Manufactures Repaired


Advanced Micro Services (P) Ltd is your one stop solution for KEB Industrial Electronics Repairs services.From KEB Drives Repairs, KEB Spindle Drives Repairs, KEB VFD Repairs to KEB combiverts repair,we have the capabilities to repair and service all KEB industrial automation products.

Our trained and experienced electronics repair engineers/technicians perform component level repairs on all KEB Industrial Electronics products. 

Here are some of the KEB Industrial Electronics with part no. which we repair:

VT130F0S-2010U Repair, VT130G1-4160 Repair, VT130 Repair, VT130G1-4160B Repair, VT130G1S-2025B Repair, VT130F0S-2025U Repair, VT130F0S-2018U Repair, 17.51.10G-3389 Repair, 3294/100728 Repair,3394100 Repair, 94391424/126408 Repair, COMBITRON Repair, 07.56.200 Repair, 09.56.100 Repair, 09.56.200 Repair, 09.56.201 Repair, 09.56.300 Repair, 09.56.30B-1227 Repair, 09.56.30B-1229 Repair, 09.56.500 Repair, 10.56.200 Repair, 10.56.200-A129 Repair, 10.56.200-A329 Repair, 00.58.425-4130 Repair, 07.56.200 Repair, 08.56.200 Repair, 09.56.210 Repair, 10.54.D10-347E Repair, 12.56.200 Repair, 13.56.200 Repair, 13.56.201 Repair, 13.56.211-3389 Repair, 18.R4.SOG-3401 Repair. 

05.F0.086-0029 Repair, 05.F0.R01-1228 Repair, 07.F0.200-1228 Repair, 09.F0.200-1228 Repair, 09.F0.200-1229 Repair, 09.F0.200-3429 Repair, 09.F0.R01-1288 Repair, 09.F0.R11-3429 Repair, 09.F0.R11-4A09 Repair, 09.F0-R01-0000 Repair, 09FO200-1228 Repair, 09FO2001228 Repair, 09FOR03-4819 Repair, 10F02003429 Repair, 10.F0.200-3429 Repair, 10.F0.R11-3429 Repair, 11.F0.R11 Repair, 11.F0.R11-0000 Repair, 11.FO.R11-3429 Repair, 11.F0.R11-4000 Repair, 12.F0.R11-3429 Repair, 12FOR11-3429 Repair, 12F0R113429 Repair, 13.F0.R11-M429 Repair, 14.F0.R11-3429 Repair.
12.F1.S1D-4A01 Repair, 15.F1.R30-4009 Repair, 16.F1.R30.4A09 Repair, 16F1R304A09 Repair, KEB 18.F1.230-4A09 Repair, KEB 20.F1.P00.3449 Repair.
05.F4.C1D-4A01 V1.4 Repair, KEB 05.F4.C1D-4A01/1.4 Repair, 05.F4.S1D.4A00 Repair, KEB 05.F4.SOC-M220 Repair, 05.F4.SOC.1220 Repair, 07.F4.C3D-1280/1.4 Repair, 07.F4.C3D-5001 Repair, 07.F4.F3D-1240 Repair, 07.F4.S0C-BM00 Repair, 07.F4.S1D-4A01/1.2 Repair, 07.F4.S1D-4FO2/1.1 Repair, 07.F4.SOC-M220 Repair, 07.F4.C3D-3420/1.4 Repair, 07.F4.F1D-3240 Repair, 07.F4.S1D-3420 Repair, 07.F4.S1D-3420/1.2 Repair, 07.F4.SOC-1220 Repair, 07F4S1D-4003 Repair, 07.F4-C1D-3420/1.4 09.F4.C1D-1220-1.4 Repair, 09.F4.C1D-1220 Repair, 09.F4.C1D-3420 Repair, 09F4C1D3420 Repair, 09.F4.C3D-3420/1.4 Repair, 09F4C3D-4 Repair, 09.F4.C1D-4A03 Repair, 09.F4.S1D-3420 Repair, 09.F4.S1D-4003 Repair, 09.F4.S1D-B003 Repair, 09.F4.S5D-4000 Repair, 09.F4.S8D-1220 Repair, 09.F4.S1D-4A00 Repair, 09.F4.S1D-4A01 Repair, 10.F4.C3D-4Q61 Repair, 10.F4.S1D-3420/1.1 Repair, 10.F4.S1D-5B01 Repair, 10.F4.S3D-3420 Repair, 10.F4.C3D-3460 Repair, 10F4C1D-3460/1.4 Repair, 10F4C3D-4Q60 Repair, 10F4F1D-3440 Repair, 10.F4.F8D-4000 Repair, 12.F4.C1D-4A01 Repair, 12.F4.S1D-3420 Repair, 12.F4.S1D-4A01 Repair, 12.F4.C1D-3420/1.4 Repair, 12F4S1D-3420/1  Repair, 12.F4.D50-4200 Repair, 13.F4.C1E-4A01 Repair, 13.F4.C1E400 Repair, 13.F4.COG-4G01 Repair, 13.F4.S1E Repair, 13.F4.S1D-3410/1.2 Repair, 13.F4.C1D-4000 14.F4.C1E-3440 Repair, 14.F4.F1E-4003 Repair, 14.F4.F1E-AB10 Repair, 14.F4.S1E-4A00 Repair, 14.F4.S1E-4A01 Repair, 14.F4.C1E-3440/1.4 Repair, 15F4COG-2441 Repair, 15.F4.C1E-3420/1.4 Repair, 15.F4.S1E-3420/1.2 Repair, 15F4C1E-3420/1.4 Repair, 16.F4.C1G-3440 Repair, 18.F4.C1H-3440 Repair, KEB 19.F4.COH-3421/2.2 Repair.

04.F5.S3A-3I21 Repair, 05F50601000 Repair, 05.F5.B0A-P001 Repair, 05.F5.B0A-PM00 Repair, 09F5G1B3A00 Repair, 09.F5.B1B-2B00 Repair, 12.F5.B1D-LA0A Repair, 14.F5.B1E-LA0A Repair, 14.F5.B1E-3A00 Repair, 17.F5.A1G-RK01 Repair, 17F5A1G-RK01 Repair,
KEB 01.S4.D2E-3002 Repair, M1.S4.D2E-6002 Repair, M1.S4.D2E-6011 Repair, 04.S4.D4E.3002 Repair, C2.S4.D2E-5000 Repair, 03.S4  Repair, 05.S4 Repair, 07.S4  Repair, 10.S4 Repair, 14.S4  Repair, 18.S4  Repair, 22.S4  Repair, 24.S4  Repair.