Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Landis & Gyr Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Landis & Gyr industrial automation products.

Here are some of the Landis & Gyr Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

442549650F2B Repair, 1002953000 Repair, 1866 0E10 Repair, 44Z548950FZB Repair, 450211310 Repair, I002953000 Repair, LAL1.25 Repair, LAL2.14 Repair, LAL2.25 Repair, LDU11.523A17 Repair, LEC1 Repair, LFA1.355 Repair, LFA1.355 Repair, LFE1 Repair, LFE1.1 Repair, LFL1.322 Repair, LFL1.333 Repair, LFL1.335 Repair, LFL1.622 Repair, LFL1.622 Repair, LFL1.635 Repair, LGB21.130A27 Repair, LGB21.350A27 Repair, LGB21.350A27 Repair, LGB22.330A27 Repair, LGC21.011A27 Repair, LGK16.322A27 Repair, LGK16.335A17 Repair, LMG21.330A27 Repair, LVF1.4301 Repair, LVF14301 Repair, LVF1.4315 Repair, LVF14315 Repair, LVF2.4311 Repair, LVF24311 Repair, LVF2.4601 Repair, LVF24601 Repair, LVF2.4604 Repair, LVF24604 Repair, LVF2.4713 Repair, LVF24713 Repair, LVF2.4714 Repair, LVF24714 Repair, LVF2.4723 Repair, LVF24723 Repair, LVF4.4221 Repair, Viso GYR04 Repair, ME8.3111 Repair, PCA1-89 Repair, QRA2 Repair, QRA50M Repair, QRA53.C17 Repair, QRA55.C17 Repair, RWE81 Repair, RVW 20 Repair, RWF61.10 Repair, RWF61.20 Repair, RWF61.3 Repair, SEL61.1 Repair, SEZ61.3 Repair, Gyr Polygyr Repair, SQM50.424A2H3B Repair, SQN30.121A3500 Repair, SQN30.131A1700 Repair, SQN31.251A1700 Repair, SQS65 Repair, SAIA AMSPL: Automate / PLC.LARTET Repair: DT-105-X2X5 Repair, DT-105/2MD Repair, LARTET Repair.