Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Lambda Industrial Electronics Repairs services.We have the capabilities to repair and service all make and model of Industrial automation products.

Our trained and experienced electronics repair engineers/technicians perform component level repairs on all Lambda Power Supply. 

Here are some of the models of Lambda Power Supply with part no. which we repair:

POWER SUPPLY Repair: NEMIC LAMBDA / LAMBDA COUTANT Repair : ALPHA 1000 Repair, CA400T Repair, EWS300 Repair, EWS300-18 Repair, EWS 300-12 Repair, EWS300-24 Repair, EWS600-18 Repair, EWS 600P-24 Repair, EWS100-12 Repair, EWS120-12 Repair, EWS150-24 Repair, EWS1500-12 Repair, EWS1500-24 Repair, EWS1500-36 Repair, EWS1500-48 Repair, EWS50-15 Repair, EWS50-6 Repair, EWS600-12 Repair, EWS600-15 Repair, EWS600-18 Repair, LVS-44E-5 Repair, LWT50H-522 Repair, LFS-48-24 Repair, LFS-49-24 Repair, LFS-42-5 Repair, LFS-44-24 Repair, LFS-45A-24 Repair, LIS-81-24 Repair, LNS-P-24 Repair, LNS-W-5-0V Repair, LVT-41E-144 Repair, LXS250-3 Repair, LYS-PV-24 Repair, LSF42-48K Repair, LVS-42E-24 Repair, LRS-54V-48 Repair, LVS-45E-12 Repair, LWD50-0512 Repair, LWT 15H-522 Repair, LWT-4HA-5FF Repair, LYS-KV-24 Repair, LYS-PV-24 Repair, OMEGA 1000 Repair, OMEGA 600 Repair, OMEGA 800-PFC Repair, OMS1000 Repair, OMS1000/20 Repair, OMS1000/20.5 Repair, PFC0500 Repair, PFC0500-4CH-N Repair, PFC1000-3AH-Z Repair, RP1000-3AH-Z Repair, CA1000 Repair, CA600 26G Repair, CA400QF Repair, LRS-54V-48 Repair, CIRIUS CS250 EI 5/12 Repair, CSL2 0506-1215-2430 Repair, NS-RS-CA600 Repair, DRP-960-3 Repair, HAL-01-365 Repair, HSU45-10 Repair, HSU100-32 Repair, JWS100-15-A Repair, JWS124A Repair, JWS50-15A Repair, JWS50-24A Repair, JWS600 48 Repair, JWS600-15 Repair, JWS600-24 Repair, JWT75-5FF A Repair, LA-300V Repair, LES-EE-03-0V-V Repair, MML 200 Repair, MML 400 Repair, MML 400-E1 Repair, MML 400PFCX1 Repair, MML 600 Repair, MPU-1 Repair, NNS30-24 Repair, PA-3D-2-6SG Repair, PA-3N-5-6SK Repair, PFHC-2600 Repair, SAQ800QP Repair, SCB-026B Repair, SCB-066C Repair, SCB041B Repair, SCB048B Repair, SWT40-5FF Repair, UBK-1HJPW Repair, UBT-1PQW Repair, ZS120P-24 Repair, ZT90-5FF Repair, ZUP20-10 Repair, ZWS75PF-24 Repair, RS-7-5 Repair, V401SPJ Repair, V6G01R7 Vega 650 Repair.