVS-9324-ES Repair, EVS-9325-ES Repair, EVS-9326-ES Repair, EVS-9327-ES Repair, EVS-9328-ES Repair, EVS9328-EI Repair, EVS-9329-ES Repair, EVS9329-EP Repair, EVS-9330-ES Repair, EVS-9331-ES Repair, EVS-9332-ES Repair, E94ASHE0024 Repair, E94ASHE0034 Repair. E94ASHE0044 Repair, E94ASHE0074 Repair, E94ASHE0134 Repair. E94ASHE0174 Repair, E94ASHE0244 Repair, E94ASHE0324 Repair. E94ASHE0474 Repair, E94ASHE0594 Repair, E94ASHE0864 Repair. E94ASHE1044 Repair, E94ASHE1454 Repair, E94ASHE1724 Repair. E94ASHE2024 Repair, E94ASHE2454 Repair, E94ASHE2924 Repair. E94ASHE3664 Repair, E94ASHE4604 Repair, E94ASHE5724 Repair. E94ASHE6354 Repair, E94ASHE6954 Repair, EVS9217-E Repair, EVS9324-ES Repair, EVS9325-ES Repair, EVS9326-ES Repair, Lenze 9220 servodrive Repair, EVS9327-ES Repair, EZN3A0088H024 Repair, EZN-3A0088H024 Repair.