Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one-stop solution for Lauer Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Lauer industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Lauer Industrial Electronics with part no. which we Repair:

HMI, PC industriel, interface operateur : LHT-K30m, LHT-T40m, LHT-T50b, LHT-T70t, LXT-K20m, LXT-K100, LXT-T70, VT212E., VT212E., VT215L-4, VT217L-4, VT212b.II P3, VKT212b.II P3, VT215b.II P3, VKT215b.II P3, Vboxb.II P3 MT215, MT218, MT219, Panel PC VKF215BxH120 - VKF 215B., VKF215BxH120, VKF 215 B xH120, VPC T01122, VPC95C486C, VPC 512 TxH113, VPC212T.6.8.LAU, Operator Panel, Touch Panel, Lauer OP,LAUER LCA Text Displays :LAUER LCA busline, LCA043, LCA 180, LCA 180.2, LCA200, LCA 200, LCA 245 VF, LCA 300.0, LCA 300.1, LCA 300.m, LCA 300.p, LCA 320.0, LCA 320.1, LCA 320.i, LCA 320.p, LCA320.p, LCA 320.m, LCA 325.1, LCA 325.p, LCA 325.m, LCA 640.1, LCA710, LCA-710, LCA-022/02H, LCA02202H, LCA-022/00GL, LCA02200GL,LAUER PCS Operator Panel / PCS Systems :PCS 009, PCS 090, PCS 095, PCS 900, PCS 950, PCS 950q, PCS009, PCS090, PG 090.205.B, PCS095-M, PCS095, PCS095 plus, LAUER PCS-095S, PCS095.506.8, PG195.203.3 021098, PCS3000FZ, PCS9000, PSC090, PCS 095m, PCS100, PCS-100, PCS 802-EEPROM, PCS100FZ HMI, PCS 110FZ Display, PCS-110-FZ, PCS 100 FZ, PCS 100FZ, PCS110, PCS 810, PCS110FZ, PCS200, PCS 200, PCS300 Lauer PCS 810-1, PCS810-1, pcs891, Lauer PCS 009 topline micro, lauer pcs , PCS590P, PCS 590P, Lauer PCS 9000, PCS9100, PCS 8100, Lauer PCS 200 FZ, PCS200FZ , PCS210FZ, PCS802, PCS810, PCS810-3, PCS-810, PCS812, PCS950, PCS 8100, PCS 950 plus, PCS300FX, PCS900, PCS600FZ, PCS 600FZ, PCS 600 FZ, PCS 9000, 201295, PCS 095, PG110.302.4, 251091, PCSFZ12494KO PCS 200FZ, PCS 802,LAUER GX / MAGELLAN PM / PM-S - PANEL PC:EPC X 550tm, EPC X 840tc, EPC X 550, EPC GX 640tc, EPC GX 640ktc, EPC GX 840tc, EPC GX 1000tc, EPC GX 1000ktc, EPC GX 1200tc, EPC GX 1200ktc, EPC GX 1500tc, EPC PM 1200-tc, EPC PM 1500, EPC PM 1500tc, EPC PM 1500 ktc, EPC PM 1700, EPC C2D 1500tc, EPC PM 1500ktc, EPC C2D 1700tc, EPC iX PM 1500, EPC PM 1700tc, EPC PM 1900tc, EPC PM 1900, EPC PM 2100tc, EPC PM 2100, EPC PM-S 1000tc, EPC PM-S 1200tc, EPC PM-S 1500tc, EPC PM-S box Repair,Lauer EPC GX :- Lauer EPC GX 640tc Repairs,Lauer EPC GX 640ktc,Lauer EPC GX 640ktc Repairs,Lauer EPC GX 840tc Repairs,Lauer EPC GX 1000tc Repairs,Lauer EPC GX 1000ktc Repairs,Lauer EPC GX 1200tc Repairs,Lauer EPC GX 1200ktc Repairs,Lauer EPC GX 1500tc Repairs,Lauer EPC GX box Repairs.                                                                                                           Lauer EPC PM :- Lauer EPC PM 1200tc Repairs,Lauer EPC PM 1500tc Repairs,Lauer EPC PM 1500ktc Repairs,Lauer EPC PM 1700tc Repairs,Lauer EPC PM 1900tc Repairs,Lauer EPC PM 2100tc Repairs,Lauer EPC PM box  Repairs.                                                                      

Lauer VPC take off Lite :- Lauer VT215L-4 Repairs,Lauer VT217L-4 Repairs,Lauer VT212b. II P3 Repairs,Lauer WOP-iT GX 640tc Repairs,Lauer VKT212b. II P3 Repairs,Lauer VT215b. II P3 Repairs,Lauer Vboxb. II P3 Repairs,Lauer Lauer WOP-iT GX Repairs,Lauer WOP-iT GX 840tc Repairs,Lauer Repairs,Lauer Repairs,Lauer WOP-iT GX 1000tc Repairs,Lauer WOP-iT GX 1000ktc  Repairs,Lauer WOP-iT GX 1200tc Repairs,Lauer WOP-iT GX 1500tc Repairs,Lauer Lauer WOP-iT Mobile Repairs,Lauer WOP-iT PM 1200tc Repairs,Lauer Repairs.