Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for Klockner Moeller Industrial Electronics Repairs services. We have the capabilities to repair and service all Klockner Moellerindustrial automation products.

Here are some of the Klockner Moeller Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

Klockner Moeller PS22 PLC / Automate PS-22 Repair:PS22-4 Repair Repair, PS22-8 Repair Repair, PS22-12 Repair Repair, PS22-18 Repair Repair, EBE-220 Processor Module Repair Repair, EBE-220A Repair Repair, EBE-221.1 Repair Repair, SM2-EPR4 Repair Repair, EBE-240-A Repair Repair, EBE-240A-1 Repair Repair, EBE-200 Repair Repair, EBE-250-A Repair Repair, EBE-211 Repair.Klockner Moeller PS24 PLC / Automate PS-24 Repair:PS24-8-B Repair Repair, PS24-2B Repair Repair, PS24-2A Repair Repair, PS24-B Repair Repair, PS24-2-B Repair Repair, PS248-B Repair Repair, EBE-230 CPU Repair Repair, EBE230-B Repair Repair, EBE-231 Repair Repair, EBE 231A Repair Repair, EBE-231B Repair Repair, EBE231B Repair Repair, EBE-234 Repair Repair, EBE-235 Memory card Repair Repair, EBE-236 Repair Repair, EBE-239B-1 Repair Repair, SM2-R8 RAM Repair Repair, SM2-EPR4 Repair Repair, EBE-240A Repair Repair, EBE-240A-1 Repair Repair, EBE-242A Repair Repair, PS24 Digital Input and Output Modules EBE-200 Repair Repair, EBE-201 Repair Repair, EBE-250-A Repair Repair, EBE-260 Repair Repair, EBE-297.1 Repair Repair, EBE 297.1 UBI Repair Repair, EBE-252 Repair Repair, EBE-253 Repair Repair, EBE-254.1 Repair Repair, EBE-255 Repair Repair, EBE-265 Repair Repair, PSW1 Repair Repair, ETS-A4-2 Repair Repair, ETS-V1-2 Repair Repair, ETS-V2-4 Repair Repair, ETS-W Repair Repair, ETS-00-22 Repair Repair, EBE-239B Repair Repair, EBE-239B-K Repair Repair, K-PRM-20 Repair.Klockner Moeller PS3 PLC / Automate PS3-DC Repair Repair, PS3-DC-EE Repair Repair, PS3-AC Repair, PS3-AC-EE Repair Repair, PS3-8 Repair.PS 3-DC Repair, PS 3-DC-EE Repair, PS 3-AC Repair, PS-3-AC-EE Repair, PS-3-AC-110 Repair, PS 3-8 Repair, SIM-1-PS3 Repair, EE1-PS3 Repair, TRX-PS3 Repair, MU-PS3 Repair, MUPT-PS3 Repair, KPG-1-PS3 Repair, KPG-2-PS3 Repair, KPG-3-PS3 Repair, V1-PS3 Repair, RB1 1.1 Repair, PRG 3 programmer PS3 and PS4-100 Repair, PRG 3S Repair, S30-S3 Repair, ZB4-501-UM1 Repair, EE1-PS3 Repair, PS4-101-DD1 Repair, PS4-141-MM1 Repair, PS4-201-MMI Repair.Klockner Moeller PS306 PLC / Automate PS-306 Repair:PS-306-DC Repair, PS-306-DC-EE Repair, PS306-DC-EE Repair, SIM-1-PS3 Repair, EE1-PS306 Repair, EE2-PS306 Repair, TRX-PS3 Repair, MU-PS3 Repair, MUPT-PS3 Repair, V1-PS3 Repair, KPG-1-PS3 Repair, S1-PS3 Repair, RB1-1.1 Repair, KPG-PS306 Repair, EPC-334.1Klockner Moeller PS316 PLC / Automate PS-316 Repair:PS316.108 Repair, PS316.112 Repair, PS316.118 Repair, PS316.208 Repair, PS316.212 Repair, PS316.218 Repair, BK-BP 1.1 Repair, BK-BP 2.1 Repair, EBE-241.1 Repair, EBE-243.1 Repair, EBE-240.1 Repair, EBE 221.1 Repair, EBE-222.1 Repair, EBE-223.1 Repair, EBE-223.2 Repair, EBE-223.3 CPU-B Repair, SM2-R8R8 Repair, SM2-R32 Repair, SM2-P16 Repair, SM2-P32 Repair.PS316 Input - Output Modules : EBE-200 Repair, EBE-201 Repair, EBE-206.1 Repair, EBE-206.2 Repair, EBE-250A Repair, EBE-250K Repair, EBE-250 Repair, EBE-250-A Repair, EBE-252 Repair, EBE-253 Repair, EBE-254.1 Repair, EBE-255 Repair, EBE-266.1 Repair, EBE-267.1 Repair, EBE-211 Repair, EBE-275.1 Repair, EBE-275.2 Repair, AIM-61.1 Repair, AIM-61.2 Repair, AIM-61.3 Repair, AIM-62.1 Repair, EBE-275.3 Repair, CM-61.1 Repair, CM-61.2 Repair, CM-62.1 Repair, CM-62.2 Repair, EBE-287.1 Repair, EBE 287.1-1 Repair, AQM-61.1 Repair, AQM-61.2 Repair, AQM-62.1 AQM-62.2 Repair, EBE-288.1 Repair, EBE-296.1 Repair.PS316 Communications Modules Repair: : EBE-292.1 Repair, EBE-293.1 Repair, EBE-294.1 Repair, EBE-294.2 Modbus Repair, EBE-294.3 Repair, IFM-232.1 RS232 Repair, IFM-232.2 Repair, IFM-422.1 RS422 Repair, IFM-485.1 RS485 Repair, IFM-TTY.1 20mA TTY Repair, SM-3-EE8 Memory module Repair, SM-3-EE32 Repair, SM-3-P16 Repair, SM-3-P32 Repair, EBE-295.1 Repair, PSW2 Repair.LT-308.098 Repair, ETS-A4-2 Repair, ETS-V1-2 Repair, ETS-V2-4 Repair, ETS-W Repair, ETS-00-22 ETS-00-22 Repair, ETS-00-40 Repair, ETS-00-62.Klockner Moeller PS32 PLC / Automate PS-32 Repair:PS32.19 Repair, EB 320.1 CPU Repair, EBG 320.1 Repair, SM2-R8 RAM Repair, SM2-R32 Repair, SM2-P16 Repair, SM2-P32 Repair, EB-390.1 Repair, EB-394.1 Repair, EB-300.1 Repair, EB-350.1 Repair, EB 351.1 Repair, EB-359.1 PS32 Analog Modules : EB-310.1 Repair, AIM-1.1 Repair, AIM-1.2 Repair, AIM-1.4  Repair, AIM-2.1 Repair, AIM-2.2 Repair, EB-360.1 Repair, AQM-1.1 Repair, AQM-1.2 Repair, AQM-1.4 Repair, AQM-2.1 Repair, AQM-2.2 PS32 Communications Modules : EB 370.1 Repair, EB 330.1 Repair, EB 331.1 PS32 PLC Accessories : PLS-AFS Repair, PLS-KDW Repair, PLS-SRE Repair, S30-S332 Repair, UM 1.5 Repair, UM 1.2 RepairKlockner Moeller VTP HMI - Display - ecran - Panel Repair:VTP0-H-T1 Suconet K1 Repair, VTP0-H-T4 IR Sucom A Repair, VTP0-H-T5 Repair, VTP1-H-T1 Suconet K1 Repair, VTP1-H-T5 Repair, VTP1-H-T6 Repair, VTP2-H-T1 Repair, VTP2-H-T5 Repair, VTP2-H-T6 Repair, SMM-1 Memory card Repair, SMM-2 Repair, MPB-TP Repair, Klockner-Moeller A4 & A5 Text Displays Repair, A4-220.1 Repair, MI4-450 Repair, A5-220.1 Repair, VTP2-S1-GB Repair, A4-220-S1 Repair, KPC-A4 Repair, M14-111-KE1 Repair, MI4-140-KF1 Repair.Klockner Moeller Drive : Ampact D / V Inverter - DF4 Frequency Inverter Optidrive Repair:AMD31-460-19/24-300-K Repair, AMD31-460-26/32-300K Repair, AMD31-460-6/7.5-300K Repair, AMV3-460-142/180-200-K Repair, AMX3-460-16-400 Repair, AMX3-460-26-400+K Repair, AMX3-460-6-400  Repair, AMX3-4609.5-400 Repair, AQM61.2.2 Repair, DF4-340-5K5 Repair, DF4-340-7K5 Repair, DF4-340-11K Repair, DF4-341-15K Repair, DF4-341-22K Repair, DF4-341-30K Repair, DF4-341-45K Repair, DF4-341-55K Repair, DF4-341-75K Repair, DF4-341-90K Repair, DF6-340-37K Repair, DF6-340-55K Repair, DV4-322-1k5 Repair, Soft Start : MST2-400-170L Repair, MST2-400-85L Repair, MST3-400 760L Repair, MST3-400-370L Repair, NZMH4-63 Repair, OD-240075-MEL Repair, OD-340750-MEL Repair, OD-341500-MEL Repair, OD-442200-MEL Repair, TPA2-240/185-12-1B Repair, DC DRIVE : TPEY2-415/320-15-2B Repair, TPm3-380-55t-1ALQ Repair, TPM32-415/480-65-2B Repair, TPY2-415/320-15-1B Repair, TPY2-415/320-15-1B Repair, TPY2-415/320-30-1B Repair, TPY2-415/320-R1.15-1B Repair, TPY3-415/440-140L-4B Repair, TPY3-415/440-140L-B Repair, TPy3-415/440-40-4B Repair, TPY3-415/480-185L-2B Repair, TPY3-415/480-20-2B  Repair, TPY3-415/480-40-2B Repair, TYP2-415/280-30-4B Repair, TPY2-415/320-42-1B Repair, TPM32-415/480-65-2B59199 Repair, 60098 Repair, 60100 Repair, AMD-400-27L-300A Repair, AMD3-400-27 Repair, AMD31-460-26/32 Repair, EGE-9S Repair, EM4-201-DX2 Repair, EM4-201-DX1 Repair, EM4-111-DR1 Repair, EM4-101-AA2 Repair, ETS-W Repair, ETS1-10 Repair, MOELLER-GD1-PS3 Repair, MOELLER-GV2-PS3 Repair, FY10-1 Repair, INP-400 Repair, L2F320C Repair, LE4-116-XD1 Repair, LE4-108-XR1 Repair, LE4-116-XD1 Repair, SMK-2G-10 Repair, PRM-30 Repair, TPY2-415 Repair, TPY3-415 Repair, TPY3-415/440-45 Repair, OUT-400 Repair, PKZM4-63 Repair, Py34-1 Repair, R-NZM10 Repair, Ry21a Repair, RY34 Repair.