Manufactures Repaired



Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Lust Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Lust industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Lust Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

DriveTronics : Variateur / Drive Repair: CDD3000 : CDD34.003.C1.1 Repair, CDD34.017.C2.0 Repair, CDD34.024.W2.1 Repair, CDD32.004 Repair, CDD32.006 Repair, CDD32.008 Repair, CDD34.003 Repair, CDD34.005 Repair, CDD34.006 Repair, CDD34.008 Repair, CDD34.010 Repair, CDD34.014 Repair, CDD34.017 Repair, CDD34.024 Repair, CDD34.032 Repair, CDD34.045 Repair, CDD34.060 Repair, CDD34.072 Repair, CDD34.090 Repair, CDD34.110 Repair, CDD34.143 Repair, AEB 030.3 Repair, AEB 125.3 Repair, AEB 125.3 Repair, SKD 30/12 Repair, SKD 160/12 Repair, AER 040.3 Repair, AER 125.3 Repair, AER 160.3 Repair, AKM 125.3 Repair, Stromatic : AD-012.3 Repair, AD-012.3T Repair, AD-18.3 Repair, AD-38.3 Repair, AD-55.3 Repair, console BZZ Repair, UD-012.3 Repair, UD-012.3T Repair, UD-018.3 Repair, Stromag Elektronik GmbH : CD-003.1 Repair, CD-007.1 Repair, CD-003.2 Repair, CD-007.2 Repair, CD-3.1 Repair, CD-3.2 Repair, CD-7.1 Repair, CD-7.2 Repair, DriveStar : U-DS 020.1 Repair, U-DS 012.1 Repair, U-DS 020.1 Repair, U-DS 035.1 Repair, U-DS 045.1 Repair, D-DS.1 Repair, B-DS 060.1 Repair, B-DS 125.1 Repair, B-DS 160.1 Repair, A-DS 012.1 Repair, A-DS 020.1 Repair, VF 1000 : VF1410L-KP0-OP3 Repair, VF1404L Repair, VF1406L Repair, VF1408L Repair, VF1410L Repair, VF1414L Repair, VF1418L Repair, VF1424L Repair, VF1432L Repair, VF1445L Repair, VF1207L Repair, VF1209L Repair, VF 2000 Repair, VF-2404-RT Repair, 1202S G8 B7 D-35633 Repair, VF 1000 Repair, VF-1202S-G8-B7 Repair, VF1410L.HF.S41 Repair, 069464 Repair, VF 1204.I6 Repair, F1204S Repair, VF 1410L Repair, VF1410L Repair, VF 1410 Repair, VF1410 Repair, VF1202S Repair.